Made: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time: 10:25a.m

Heart racing

Causing pain

Blood bursting

Through your veins.

I can hear your heart beat, you know.

You're afraid of me, aren't you?

Eyes shut

Lids tearing

Tears falling

Fangs baring.

I will always find you, you know.

So why do you keep running?

Sweat dripping

Hands slipping

Feet stumbling

But no tripping.

I can see you stumbling, you know.

You're losing your will to go on, aren't you?

Breath slowing

Mind racing

Body aching

No more racing.

I will always catch you, you know.

You know that too, don't you?

Body falling

Eyes popping

You're failing

Heart stopping.

I will own you forever, you know.

Why do you always try to run away from me?