He watches her sleep; he is her guardian angel. The girl's name is Aurora, and she is beautiful. She is sixteen years old, and has long, auburn hair that cascades in waves down her back. Aurora looks so peaceful while asleep, but has a very anxious demeanor while awake, much like the White Rabbit. But when she falls into that deep slumber, she is clearly lost in whatever wonderful and serene dreamland she conjures up in her subconscious.

The guardian angel knows her like the back of his hand, an open book. He knows that she is a most exceptional person, even as young as she is at present. She is compassionate and loving towards all those she cares about, and is always there for her friends through every trial and obstacle they face. Aurora is selfless: always putting herself aside and taking care of whoever should need her at any point in time. It could be three in the morning, and if one of her friends needs her, she will go to their house to comfort them. She has never cared about the time or place if a friend should need her – she will go to them just out of the pure love in her heart. It is not often – even for a guardian angel – to see that kind of devotion in a person.

Aurora has caught brief glimpses of her guardian angel. She does not know his name, but nonetheless is aware that he is always there watching over her. Despite her anxiousness, she carries a sense of hope in her wherever she goes just by knowing that.

The angel has wavy black hair and the brightest blue eyes she has ever seen. He is lean, and when he smiles his whole face brightens as if a thousand rays of light are hitting his face all at once. His face is flawless, one only of a supernatural being could have.

She dreams of meeting him one day, and he is just as beautiful inside as he is outside. They are great friends, and they talk of anything and everything together. They are never shy to talk about what the other is feeling at any time, whether it be day or night or how tired they may be. They have that special bond that only a guardian angel and his sworn human could have. He loves everyone despite their imperfections. He does this with more love than anyone could possibly imagine. This is only one way of many in which they are alike. They share the same goals, and that is to reach for the sky and be the best they can be. Yes, in her dreams, he and Aurora are inseparable.

Aurora smiles in her sleep, always hoping.

He beams at her faith, and then slowly fades away until there is nothing left except for her future knowledge that he was there when she awakes in the morning.