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Yes, it's me again. This is something I wrote for two friends of mine and their characters. So they don't belong to me...

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(Don't) kiss me in the Rain

It was cold, and Ryan was just generally feeling miserable, and walking home through the rain and the freezing wind didn't make things any better, and neither did the empty apartment waiting for him. His clothes were clinging to his skin, and his fingers were starting to become numb.

He heard a quiet splash, and then he felt cold, ice cold water creep through the thin fabric of his converse- he hadn't seen the puddle, and now his toes were rapidly going numb as well.

"SHIT!" he screamed at no one in particular, just into the whispering rain and against the howling wind. It was almost dark already, twilight painting everything grey and the streetlamps making the wet pavement glitter golden.

"Shitty weather today, mh?" Ryan whipped around, and found himself face to face with Avry. Their noses were centimeters apart and there was this fucking smirk on Avry's face- this satisfied, pleased, fucking smug grin.

He almost tripped when he stumbled backwards, away from that face, trying to put some distance between them. It was Avry who caught him, grabbing his arm, his hand gripping Ryan's wrist so suddenly.

"Careful," he laughed, pulling him up again, that smirk still on his face. Ryan just wanted to punch that face, wanted to stop that bastard from grinning the way he fucking did.

Instead, he only asked "What are you doing here?". His voice was strained, cold, trying to keep the anger and annoyance out of it.

"Talking a walk," Avry shrugged, his voice making it sound as if walking through the darkness, and cold and the rain was the most natural thing to do on a Tuesday afternoon.

"In the rain?" Ryan raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"Why not?"

"Whatever" he turned around, started walking because with every second he was getting wetter and colder, and he couldn't wait to get home, change into warm clothes and get himself a warm cup of tea. He could hear Avry's footsteps behind him, and after a few minutes of silence he whipped around, glaring at the older boy.

"Stop. Fucking. Following me!" he spat.

"I'm not."

"Like Hell you're not! Just leave me alone, you wanker!"

"How about no?"

"Fuck you!"


Oh, fuck, why did he have to get red? He could feel his cheeks burning up. Fucking hated being ginger, fucking hated his pale skin.

He closed his eyes, hoping against any rationality that Avry might be gone by the time he opened them again. Nope. No such luck.

"What the fuck do you want?" Suddenly, he felt so tired. Suddenly, all he wanted to do was to be left walking alone in his misery, through the cold, the rain and silence.

"You looked like you could do with some cheering-up" That smirk was still on his face. And then Avry leaned forward, and suddenly cold lips were pressed against Ryan's wet cheek.

He pushed him away, furious, shivering and shaking. His His cheek was burning, not in the comfortable way, but crawling with the ghost of those lips brushing against his flesh, and he raised a hand, fingernails scraping away the feeling, replacing it with an almost comfortable burn. "What the hell was that?" he spat. "Get the fuck away from me, you bloody bastard!"

Avry's smile was still there, but there was confusion on his face now, and maybe even hurt. Ryan didn't care. "Fuck you!" he said again, angrily. Avry tried to touch his arm, maybe an attempt to calm him down, but Ryan backed away, and when Avry tried again, he hit him. Hard.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Avry glared at him, rubbing his hurting arm.

"Don't touch me, got that? I fucking hate it when people touch me."

Avry raised his hands, taking a few steps back. He wasn't smiling anymore. Raindrops kept pounding on the pavement, on their faces and their already drenched clothes.

"All right, mate" he said, eyeing Ryan almost carefully. It made the other boy furious.

"Fucking stay away from me!" he huffed, turning around, hurrying through the rain, running through the darkness towards empty, cold rooms waiting for him.

And Avry stood in the rain, golden shadows painted on his wet skin and hair by the light of the streetlamp he was standing under.