Rain is falling from my window pane,

and im sitting here praying that it will go away,

cause its a sad reminder of that fateful day,

and I cant get over it, no matter how hard I try,

it just keeps playing in my mind,

I try not to change to fit in,

but you instilled this in me,

the idea that im not good enough for anyone,

and I try to believe that your lying to me,

but its impossible,

its so hard,

hard to forget,

then like the rain,

lightning flashed down,

and if I see my reflection in the glass,

tears streaming down my face,

I try to remember the last time I was wanted,

that I was needed,

iwas loved for being me,

theres a place in my mind,

that you cant penetrate,

and im so grateful that I have the strength to hold on,

ive been trying to come across as a tough girl,

who doesn't need help, but ive been failing miserably,

and they see right through me,

right to my soul.