We are not ourselves in the dark
In the air moistened and warmed by our breathing
We've lost sense of our bodies and
around us could go on forever,
or this could be all the space we get


playful turns to dead silence
as touching turns to feeling
then holding then needing to-


then nothing but embrace and
we are less ourselves than before.
we are all heartbeats
(yours pounds in my ear,
good to know I'm not alone)
we are all made of hands and
all of fabric, all elbows
and anticipation,


even darker if possible and we lose sense of our bodies,
no telling what is where
but i'll make it easy for you.


faces graze
uneven breathing
almost there

and we are only lips for a moment.

spring apart.

what have we done?

souls crash back into bodies
at alarming rates,
and we are no longer playing a game,
reality is very real, and readily realized.

"I'm sorry"

don't worry, darling.
it wasn't you and i that kissed
it was just two whispers met.