A/N: This is something I've been writing in conjunction with Corrupt Principal. It's basically a retold version of it, but with a different character possessing the power that Kuromoji(my villain) receives. I thought it would be interesting to tell it from a different standpoint.

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Info Junk

Title: Nightmare in Scarlet

A companion to Corrupt Principal

By: Melissa Norvell

Rating: T possibly M but more than likely not.

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Shounen-ai, Adult Themes, Death

Pairings: MXM MXF

Genre: Angst/Romance/Psychological

Summary: This power of possession can help you greatly, or strangle you to death in it's cold hands of cruel insanity, but remember, it was all in good intentions.


Possession is often the term used to describe the control over a human form by demonic means. Many cultures contain some form of demonic possession, but the exact details vary considerably. They say that some possessions can be cured by exorcisms, but for the possession I am under, there is no cure. It follows one from life to death and is a power given with a double standard expectation. One can either become a God or Satan himself. With this power comes a great qualification. One must be mentally stable, in control of themselves and focused. If they let the power get out of hand, it will consume and destroy them, just as it has me.

Hanu masang (1) is the Siamese power of possession. It can be used to control anyone by means of seizing control of the cerebrum, or the part of your brain that controls movement and deep thought. In order for one to possess such a power, they themselves must be willing to accept type of punishment that will befall them.

However, I simply wanted to get rid of the power and gave it selfishly away.

It had its good intentions. I gave it to a small boy who suffered from amnesia in hopes to help him recover his cherished memories.


Demolished buildings lay around in crumpled heaps of their former selves as several soldiers sifted through the rubble. They tried desperately to find any sign of life after a powerful bomb was set off in the vicinity. No matter how much searching had gone on, they found no survivors.

Upon searching through a collapsed house, there was one battered body that remained alive. It was that of a small boy with white hair and dark blue eyes. He was found in what used to be a house with the dead body of a woman on top of him.

The soldiers were certain that this figure was more than likely the boy's mother, but since the boy suffered from amnesia, he couldn't tell them who it was. The small child had also had an eye injury from the blast. The soldiers did their best to bandage his right eye to prevent further damage.

Standing there among the rubble with a look of fright and sorrow, the lost child simply stared ahead as if he were almost zoned out. He didn't know where he was, or who anyone was. All he could do was make himself vulnerable against the elements by making his body stock still against the chill breeze that toyed with his short, white hair.

A small girl with electric blue and orange streaked hair stopped and gazed at the boy with dual colored eyes that matched her hair. Emotion struck the girl deeply as she saw the boy's condition. 'A boy…and he looks hurt.'

Stopping, the young girl walked curiously up to him. He seemed completely trusting of her and his reactions weren't that of a normal human. "Are you alright? What's your name?" The small girl questioned.

"I…don't know…" The emotionless and somewhat tired voice escaped the child's pale lips. He was obviously a native of Germany. His accent was thick on his breath. Her eyes trailed over his shoulders, where a group of soldiers had put the body of a middle-aged, light-haired woman onto a stretcher and covered her in a black shroud, signing to anyone who was watching the event that she had clearly passed away.

"Who is she?" The mysterious little boy, who was no more than twelve in age, questioned as he mechanically glanced over to the woman.

"You don't know her?" The fourteen year old girl questioned.

"That woman…Who is she? She was lying on top of me in the rubble…." The boy spoke in broken up sentences with awkward pauses, as if he were trying to think of where she could have known her from, but nothing came to his mind but an endless void.

'That accent…' The girl noted mentally. "You're from Germany, aren't you?"

"I…don't know…I don't know anything…"

"You're all alone in the world. You poor thing," she felt sorry for him and reached a small hand up to cup the side of his face gently. Staring into his emotionless eyes with sympathy, she had decided who her new candidate would be. "Allow me to help you. I can grant you a unique power. The power to alter fate and change life itself. You can change destiny."

"Huh?" The boy questioned, but before he could get a further word from his mouth, the girl held out her hand as everything around him shattered like glass and his body jolted. His heart raced and his uncovered blue eye widened considerably before rolling back into his head.

After that, everything had faded to black.

As long strands of orange and blue entangled themselves in the wind, the girl turned and simply walked away with a gait that was flowing and elegant for someone so young. Her white dress nearly made her seem ghost-like compared to the drab setting and earth toned uniforms of the army. 'So it begins…From this point on, the future will shape itself in the hands of this boy. My curse is no longer in effect, it's no longer my concern. I just hope that giving him this power will be just, or he will end up giving into its darker tendencies and plummet straight into the depths of hell.'

She glanced back as several soldiers dashed to the fallen boy's aid. They were in a frantic state to attempt to revive what would be only one of three survivors of that infamous bombing.

"After all, this was in good intentions."

To Be Continued


1. Hanu masang - is actually a Siamese possession game. It's the true name of the possession power and is derived from the name of the game.

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