Twenty years had passed since the Woverins and the humans began to work together.

Years of peace and harmony, as Kel ruled with the help of his son's widow Delta.

Kel smiled as he thought back at those years.

Although his son was gone, he had left a precious memento of his time on earth behind. His daughter Salma, Kel's granddaughter.

As Kel watched the festivities, he smiled again.

It was his granddaughter's birthday, she turned nineteen that day.

"Grandfather," came her sweet voice behind him and he turned.

"There you are," he said, "why are you not out enjoying the festivities with your friends?"
She smiled.

"I wanted to make sure you had eaten," she said, rubbing his hand fondly.

Kel looked at his granddaughter, who had the human beauty of her mother, but her father's piercing blue eyes.

"You're too good to me," he said, squeezing her hand. "I already ate; your mother brought me a plate. Now go and enjoy being with your friends."

She nodded and kissed his furry cheek, before running off to join a group of young people, a mixture of Woverin and humans.

"She's really grown," Delta said softly, as she watched her daughter disappear with her friends.

"I see more and more of Micah in her each day. There's no doubt that she's his daughter."

Kel nodded.

"Soon she'll be ready to rule," he said, "as soon as she finds a husband to rule with her."

Delta sighed and nodded, knowing that even with all the progress their world had made, a woman could never rule without a man. Even a woman as strong and capable as Salma.

She started to say something, and then stopped with a gasp as someone in the crowd began to scream.

"Raiders," a woman screamed, running up, her clothing torn and dirty, "outside the gates, coming this way!"

Delta gasped and stood up, looking frantically for her daughter.

"Get inside," Kel said; drawing his sword, "I'll get Salma."

She nodded and started to run inside, just as the first raiders came thundering into the city on giant horses.

Suddenly there was a terrible gurgling sound and she turned, just in time to see Kel fall to the ground, an arrow stuck in his neck.

"Kel," she screamed, running forward.

"Find Salma," he whispered, "go to your people in the woods."
Delta nodded, watching in helplessness as Kel shuddered and died.

She stood and began to run through the panicked crowd, looking for her daughter, when someone suddenly grabbed her.

"Delta," the rider whispered in her ear, "the wife of Micah. I would recognize that black hair anywhere."

Before she could reply, or twist around to see who held her, he pinched her neck, causing her to black out and fall limply against his horse.

The rider turned and thundered out of the city gates, followed closely behind by his riders as he carried his prize away.