Chapter 6:

It's Friday and I'm dreading going to school, I do not want to hear all the great stories from the dance last night. I fake sick when mom comes into my bedroom to wake me up. "Get up!" she says, turning on my light for extra effect. "Mom," I grumble, "I don't feel good." I rub my eyes and stretch my legs. I grab my throat, as if I can't bare the pain. My mom doesn't even look at me, she's putting my folded laundry on my dresser, "Don't lie to me, Adila." "I'm not!" I reply defensively. "Get up." Mom leaves my room, just like that. It's always been impossible to lie to her.


As I walk down the school hallway, on my way to my first class, I can hear all the stories from last night, just like I thought. "Tray kissed me!" "Did you see Crystal? What a slut." "Oh my god, that was soo funny!" All I can do is duck my head and ignore it, hoping it will go away. All the way to my locker, it doesn't, and I really wish mom just let me stay home.

"Hey, you!" Pipper greets, as she arrives at my locker. "Hey," I say, with a little less enthusiasm. She raises her right eyebrow at me, giving me The Look, "Oh, get over it. It's not like it was your wedding that you missed. It was a high school dance." I give her The Look back, mocking her, "That's a relief. I would never want to leave my Prince Charming at the alter!" "Prince Charming? Did you just call Brody your Prince Charming?" Did I? She's laughing, like the immature brat she is. "I didn't know we were talking about Brody!" I say. "You totally called him your Prince Charming! Awee," she coos. "Ugh. I did not." I slam my locker shut. I feel my face turning red. What are things like that called, fraudulent slips? Whatever, Prince Charmings are only in fairytales. I was kidding.

"So where do you want to go?" I ask Pipper. We have around ten minutes until the first bell rings. When this happens, we usually walk around the school, stopping to talk with random people every once and a while.

Pipper is staring right past me, a smile spreading across her face. "Actually, I'll be going to talk to Allison and Will over there," she points to Allison and Will who are sitting on a wooden bench, "you will stay right here and talk with your Prince Charming." she winks, and walks to Allison and Will.

Then, Brody walks right up to me, while I'm still confused. As soon as I see him I become nervous and excited and self-conscious all at the same time. Is that pimple on my forehead as big as it was this morning? Is my hair frizzy from walking to school in the rain? Oh god, oh god, it is!

"Hey, Adila." Brody smiles. "Hey!" I reply, running my fingers through my hair, hopefully taming the mess. "How are you?" Are his eyes brighter then before? How does he get his hair so perfect every day? "I'm good! How are you?" "I'm fine, would've been better if you came to the dance last night. I missed you." My heart is going to burst out of my chest. He is the most amazing boy on earth. God, I want to be with him. "I missed you too!" You don't even know how much, I think to myself. "I wish I could've gone." I pout. "Next time you better remember! I'll make sure to remind you earlier." I laugh, "Definitely!" I hope he forgets to remind me next time. I can't bare to lie to him again.

"Well, I better get ready for my next class. I'll see you in French?" "Wouldn't miss it for the world." Ew, how corny was that? I can't trust my own mouth. Brody laughs, "Good." And he turns to leave. The minute he turns the corner, I feel disappointed. I wish he could stay longer. Screw his next class!

"What'd he say!?" Pipper is already by my side, being nosy. "He said he missed me at the dance!" I whisper-screech. "Awee! That's adorable!" I smile to myself; it is, isn't it? "You should ask him out." Pipper says. "Excuse me!? Isn't that his job?" I turn back to my locker, hiding my smile. I pretend to look for something in my locker, "Where is it?" I mumble, to make it more believeable. "Technically, it's his job, but that doesn't mean you can't ask him. What's the worst that could happen?" Her question is rhetorically, yet I feel the need to answer, "He could be disgusted and never speak to me ever again and I would be forced to live the rest of my life unhappily with Shadi?" "Ugh, always the pessimist." Pipper shakes her head.

The bell rings, and we head to our lockers for our books. I'm not looking forward to hearing all the dance talk in my next classes. Hearing it in the hallway is enough, thanks.

"Adila! Wait up," Lexi calls from behind me. I stop in the middle of the hallway. Kids move around me, annoyed, "Move, little girl!" one twelve-grader yells. "You have legs," I reply back. He elbows me and moves on.

"Hey Lexi!" I smile. "Hey! So, guess what?" Lexi gets into step with me, and we side step a girl on crutches. "What?" I ask. "I totally sassed Elise! She was telling me all this bull about why she couldn't take me to that damn concert. I told her to go screw herself, and that I don't want to go anyways." I burst out laughing, "That's amazing! I'm glad you stuck up to her. What'd she say?" "She's like what did I do? She doesn't get it. She doesn't realize how pathetic she's being." I nod, agreeing, "She'll get over it." "Hopefully." Lexi replies, "I gotta go, this is my class." She waves a goodbye, and I walk towards my class.

I only hear gossip from the dance every second in my first class. It gets old pretty darn quick, though. Once I start hearing the same stories for the fourth time I have to restrain myself from ripping out my hair and going on a psycho rampage.

The only thing that keeps my spirits up is knowing I'll get to talk to Brody in French.

