The Spring

Legs lock mind bends

twists down world ends

to sink into the sea

spin down away draw me

in to the rain

lose me and refrain

from wood in legs flow

to stone in ground or

break and shudder around the wooden bones

fused to plastic flesh with nothing to carry

along with the endless pull of the sea

dropping dripping flying down the round cliff

with no way out no way out

but the wooden legs and arms won't let it out

because they're locked.

They won't do as you say

as your mind screams away

to say go to the cliff

and let the waterfall find recourse

and throw it down into the hinge

but the swelling mountain water falls

down into the sea

spinning splashing through the thick lens

of the angel's dream.

Reverse flip spin away

from what you really mean

and what the wood stops you from saying

falling up from the happy sea

when instead you want to drown

in the coursing waters of the mountain's tears

for the small mountain fills the large sea

of dreams with dreams of its own.