Buddhist Cabbages
And More!


I am crazy.

Why? For doing this.

After all, I'm up to my eyeballs in homework and theatre practice, and swimming in loads of other writing projects, and bathing in a to-do list several kilometers long.

Why yes, I do bathe in my to-do list. The ink exfoliates nicely.

So, what is the "this" that I do not have time for, and yet absolutely love and therefore cannot pass up the chance to do? Let me explain. I love, absolutely love, talking about God. I know, I know--most people don't like to think about "God" or "religion" or "Jesus" or any of that downer stuff. It's easier just to live now and worry about it on your deathbed, if at all.

Or maybe you think no one knows for sure if there even is a God. And if there were, which God would He be? Allah? YWHW? Xenu? (Scientology is an entirely different chapter; I must first phone Mr. Cruise.)

I believe in Jesus. I follow Jesus. And maybe He's not your 'thing.' That's okay. That's why I'm writing this: to talk about Jesus, how He's changed my life, how awesome He is and the crazy awesome things that are going on in the world because of people who follow Him.

The people who really follow him.

Not the floppy-haired televangelists who demand your money and scream, "Be healed!" instead of "God bless you" when you sneeze.

Not the pompous hypocrites who're quick to throw homosexuals in hell but slow to follow the Great Commandment. ("Love thy neighbor." What's that, a bumper sticker?)

Not the apathetic Sunday Christians who show up, drop a dollar in the offering, and live like hell the rest of the week.

Christians aren't perfect. I screw up so many times a day you'd need an entire stadium full of fingers and toes to count my mistakes. But I'm trying. And I love--adore--Jesus. He's working in me to make me better.

I did something like this last year. It was called Forty Days of Jesus Christ, and it went from Lent until Easter 2009. Lent 2010 started a week ago today, and my fingers have been itching to start talking about Jesus to the InternetWorlddom.

If you're not a Christian, and you're reading this, that's awesome! I'm writing this for you, after all. I want to know what you believe. I want to talk with you. I want to listen. I want to understand your life and your story.

I really, really love people, and I'm constantly trying to learn. So don't write me off if you think this will be preachy, long and boring, because if it ever makes you fall asleep just leave me a bad review and I'll know. I'll be sure to add more pep and sparkles, just for you.

Pep! Sparkles! Rah rah shishkabob! Red bull!

So, Lent 2010. I'll try to post every day, every day something totally different. So, without further ado, welcome to...

Buddhist Cabbages, Nuns and More!
Lent 2010

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