But when I get into French class, Brody doesn't even look at me, and that's hard to do considering I sit in front of him. He's talking with Cory, I know this without even glancing back at them. I can hear their carefree laughs and nonchalant talk. How can he be so unaware of my presence?

I decide it will be best if I focus on actually learning in this French class, rather than focusing on the non-important boy sitting behind me. If only it were that easy.


I went straight home after French, as it was my last class. I didn't talk to anyone in the halls or even pretend to have somewhere important I had to go to, I just left. I try not to let things like that, like Brody, effect my mood, but it always does.

I drag my feet home, not caring how slow I move. When I walk in my front door, I thump up to my room. The minute I sit down on my bed, already changed into sweats and a baggy t-shirt, dad knocks on my door.

"Come in." I say, getting under the covers. Dad opens the door in one swift movement, "Why are you late?" I look at the clock. I'm only 13 minutes later than usual. Father steps into my room, leaving the door open, waiting for my answer. I see Rakeem run by my room chasing the red ball he got last week after the dentist. I can't help but envy him. Will dad be as protective of him, because he's a boy? I doubt it.

"I don't know, I just walked slower?" I make it sound like a question. Dad looks unsure, "Alright." he replies. Then, he notices my laid back appearance. "What's wrong with you?" "Nothing. Just tired." "Go to bed early." Don't I always. "Mmhmm." I agree, reluctantly. "You have a big day tomorrow." Dad decides to remind me. My stomach churns. It's already tomorrow? Why Allah, why? "Yeah." I mumble. Dad smiles and leaves me alone with my thoughts.

Maybe some sleep will do me some good. I can't lie in bed and think about what happened in French and what's going to happen at dinner tomorrow all day long. It will probably be best if I sleep. So that's what I do; I close my eyes and dream.

"Are you ready?" My mother peeks her head into my room. I'm sitting on my bed, dressed with loose clothing and little makeup. Mom is wearing a beautiful red dress that I've never seen before. It must be new. I nod with a smile, "Yes, I'm ready." "Alright, we'll go in just a minute. I have to show you something first." Mom disappears behind my door, and returns in thirty seconds. She's holding a hanger, with a large bag hanging over it. She sits down on my bed and unzips the bag and pulls out a beautiful white gown. A wedding dress. She lays it gracefully along my bed. "It's what I wore when I married your father." I run my fingers along the beading. Why is she showing me this? She leaves the dress on my bed and stands up, "Time to go."

The car ride is short, the restaurants is just down the street. My parents walk me into the restaurant and we announce our reservations to the hostess. The hostess brings us to a booth, surrounded in red roses and hearts. Shadi is sitting in the booth, a crooked toothed smile plastered on his face.

Shadi is tall with chocolate skin, he wears sweatpants, similar to the ones I wore this afternoon, and a t-shirt that says "I 3 kabobs". There is a giant pimple on his chin. I think there's puss coming out of it. When I sit down, across the table from Shadi, my father kisses the top of my head as a goodbye.

When they are gone, Shadi leans closer to me and asks, "When do you want the wedding?"

When I wake up my heart is pounding and I think I might throw up. That would never happen in real life, would it? I mean, he may be Muslim, but he knows we're in Canada. This stuff doesn't happen in Canada. I wonder how long Shadi has lived in Canada. Was he born here?

Oh Allah, who cares? All I need to know by the end of the night is how fast he can walk out the door. Content with that, I look at my clock. It's 3 o'clock in the morning and I'm wide-awake. What is there to do at 3 am? Getting out of bed, I pull my hair into a ponytail using the elastic around my wrist. I walk over to my computer, making sure not to make any noise. If my parents hear me awake, I will be in a lot of trouble.

I go onto my facebook account that I made without my parents permission. Not many people are online, although I see lots of people talking about some party last night on their statuses. Most of them are probably still there. I decide to text Pipper:

'Are you up?'

'Yeahhh, whatsup?'

'Im panicking, meeting Shadi tonight :('

'Oooo, don't worry about it. It'll be over before you know it :)'

'Hopefully :/ So what are you up to?'

'I'm Danny's party. Brody's here! ;) I think you should come.'

It's 3 am, and I just got invited to a party in which Brody is presently at. My family is sleeping and I have a window in my room, which leads into my backyard, where I could easily open my fence and walk out. I'm not sure if I should risk it. But it's Brody. My body aches to go. I want to so bad.

'How would I even get there?'

'Walk, we'll meet you. Danny lives two blocks away from you, it's not very far.'

My legs are like jell-o. Will it work? Can I do this? Should I do this? What if I get caught? What if I don't? I start sweating. I would have to get dressed and do my makeup if I decide to go. It would take me too long, I would only be able to go for an hour before I would have to be home and in bed again. But an hour is better than nothing, yet it doesn't stop me from texting Pipper:

'I can't. My parents would never let me.'

'Sneak out, dipshit! :)'

'You're such a rebel. I can't do it.'

'Yes you can! Please :)'

'No. Tell Brody I say hi. Actually, don't.'

'To late. Brody says hello :) and I say get your ass over here!'

'Pipper! I'm going back to bed. Night!'

'Goodnight, scaredy cat ;)'

I close my phone, disappointed, but confident in my decision. I won't be doing anything I'll regret today.