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Chapter Four

It has been five days since his family left and Lamany has found himself, as the saying goes, up to his neck in enchanted ogre shit. Actually that is an understatement of the decade. He tried to find work but no one would hire someone from the Marieal family. Apparently the townsfolk already had problems from when his sisters attempted to work in their establishments and they did not want to relive it again. The Marieal sisters are famous for their sharp tongues and short tempers, both of which they had inherited from Cindertella. It is also well known that whenever his sisters work it was not abnormal for things, especially expensive ones, to break while they were angry or a customer to be harmed for even so much as looking at them the wrong way. So he can not quite blame everyone in town for turning him away.

Lamany would have runaway to a different town in the hopes to find a life away from the shadow of his family yet apparently, not too long after Cindertella and the others have left, the king had sent an army in to barricade the roads in hopes to cordon off the escape routes. So that plan was out of the question.

He could always try doing something illegal like stealing… na. He was too clumsy to successfully do something like that; he would be caught in no time. He cannot join a gang because, just like with all the legal employers in town, his sisters had a bad reputation with them too. Apparently Heldia may have once or twice beaten the leader of the Strait underworld to a pulp for calling her sweet heart. Or so the story goes. Lamany suspects there is more to it than that, but that is her story to tell another day.

Now he had two more days to go before the rent was due. There was no money to pay the collectors with and the level of his food is quite low. The only thing left that he could do was to wait until the landlord comes to kick him out, then he would attempt to survive in the Rocking Forest. He is not looking forward to that. It is always noisy with the wails of hundreds of ghosts having a party for the rest of eternity. Yes, apparently it is a happening place for the afterlife.

So for now he was relaxing and for the first time in his life he is going to take a nap instead of cleaning the place up. That was the hardest habit to change. He always cleaned since he was a toddler. It all started one day when Daliea did not want to do her chores while she was supposed to be babysitting. After Lamany, being the small innocent child he was, complained about being bored and not having any toys while the other children did she got the bright idea to teach Lamany how to do her chores. So he will not be bored anymore of course. Then one day Berlia caught Lamany folding Daliea's underclothing. There was a moment of shock then Berlia, figuring this would be a perfect chance to blackmail her sister, asked what was going on. Once she found out all about Daliea's master plan of escaping her horrid chores and after some serious consideration she decided that it was a brilliant idea for him to do her work too. That was the start of a very long life for Lamany.

There was a loud thud against the door which jolted Lamany out of his relaxed state and into complete alertness. Instinct has taken over and he listened for any other noises. After a few moments of nothing happening he stood up from his makeshift bed by the hearth and creeps towards the door. As he passes the broom he picks it up, turns it upside down and brandishes it like a weapon. If someone is out there they will get a good broom to the head.

He slowly opens the door and while shouting a pathetic roar jumps through the doorway. Hopefully whoever is there will be terrified at the sight of him. Yes, he believes he is fearsome with his mighty broom. Yes, to him at that moment he is the greatest hero of the world who can fight off all evil. No, he does not realize that he looks dorky and in reality will never win a fight even against a toddler. Anyway, Lamany stops and looks around. There is no one out here. He was kind of disappointed. Right now he would love to beat someone with a broom and get rid of some of the stress. Yet as he turned around to close the door he noticed that there was a note stuck to it by a very sharp looking knife.

He did not really want to touch the knife, who knows what it was used for before, but there was no choice. Lamany knew that if the landlord seen this he would so flip. So he gingerly reached out and after a half dozen failed attempts had to really pry it off. Whoever jabbed it in must have been really ticked. He fruitlessly hoped that they were not angry at him.

He came back inside and with the light filtering into a hole in the closed shutters he read the note.

Dear Marieal family,

How are you doing today? Hopefully you are doing well.

Apparently you have missed our very important scheduled meeting yesterday and I have been wondering if you are still planning to come at all. This is improper of you to miss any meeting with us as we have taken out some of our precious time to be there for you.

