Once upon a time there was a woman. The woman was very old and very sick when she died, but when she went and stood at Heaven's gates, she was young and strong and her mind was clear. The woman walked toward the gates, gold and tall. When she was close, the gates opened. There was no procession of angels, no greeting from the Lord. There was only one lone figure, framed by the soft clouds.

The woman walked toward the figure, and she saw it was a man, but not any man. It was her husband, he who she had been separated from for so long! With a youth's strength, the woman ran the rest of the way. His arms were open for her, and she held him close. Softly, he kissed her.

"I have missed you." The woman said.

"I have missed you," her husband replied, taking his love's hand. "Let us walk, and you can tell me what has happened since I left."

So the woman and her husband walked. While taking in the wonderful sights of her new home, the woman talked. She told her husband about who had gotten married, who was sick, who had gotten divorced. She told him of their children, of their children's children. She spoke of how different was now. She told him about the new babies he had never gotten to meet.

In return he described to her what Heaven was really like. He told of the happiness here, the peace that seemed to fill all of the beings. He spoke of the buildings, how glamorous and rich they were! He told her that their old friends were close by, said that he'd met many new people. There was great joy in his voice when he said he had seen his parents, grandparents and brother again. "We will visit your family tomorrow." He said.

They came over the crest of a small hill, and a small house came into view. "Is that our house?" She asked him. He nodded.

The woman was eager to see the house, so a laugh on her lips, she ran closer. The little house was almost exactly like the one she left behind. A house she had loved so much.

"Would you like to see the inside?" her husband asked, leading her to the front door.

The woman turned the knob and stepped inside. The house already felt like a home, cozy and warm. "It's so empty." She said. "What will we fill it with?"

"Memories," her husband replied. © Double I 4 My Guyz For Grandma. We miss you.