The Storm

The small waves slowly creep up the shore and the golden sand is soft and squelchy under my toes. The beautiful, bright blue sky is gradually getting darker, as if a painter has smeared dark blue paint all over the sky.

I close my eyes for a moment and feel the soft, salty spray on my face that comes from the waves. A gentle wind starts to blow and whistle as I hear the waves coming closer and closer with each passing second. A storm is coming; I can see it on the horizon.

White, fluffy clouds slowly disappear and are replaced by the thick, dark clouds forming above me. They are growing bigger and better, hiding the sun and the rest of the sky.

Suddenly a single white flash pierces the darkening sky. Bursting forth from the clouds, the lightning touches the water and illuminates the coloured canvas around me. For a single second it lingers in the sky, but just as soon as it appeared, it goes. The thunder follows, cackling and booming as if there was an explosion in the distance.

As the thunder fades, I feel a single drop of rain on my shoulder, then another, then another. The clouds let down a small drizzle as I stand amongst it all softly, silently. The fragrance of the ocean mixed with the scent of rain fills my lungs as the rain begins to get heavier. The angels are crying.

I stand and watch as the rain pours, thunder roars and lightning flashes outside.

The storm is here.