(A/N): This is merely an introductory chapter to the whole of the story. It acts much like the choir of a ancient Greek tragedy: Telling of a times that have passed by, of a great tale of some profound event, looking back on it as a whole and telling of what was lost and discovered, but gives no detail. The one telling this story talks of it as if they were a mere observer to all that happened. It foreshadows things that have already long sense happened, but have yet to be known to happened. The whole story is not written this way only this chapter and small parts of very specific chapters known as the 'Origin' chapters, (If you just want to start reading the story then go to the next chapter, but this can add depth to the rest of the story that otherwise might be lost). I will also not have Authors Notes (A/N)s, in other chapters, this will be to help keep the story flowing. Please Read & Review, because I want to know of anything I am doing wrong. (Even if you don't like it, and do not continue to read it, please send me a PM telling me why, even if it is just a flame). I work hard on each chapter and would like to know how I can make them better in any way. Thank you for your time.

Chapter 1: Prelude

Intro: The Great Story

*A bodiless voice, that seems very kind and strong, yet also somewhat sad female voice*

"In a time passed there was a war, a war that was so much more than just a war. Wars are supposed to be for a reason; wars are supposed to be simply between opposing armed forces. This war was anything but simple. There were no boundaries physical or moral; only death and murder. I was an experimental Genetically Rendered Artificial Construct; at the time I was young, I was naïve. I was created in the image of man, but I feel like I am nothing like mankind, yet the same. Mankind has potential for good, but they have the same potential for destruction; and they seem to seek self-destruction. Love, such a small simple word, but it is a word that I rarely heard anyone say during the war, but I always desired to feel it. But after so very many years of contemplating it I am not sure I want that burden anymore. It causes so much pain, love can make those who feel it seem crazed like an addict, and for those who have loved and lost all they loved it is not better than to have never loved at all. I have seen the consequences of such a pain that was to bring about the end of a great power, to destroy all in it's path, turning them into ashes, so silently they would come to rest. An empire would crumble at its feet; a very belief would be wiped from time, never to praise glory to its profit again. Its name gave it a sense of hellish irony, for God had not seen, this being of such grand power sat by watching, laughing at humanity for their stupidity. Or that is how it felt; some might call me a god created by man, for I have lived so long and can and have seen so much, enough to last a thousand lifetimes over and there is no end in sight. Mankind is greedy and only wants; it never gives. Even the miracle of birth is only a fleeting feeling. What was my true purpose in the grand existence? Was I merely what I was told, was I just created to win a meaningless and horrible war? Or is there more to it; something my creators did not intend but the universe itself or some greater power, which desired me to be created to see and remember all that happened? Am I to stand as a testament to the nature of mankind in all its horrible beauty? To stand as an artificial soul that could evolve to see what its very makers were? What ever the reason for my existence this is what I have become. I stand as a testament to mankind, a database of those who desire knowledge, and their great will to achieve immortality. But most of all, I exist to tell a story; I shall tell this story to all who wish to listen; I shall broadcast the story I have to tell, all across the universe, through every galaxy that will listen. My story is a warning to all who desire power and who will kill all those who stand in their way. A warning that if you desire only power and burn the innocent, then the only possible outcome can be that you will pass into oblivion and your ashes shall turn to dust, and the dust to atoms, and the atoms into nothing. It is said that the innocent shall rise and shall strike the greatest fear into those who would kill them. No one could have predicted the events which were to take place in this war, emotions are impossible to predict; and if you take the emotions away from a soul with nothing left, a soul that has been robbed by hatred, then there is nothing that can kill it and nothing that can protect those responsible. My story is short but long, it is sad yet happy, it is true even when it seems impossible, all know of it while few remember. Few remember the tragedies of the war, and I fear mankind will forget instead of learn from their mistakes. My story is one of the emotions of so very many, and the very absence of a ghost's soul, lost to misery that found itself anew, in the most unlikely of places. This is a warning… This is my story."