This is mine. I wrote this. This came from my head. The characters (well except for Cinderella, but she will be only mentioned in passing and even then she will be different then the well loved character.) is mine. Hopefully this story will not offend. This is a different twist to a fairytale and for those wondering what happened to the others at that ball?

Oh I must mention, this will be slash, man loves man, etc. I love slash but that does not mean you will. If you don't like it or you think it is 'creepy' you might not want to read this. There are a lot of really great stories here on fictionpress that does not contain slash; you might want to read one of those instead.



Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a very handsome prince who everyone hated. Why was he hated? Well… let's just say that for every bit of beauty he had it could not outweigh the fact that he had not an ounce of goodness in him. He was rude, bland, inconsiderate, rough, etc. He let no one in and demeaned anyone who even tried.

There were those who thought that he was just misunderstood or looking for attention, but they soon found themselves running in fear or wondering the castle with a crazy lost look. There were some hopeful suitors that called on the castle from time to time. They just planned to marry the boy, gain the crown, and kill the idiot off. Well, let's just say that it did not ever work. Also, let us no mention that princess that ran away screaming with her hair on fire…

Anyway the king and queen of this wonderful nation were getting fed up with their 'beloved' son's antics. It was about time that they married him off. Perhaps the bride will be able to mellow him a lot or maybe somehow keep the damages down. It was getting quite expensive dealing with that boy you know.

After much debate it was decided that they only had two choices left. They could buy a princess for hire or they could hold a ball and hope that someone would catch the tormentor's eye. Either choice would be quite expensive especially since there is no guarantee that it would work in the first place. Look at all the suitors that came before. But they had to do something. Tradition explicitly states that it has to be the prince that succeeds the throne. If it was not for that pesky tradition the king would have had his way a long time ago. Which was to kill the boy and put his cousin, the evil wizard, in his place. He may be evil but he was pretty cool.

This is when they realized that they could use tradition in their favor. Everyone knows how easy it is to find your bride at a ball. That is how pretty much all of their forefathers had found theirs. Why would tradition change now?

The king leaped up ringing the servant bell so hard and fast that the bell snapped off the handle and cracked the nearby window. Yet he was so excited that he did not care about the cost. This was his best idea yet. It had to work.

They had invitations sent out to every female in the country. There was so many women being invited they had to group them into eight different balls. They were so desperate they even invited old invalid widows as well. Anyone that could come was welcome. They sent out pleas and even a large donation to the world wide guild of fairy godmothers begging them to find the bride for their son.

Afterwards the royal king and queen huddled together and prayed to every deity they could think of for help in this matter.