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chapter three.

California Gurls - Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg

"Class! Can you quieten down?" Madam Yvonne yelled over the din that the class was making due to the revelation that 1. James West would be joining the class and 2. we were heading to the beach for the annual Year Eleven Beach Race, which was traditionally held on the second day of the school year. Year Elevens would race around the beach trying to complete all their six stations and gain extra points, where at the end, the class with the most points would be declared the winner. The prizes awarded each year differed due to the different Student Councils which organised them but most of the time, it was either book or food vouchers.

Nobody paid attention. I rolled my eyes, Edward fiddled with his iPhone, adjusting his hair for the twentieth time that morning, James bounced up and down on his seat in front of us and Summer frowned.

"People!" she shouted at an abominable volume and I felt as if my ears were being raped. Yes, it was that bad.

The class fell silent immediately, stunned. Even Madam Yvonne looked pretty shaken.

"Wow," Madam said, a couple of seconds later. "Thank you, Summer."

"Its nothing, Madam," Summer grinned and leaned back in her seat.

Edward's mouth had fallen open. I leaned over and shut it for him, much to his horror.

"Okay class, the briefing will be held at the beach when we get there. I hope you've all brought swimwear. We are expecting all of you to be able to swim because none of you declared that you were unable to," Madam warned and I heard a nervous gulp from somewhere in the middle of the class. She looked at her watch. "Well, you guys can leave for the bus now, its about time."


The bus ride to the beach was fairly uneventful, with Summer falling asleep beside Sera. James was busy flirting with Curtis, a new student from another school while beside me, Edward played Tap Tap Revenge and kept trying to get me to play with him, much to my annoyance.

We strolled along the beach, chatting rather noisily as we sauntered into the pavilion by a Coffee Bean outlet, our first station on the Beach Race.

"Hello Year Elevens!" the station master, a boy of considerable height, greeted us cheerfully, to which the class, led by Baxter, chorused 'Hello Station Master!' in return.

"I'm Dave and I'm gonna be your station master for this station," he rolled his eyes at having to state the obvious. "Anyway, since this is your first station, its gonna be real simple. All you have to do is to give me a cheer, loud and clear."

Everyone exchanged weird glances.

"Three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for 11 Six!" Luis, our class secretary started and everyone groaned.

"Cut!" Dave shook his head disapprovingly. "Come on, you guys are Year Elevens! I'm sure you can think of something better!"

"Guys!" Summer stepped up. "I have a cheer. Just repeat after me," she said confidently.

Dave gave her an appreciative smile.

"This is chapter one!" Summer yelled and the class repeated after her.

"The story's just begun!"

Edward started snickering and I raised an eyebrow.

"This is chapter two!"

Edward was now laughing uncontrollably.

"The girl is beautiful!"

Realisation hit me. "How on the blue planet did Summer Leighton learn of that cheer?" I whispered fiercely.

"This is chapter three!"

"I don't know," Edward answered, in between fits of laughter.

"I tie her to a tree!"

I buried my face in my hands. At this rate, we were going to...

"This is chapter four!"

"Maybe she heard it from one of the track dudes? You know how retarded some of them can get, like, you know, Leslie?" Edward suggested.

"I lay her on the floor!"

"And how could she have met Leslie?! I was with her for almost the whole of yesterday! We shared all our classes!" I retorted.

"This is chapter five!"

"Oh man, I don't know! She could've met some of them before she got in here?" Edward shrugged.

"I lick her-"

"CUT!!!" Dave yelled at the top of his voice. He took a deep breath before adding 'Censored!' rather loudly.

The males in our class started laughing immediately while the girls exchanged glances, puzzled.

"Erm Summer?" Ashley asked softly. "What's the rest of the cheer about?"

Summer smirked. "Do you really want to know?" she asked as she moved closer.

"No she doesn't," Baxter grabbed her wrist and dragged her away, much to Summer's amusement.

"Trying to preserve her innocence, Bax?" Luis yelled across the class and everyone started laughing again as Baxter's cheeks burned with embarrassment.

"No its not what you think it is!" Baxter started panicking as Summer patted his back absent mindedly.

"Its okay, you don't have to hide," she said encouragingly, to which Baxter looked as if he wanted to dig a hole in the sand and bury himself in it.

"Ahem," Dave cleared his throat. "I see that you guys have, err, wonderfully infectious enthusiasm and so you guys have cleared this station! And on top of that, I will be giving you a bonus of three hundred points."

The class cheered and I joined in pretty reluctantly. The numbers cheer had been 'outlawed' when the school announced that they were admitting girls and its... Reappearance was somehow, rather disconcerting.

"Well, just don't cheer it again. Remember guys, self censorship when we're in public!" the station master grinned, clear blue eyes twinkling and the class cheered again.

