Made: Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time: 8:26p.m

Sometimes when I'm all alone

Lying under the covers

Staring at my ceiling

Stuck in my head,

I begin to think, to wonder.

I imagine a me and a you

Though I haven't a clue who 'you' are

But we're happy, so that's okay.

I hate it here

You hate it here

So we start to think together

We make up such great fairy tales

Stories of the future

Where you take my hand

Look deep into my eyes

And say "Let's run away together.

It'll be just you and I forever.

Nobody to tell us what's what, who's who.

Let's get an early start

Right here, right now,

Let's just run away together."

Then I get to thinking that this might work.

That this plan is too good to fail

And in my mind it is.

I speak our logic aloud

While we walk hand in hand.

"Yeah, yeah that sounds good.

I see what you mean.

I have the class-smarts

You've got the street smarts.

Nobody can stop us.

We'd be like Bonnie and Clyde

On the run."

Then I turn to you with sparkles in my eyes

"Let's do it," I say.

You smile and kiss me and squeeze my hand

And we run,

Never looking back,

Not even as the cops chase us with frozen bullets

Or our parents with crocodile tears

Because we got away.

But this is all just a story, you see.

None of this really happened.

It was all a sham

A hoax

I fooled myself again.

You never took my hand

You never spoke those words to me

Shoot, there isn't even a 'you' anyway.

We never ran away

And I'm still lying in my bed alone

Staring at my ceiling

While imagining it all again.