chapter one.

See You Again - Miley Cyrus/There Goes My Everything - Engelbert Humperdinck

The smartass who said 'Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars' has clearly never met Summer Leighton before. In all honesty, I swear, that girl is a Martian.

I walked into class yawning, coal black hair slightly damp from the cold shower I had that Monday morning and slid into my seat next to Edward, my slightly clueless but rather smart classmate who was brilliant at Mathematics. "What's up?" I asked, stretching.

Edward shrugged and ran his hand through his sandy brown hair. "Same old, same old," he went back to completing his math worksheet and I laughed as the bell rang for morning assembly. The weather was fine, the sun was shining brightly and everything seemed normal...

Little did I know that normal as I knew it was all about to change.


"The girls are coming in today!" Baxter, the class representative appeared at the doorway, breathless.

There was a loud, collective gasp and my eyebrow twitched. Trust the class to get so excited over the addition of females to the student populace. After spending four years in an all-boys high school, raging hormones won the battle against all rational thought and the entire class began worrying about their hair, their uniform, right down to their... Eyebrows. I stared at Edward, who was staring at his reflection from the back of his iPhone and I sighed. "Not you too," I rolled my eyes.

"Dude, we're seventeen this year," he grinned. "You only live life once."

I tried hard to suppress my laughter but failed.

"It appears that you have no appreciation for the females of our species," he sniffed, adopting a mock British accent.

I shrugged. "Well, it doesn't really matter since I've decided to remain celibate for the rest of my life since elementary school anyway."

Edward snickered. "Why don't you shave your head and be a monk then."

I shook my head at his ignorance. "There's a difference between being religious and being a monk."

"Right," he stuffed his iPhone into the pocket of his black trousers. The both of us knew that he could never win in an argument against me.

"Class stand," Baxter hollered and immediately, a hush fell over the usually rowdy class. I raised an eyebrow, maybe the addition of females wasn't such a bad thing after all.

"Be careful... Be very careful..." a voice whispered softly in my head and I wondered where it came from.

"Good morning Madam," the class chorused.

In walked Madam Yvonne and behind her, three girls followed, along with a boy... No wait, the last one was a girl, she was definitely wearing a skirt. I rubbed my eyes, wondering if there was something wrong with my eyesight. Again.

"Good morning class," she nodded and the class sat down. "Today, I have with me the four girls who will be joining our class," she turned to the girls and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Ashley Susans," the first girl, who was rather short with thick pink spectacles said in a squeaky high voice.

"Hello, I'm Tina Winters," the second girl bowed and smiled, revealing her red and black braces. Interesting.

"I'm Sera Yun," said the third girl, who was slightly plump. She toyed with a lock of black hair before tucking it behind her ear and smiled shyly.

"Yo, I'm Summer Leighton. But do call me Sum," the fourth girl, who I mistook to be a guy due to 1. her hairdo and 2. her, er, much less than well endowed chest, grinned. Her short brown hair gleamed in the sunlight that had floated in through the windows and I saw the black, red and golden highlights. Her skin was fair, like alabaster, she was of average height and I heard a rather loud gulp from Edward.

"She's kinda cute," he shrugged upon receiving a stare from me and I rolled my eyes, half in exasperation and half in interest.

First impression of Summer: Fairly cute. Rather friendly. Someone I wouldn't mind talking to.

People say that first impressions do change. Well, my impression of Summer did. Drastically.


"Hey," Summer flashed Edward and I a smile as she slid into the seat in between him and I. Well we were sitting together with an empty seat by my right originally but Madam suggested she sit in between us so...

I smiled weakly. "Hi, I'm Ean Redding," I extended my hand and her smile changed into that of an amused one and shook my hand in return.

"Ever the gentleman eh?" Edward said wryly. "Why don't you kiss her hand instead."

I smirked. "So you're flirting with Death now?"

He rolled his eyes. "Puh-leaze," he turned to Summer. "I'm Edward, you can call me Ed. Pleased to meet you."

Summer nodded politely and I heaved a silent sigh of relief. Things were turning about to be rather normal so far, at this rate, I could get through the rest of high school life without dying.

"So, what subjects are you taking?" Edward asked. His dark blue eyes seemed more alert than usual and I resisted the urge to laugh.

