Author's Note: So it's my birthday and I decided that I would write something. It's more like a ficlet. And it turned out totally different in so many ways when I started to write this. But enjoy!

Title: Happy Birthday
Rating: T
Author: mylifeismine
Summary: It's his birthday. Not only did he go to work, but also snuck out EARLY to go to work. She's not so happy about that.
Genre: Romance/Angst

Oneshot - Happy Birthday

With only with soft click of the lock, she softly walked to the large oak desk. The man behind the desk was concentrated on the piles of papers on his desk. One hand on the side of his face, the other tapping a blue pen on the desk. Dressed in an Armani suit, he looked quite handsome. But then again, when did he not? She chuckled quietly.

She walked across the room and stood behind him rubbing his shoulders as he scribbled something across the page. As he put the pen down, she circled her arms around his neck and said softly, "Happy Birthday."

He tugged her on to his lap and she kissed the side of his mouth.

"Why're you working on your birthday?" She asked him jokingly, "I know you left me in bed at 5am to get here before your secretary."

He tiredly massaged his temples, "Stuff to do."

"It's your birthdayy. Did I not threaten you that there would be consequences?" She mumbled, bumping noses with him.

He circled his arms around her waist, pulling her closer, "I was hoping I would get out of it? It's my birthday, you know?"

She laughed, running her hands down his shirt. He loved her laugh, it's what had drawn him to her in the first place.

He smiled, and ran his hand through her hair.

"Let's go," tugging him up and out the door.

As they got towards his car, she informed him that she would be driving.


"Don't 'hey' me, consequences. And tie this blindfold over your eyes, please," she said holding the blindfold out.

She double checked that he wouldn't be peeking, then set him in the passenger seat and she got on the driver's side.

"Where are we going?" he grumbled.

"It's a secret."

An hour later, he was asleep, snoring lightly. She turned to look at his face. He was beautiful. She was tempted to touch him, but decided not to. She sighed happily.

Another half hour later, it was sunset. She woke him up and got him out of the car safely.

"What time is it?" he asked sleepily, stumbling out of the car.


"Where am I?" he asked holding on to her tightly as if he was about to die.

She ignored him.

"You know if you kill me, people will be looking for me," he said jokingly.

"Mr. Hot-Shot-Of-A-Big-Company," she rolled her eyes playfully even though he couldn't see.

Two seconds later, she told him to climb.


"Climb," she repeated patiently.

"Climb what?"

"The tree right in front of you. Stick your hands out," and she guided his hands to the steps.

"Don't fall, I'm right under you," she warned.

After ten steps, she said, "Stop, there's no more steps. Pull yourself on to the platform."

He quickly manoeuvred himself on to the wooden floor.

She kneeled behind him, her lips next to his ear, "Happy birthday, baby." And undid the blindfold.

The End

Author`s Note: Haha, definitely was not the ending I had planned. But as I wrote the next line, I decided this ending was so much better.