As we have agreed you now owe us three thousand droles and you were to pay up a portion of that yesterday. Yet you have never shown up to do so.

There is a possibility that you have just forgotten what day it is so our business has decided to extend the due date for the current payment to eight and a half candle marks today.

Please come to our place of business with at least eight hundred droles. If you find you have any more problems we can negotiate a new payment plan that may help you to more easily pay off your loan.

Hopefully you will be here by the stated time with the discussed amount. If not we will come by and personally collect it from you. We do like doing business with your family and hope that it can continue for more years to come.

Your friendly loan shark,

Verfy Sharrp.

p.s. I have included a very sharp knife. If you cannot pay I suggest that you will help us to reduce our work load by using it… Hope to see you soon.

After reading this Lamany was shaking. This was not good at all. What was he going to do? Cindertella had taken most of the money they have saved up with her when she left. Did she know that this was going to happen? Was she planning it all along? He had to get out of here and fast.

He started to rush around gathering things but could not think straight. The loan sharks are going to be here in a couple of candle marks and if Lamany is still here then he will be a very dead young man.

There was a rattle by the window and Lamany froze in his spot. Are the loan sharks early? The broom was by the door so he could not get to it in time.

The shutters on the windows flew open and music filled the air. Swirls of pink and purple light danced into the room and playfully chased each other around. A purple swirl collided with Lamany's head and it gently ruffled his hair. He found himself unwillingly chuckling. The smell of cookies and cake filled the air which made his stomach growl. He was so hungry.

Then a ball of pink and purple swirling lights came in through the window and floated slowly to the middle of the room. It began to swirl faster and became brighter, so bright that Lamany had to look away. When he looked back there was a being standing where the light was. The first thing he had noticed was the wings. They were like a butterfly's, powdery pale blue blending into black around the edges. The sight is quite breath taking to look at and Lamany had the childish urge to reach out and touch them to see if they were real. Oh look they twitched. So that answers that question.

Then the being turned to face Lamany and the rest of the being started to come into focus. First he noticed a white waist coat and a doublet with light blue and gold embroidery depicting a forest running along the edges. If Lamany looked long enough he could see within the embroidery that there were hidden animals like a deer or an owl. The breaches were a light blue with matching white embroidery. The fairy was also wearing a very fine lacy ruff, white stockings and really shiny knee length leather boots. All in all quite a good ensemble put together. He could see his sisters appraising the outfit in his head. The pink hair is a bit weird but it was done up nicely in a complicated style.

Yet he was a bit confused. The wings must mean that this is one of those evil fairy godmothers that his mother always told them to be careful of. But there is something off. What could it be? Well perhaps it is just that this fairy just happens to be one hundred percent male. Yes right now standing in Lamany's kitchen at that moment is a fairy godfather.

The godfather looked around and noticed Lamany staring at him with his mouth hanging open. He flashes the young man his best calming smile in the hopes that he can get the information he needed. He just wasted a lot of power on that entrance and none of the girls are even in the room. "Oh, well, hello there. I am looking for the women of this house hold. Are they in?"

Lamany shook his head to get rid of the awe and refocused himself on the issue on hand. "I think you have the wrong place." The quicker this fairy godfather gets out of here the better. If his mother ever found out that there was one of those nasty beings in her home she would freak out.

The fairy godfather reaches into his coat pocket, pulls out a wand and gives it a small wave. With a swirl of blue and green glowing stars a binder bursting full of colorful paper pops out of mid air in front of the fairy. The fairy plucks it up and flips through the binder. Every now and then a paper would fly out and land on the floor only to disappear a moment latter.

"Hm, let me see here. No, no, defiantly not it. Oh I was looking for that. Ah here it is. This is the Marieal family? "

Lamany just rolls his eyes. "Yes, but it must be another Marieal family in which you are looking for." Lamany realizes that statement is actually impossible since there are no longer any other official Marieals other than his own immediate family. After the whole scandal with his mother happened everyone that shared the same last name changed it to something else. Actually that might not be that bad of an idea. Maybe in a few years Lamany can afford to do so himself.