"Math, Economics and History higher level. Chemistry, French B and English standard level," Summer recited my subject combination with a dazzling smile. Wait, it was her subject combination. My eyebrow twitched as I realized that we were going to be total classmates for every subject and I wondered if that was going to be a bad or good thing.

"Wow, you're with Ean for almost every subject," Edward nodded, stating the obvious and stole a glance at me... Was that an envious look I saw in his eyes?! My eyebrow twitched once again as I wondered how desperate he could get.

"I see," Summer looked at me and smiled. I felt goosebumps all over and returned her smile weakly, with much apprehension. "This is going to be... Interesting," she licked her ruby red lips.

Yet another gulp was heard from Edward as I shook my head in disapproval when she turned away to look at Madam, who was trying to address the class amidst the chaos that had broken out due to desperate guys, raging hormones and... Decent looking and fairly pretty girls.


"So, where's History?" Summer asked as we got out of the classroom.

I shrugged. "The class next door."

"Mm," Summer pulled out her handphone from her pocket and furiously typed away.

I opened the door for her and she nodded her thanks and headed for the back of the class immediately. I scanned the classroom for any familiar faces and saw none, so I followed Summer and sat down beside her.

"Desiree!" Summer called out and went straight towards a rather tall girl who had just entered the classroom, carrying a huge orange file.

"Oh my god, not you," Desiree groaned as a creepy smile appeared on Summer's face. I wondered what made her freak out as she slowly backed away.

"My dear Desiree," Summer shook her head as she reached out and put her hand around the blonde's waist. "Why are you so afraid of me," she caressed her waist and I felt goosebumps forming again and was pretty sure poor Desiree felt it too.

"Summer, please, stop it," Desiree squirmed as she tried to wriggle out of Summer's arms, which where now around her shoulders. My eyebrow twitched. Could it be that Summer Leighton was a lesbian? I chuckled as I watched the scene unfolding before me, thinking of the look that would be on Edward's face when he found out and its entertainment value. Which was pretty high, if you asked me.

"Of course, of course," Summer purred in a syrupy voice, which gave me a pretty bad case of goosebumps.

Seeing that the teacher had not arrived, I rested my head on the table. Today was going to be a long, long day.


The rest of the day was pretty uneventful and mostly consisted of how I was going to break the news of Summer not quite leaning his way to Edward. As I walked down the corridor with my hand on my chin, wondering what was the best way to break it to him to trigger the most... Entertaining response.

Suddenly, I felt a gust of cold wind blow past. My left eyelid started twitching and I thought of all its related superstitions and I frowned.

"Hey Ean," I heard a voice and looked up. It was Jason, my highly competitive classmate from Year Ten and I smiled. The competition between us was rather friendly, I guess, although in certain aspects he was always keen to show his supposed superiority, such as in the dating field.

"Hey Jas-"

Someone tackled me from behind and I was about to retaliate, based on pure instinct, when I realized just in time that the someone was a girl. I took a deep breath and was about to turn around when I found her arms around me, holding me in some sort of predatory... Hug. From the corner of my eye, I looked at her only to discover, to my utmost horror, it was Summer Leighton.

She just hugged me in the middle of the corridor. In front of the... Renowned bitching machine. Oh my, was I starting to swear?! Something was definitely wrong, very very wrong. I made it a point never to swear since young and now... My eyebrow twitched rapidly as I stood rooted to the ground, frozen in horror, unable to react, unable to retaliate due to the fact that she was a girl and it was ungentlemanly to attack females. Unless they were, of course, assassins. Which she was not.

"Ean," Jason gaped at me, looking like a demented goldfish. It probably was a reflection of the expression I wore. "What the hell?"

He definitely hit that nail on the head.


There went my squeaky-clean reputation, my only possession. There went my everything. From the moment I heard Summer Leighton's footsteps outside the door, I should've listened to the weird voice that had appeared in my head. Why I didn't, I'd never know. My heart is torn into a million pieces with regret. My memory turns back the pages, I can see the happy years I've had with my wonderful reputation before. And now it has walked out of my life and left without a word of goodbye, my heart is filled with misery.

Excuse the melodrama, but deep in my heart lies a dark sort of excitement as I await tomorrow. I've got my sights set on that... Martian and I'm ready to aim.

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