Made: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time: 12:57p.m

Dry, died hair

Skin not completely fare

"It's like she doesn't care."

But I do.

Maybe I'm not pretty enough?

A's, B's, C's

Confused words slipping

"With us she will never be."

And I won't.

Maybe I'm not smart enough?

Laughing too hard

But the joke is too far

"She doesn't get how things are."

I guess I don't.

Maybe I'm not funny enough?

Staying in the back

In front, her voice cracks

"She doesn't know how to act."

So I don't.

Maybe I'm not cool enough?

Can't push bullies away

Wince almost every day

"You know she won't get her way."

No, I won't.

Maybe I'm not strong enough?

Will never stand up

Bad things are thought of

"She won't be one of us."

I just can't.

Maybe I'm not good enough?