Made: Friday, February 26, 2010

Time: 10:53p.m

I wear a heart

Around my neck

Along with the key

Right next to it.

The keyhole is dusty

The heart cold and rusty

Nobody wants it

So I keep it still.

Then I met you

You smile so warmly

Your eyes are so kind

So here you go

A present:

The key from around my neck

Separated from my heart

Given to you

In your hands and your trust.

I don't mind

What you do with it

Lose it, break it

Drop it down the drain

But whatever you do

Please don't give it away

To somebody else.

It's quite content

Being in your gentle grasp.

And this heart of mine

I wear around my neck

May seem lonely

With it's key

But really it's much better this way.

I no longer

Have to worry over it

Because it's with you

And I trust you

With all the heart around my neck

Finally beating

Finally warm

Just because of you.

So I don't care what you do

With the key I gave you

Just don't give it away

And don't give it back.