"No Freedom"

(Male vocals, Backstreet boys Style)
There's no freedom in my cruel world...
Silence wraps around my eyes makes life without you rough
Light vanishes around me fast as you walk away
I could never give you enough
I still can't thank you enough
Love isn't fair nor is it fun without somethin' a little rough
My heart is fading' and I know it

Your never gonna go
Not without me, whoa
Hey, you understand me, right?
Remember when you and I stayed up all night?
I don't love you for nothin'
I know you better than anyone else ever will
Why don't you just end me, but without you, You've nothing to kill

There's a fire burning in my soul
Your the one who ignited me after so long of laying as ashes
I never thought I'd see again
When can we meet again, oh, when?
When you're gone
My heart sings a sad old song
I don't want to act like I hate you
'Cause I love you too
I want to believe you're here
I wanna have you near


What's a life without love
And where's the feeling of hate come into play?
I want you so much
But it's getting too much to bear
There's nothing in your way
Why not just look at me?
You turn away from me when I call your name
Oh, now I can see what true pain is
You don't love me

But I can't stop this feeling
It's takin' over me
Makin' me go insane
I see now, all I've done, is in true vain
I want to cry but my eyes don't let me
In my world, I'll never be free