"Hey Sum, where did you hear that cheer from?" Edward asked, curious.

She shrugged and flashed him a dazzling smile. "You really wanna know?"

Edward bit his lip for a moment. "Well, yeah."

The brunette leaned closer. "You see..." she licked her lips. "Its a secret," she finished, smirking again.

Edward groaned and I chuckled, reaching forward to ruffle his sandy brown hair as he pouted.

"Okay class, let's go, we have five more stations to clear!" Baxter hollered and we started moving along the beach again, first strolling then running when it became apparent that we were going to be rather late for lunch if we didn't hurry.


"Okay dudes!" a petite, five foot nothing girl screeched at us and a couple of guys jumped on the spot. "I'm you station master, Sheryl!"

"Damn, she was pretty until she opened her mouth," Luis whispered loudly to Baxter.

"Shut up," Sheryl rolled her emerald green eyes, which sparkled in the summer sun. "Anyway, for this station, you guys will be learning to do the mass dance. Savvy?" she flashed us a thumbs up sign.

"Yeah..." the class responded, with the rest of the girls looking slightly uncomfortable.

"Don't worry, there's no body contact here," Sheryl assured them. "Okay guys, I need you all to line up so you guys would be in a box, five by five. Hurry hurry, we don't have all day!"

Slowly, the class got into their positions. I took a place next to James, who was grinning away for no apparent reason. I averted my eyes immediately, not wanting to know the reason for his delight.

"Listen up!" Sheryl screeched again. "Raymond, Timo and I will be teaching you the algorithm dance. Its really simple, we have only four steps that will be repeated and by the bridge and chorus, its another set of moves. In any case, just follow us and you'll be fine," she nodded to her two male companions who had just joined her.

I wondered how much effort the Student Council had exhausted to plan the event.

"'Sup dudes," Timo waved. "Kay its really simple. Front row will follow us, then once the front's done with the first move, the next row will copy the first move and so on and so forth. Simply put, same moves, copy, staggered entries. Got it?"

There were a couple of murmurs when finally a rather high pitched 'Yeah' from Sera answered for the class.

"Okay dudes, let's roll," Raymond nodded as he started on the first move, which was basically just a knee bend, while sticking out both arms.

Given that all of us were guys who were used to playing sports like football, let's just say we weren't particularly dance-inclined. By the time we got to the chorus, even though we had all the steps down pat, our dancing was just... Not aesthetically pleasing. At all.

"Guys, we're running out of time so I'm just gonna play the music now, you guys follow our lead okay?" Sheryl nodded to Timo, who started the music before we replied.

That was when all hell (almost) broke lose.

"California Gurls?!" Luis exclaimed. "Oh yeah baby!"

Ashley stared at him, horrified. I stared as Edward's eyes lit up and he started nodding his head to the beat. Sera grimaced and so did Baxter.

James, on the other hand, looked all ready to dance - he had already fixed himself in a pose which didn't look quite like the first step of the dance.

"C'mon dudes, five, six, seven eight!" Raymond gave the cue and we began in an awful, disorderly fashion.

After about two tries, the station masters told us that we passed and that we could proceed for lunch, much to the rest of the class' delight. The girls were discussing something in a hushed whisper and Summer looked on, uninterested as they continued.

"Hey Ean!" James bounded over and caught hold of my arm, which I shook off quickly. "Have you seen the video of the California Gays on youtube?"

I shot him a look which clearly read 'Why-would-I-have-seen-it'.

"You're missing out on a lot," he said, sighing. "There's this really cute blonde guy in it," he mused as I attempted to distance myself from him, thinking of what he tried to do to me at Jason's party.

"Uh okay, I'm glad you like him," I muttered distractedly as I noticed Summer lingering behind as the rest of the class moved off for lunch. She was fiddling with her mobile, frowning and I wondered if something was the matter. After all, she had been smiling and seemed rather happy yesterday... I walked over to where she was.

"Summer?" I asked, tapping her shoulder gently.

She jumped and turned to face me, an unreadable expression in her obsidian eyes.

Caught off guard by the raw emotion in her eyes, I backed away. "Are you... Okay?"

She shook her head and the expression was gone. "Yeah, let's go."

"Okay," I said shakily, wondering what was it that I had seen just now that she had to hide it from me.

"Darling, hurry, we're late," she chided as she grabbed my wrist and dragged me forward.

I didn't pay attention, lost in my thoughts, thinking of the spaced out expression I saw on Summer's face during the mass dance, only shaking her hand off me much later. Unknowingly, I started humming the chorus of California Gurls as I walked behind Summer. But at that point of time, I didn't know that it wasn't just the California Girls who were unforgettable - the Martian girl would haunt my thoughts for a very long time to come...

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