And then his dark green eyes met mine. His arms were around her, his date, but where was his attention? A few days ago, I wanted nothing to do with this school dance. This moment reminded me of why I wanted to disappear.

I laughed with my friends and I danced with them. I tried to ignore him and her. We were nothing, him and I. We could have been, maybe, but he was stolen by her first.

She took his heart from me. He took mine with him. He brought her to this dance, and I gave him more of my heart…

There he was, not ten feet from me. He was dancing with her, and I was talking to other guys. I pretended to be okay. I pretended to not care for him anymore. I fooled my friends. I fooled the girl, but I didn't fool myself. Did I fool him?

I kept my friends between him and me so I couldn't see him. Yet somehow his eyes kept meeting mine. He swayed with the girl, but his eyes never met hers. She said one or two things to him and he would reply. His lips moved only a bit, so it was obvious he didn't say much. Those few words were more than what he said to me though. Nothing, not one word was said to me.

The dance ended not soon enough. Finally though, we were allowed to leave. I held myself back from running to my car. I finally got in and tried to calm down my heart. He's with that girl, not me. I had no right to look at him, to want him.

I started the car and started driving away. I passed the door of our school gym and there he was with her. His lips were on hers, yet I could still see the truth. I could still see his dark green eyes. They weren't closed or looking at her, they were eyeing my car. He was looking at me. And yet I was leaving. I was still alone. I would never have his heart completely.