The heat of the moment
The thrill of the fight
Blade meets flesh
Agony, but not for me

Is it not the sword
Who can see what you've become?
Has known the fear of the dying?
Has wondered why you would ever do this?

I used to see the battle of sticks
None but a child's game
But when it all fell apart
I feel I am to blame

Will I ever tell you?
The fault is all yours
But is it not the sword
On whom the blood will linger?

You cannot see what the sword sees
For whenever I am used to harm
It always hurts me
Sometimes I wish I could turn on you

Thanks for polishing my blade
Oh so shiny and new
I always loved to be your favorite
But vile is what we've become

Can't you see how much this tears
At all things that are me?
The victim, the sword
Only your toys

I wish you could hear
All the things I would say
But I am so scared
You could take it all away.

I am done being your sword. Good riddance to you.