She peers down the long hall, short yet tall,

And enters the room to join her teammates,

Sees the numbers, so big yet small,

She waits for the posted places, in states.

She sees, at the top of the list, her name.

And knows, in one way, she is the same.

She gives a small smile, and slides back,

Then remembers her scores in retrospect.

Falling short, some others long,

Trying to see, what she had done wrong.

Random scores fall in place,

Yet other digits she wants to see


Placed third: eighth.

Just five more years she had to wait,

That half decade, she struggled and strived,

Caring, comparing, with other lives.

Not knowing the success she will have.

She tried her best, that was her rule.

How many times, must she be tested,

Failing again, she had been bested.

But they won't matter.

Her past will be