The fairy godfather does not look up from the book. "Spelled M. A. R. I. E .A. L?"

"Well…" Lamany started to squeak out but the other kept on going.

"There are three girls. Heldia aged twenty one, Daliea aged twenty four, and Berlia aged twenty seven?"

The young man just gulped. This is not good. There must be some mix up. Everyone knows that the World Wide Fairy Guild would not touch his family for at least a hundred years. Not even with a sharp pointy stick. Heck, while the lawsuit happened Lamany's mother had at least a couple dozen curses thrown her way. So why is this Fairy Godfather even here? "Yes but I am sure that there must be a mistake."

"Why?" The look on the fairy's face was quite innocent.

Is this some kind of joke? Could it be that Lamany is stuck in some kind of dream curse. He heard of those. Maybe some evil wizard got bored and after reading some ancient spell book decided to try one out. It went wrong hence he threw it out and of course Lamany tumbled upon it. It sounded about right. Weirder things can happen. The only thing is that there are no evil wizards nearby. The last one was scared away by that crazy hero twenty years ago and the king's cousin hates the current politics so he tries to stay far away too.

The Fairy Godfather cleared his throat to get Lamany's attention back. "Why do you believe that this is some kind of mistake?" Apparently the other man realizes that as long as Lamany is arguing about this then he will never get his answers.

"Well you know who our family is right?"

"The Marieal family. Is this because I am a male? I assure you that I can do anything that any fairy godmother can do. I have been training since I was a small child. I will admit that normally I do not do this kind of assignment, but at the moment the W.W.F.G. is a bit frantic so they called in all departments and we each have to handle more than one case at a time, hence it was decided that I will be the fairy godfather to all three of the Marieal girls. It will be a bit hectic but it can and will be done."

So that is it. They sent a weirdo unwanted to service the hated family. How is he going to explain this? "Ah, no. I do not care that you are a guy, but what was my last name again?"

The fairy looks at him like he is crazy. "Marieal."

"Well does our last name ring any kind of bell?" This should be easy. Everyone knows their last name and the scandal around it.

"Sure. When I was a child I had a couple of friends with the Marieal last name. It is kind of a popular name where I come from."

Lamany rolls his eyes. This is not going to be easy. It seems like this one is a bit dense.

"How about the name Cindertella Marieal?"

"Oh, I know of Queen Cinderella from a couple countries over. She is a nice lady who loves her singing mice. Well actually she kind of loves them a bit too much if you ask me but-"

This was not working at all. Lamany huffs in frustration. "You know who I am talking about Cindertella. Not Cinderella. You know. The one the prince did not choose?"

It took a moment then it dawned on the other. "Oh that case. That was a tough one. Poor Girliea. That was one of her last cases. They say she was going a bit senile before that and no one had the heart to let her go."

Ah ha, so the idiot does know about his family. "Yes, now do you understand?" Hopefully he can put the dots together.

"Understand what? What does she have to do with the three girls?" the fairy said in confusion.

Ok, maybe not. "Well she is our mother."

"Oh…that does not matter. The important thing is the girls get to go to the ball and they will find their prince." he said a matter-of-factly.

That was when Lamany literally face palms himself. This man is an idiot, no wonder they do not let him out too much. "Well you see they are not here."

The fairy godfather laughs thinking that this must be some kind of joke. "What do you mean they are not here?"

"Well you see, they kind of left." Lamany nervously chuckles. Dang his mother for leaving him in this mess. At least with the loan sharks they would just beat him up or even simply kill him but this is a magical being that can do really bad things to him if he wanted. He remembers some of the stories his mother used to tell him when he was a child about the scary things that the fairy godmothers had tried to do to her. There was no way he wanted to find out if they were true through personal experience.

The fairy looked upset but seemed to see the bright side of the situation. "Well when are they coming back? They will not be long, right?"

There was this scary glint to the fairy's eyes that made the cheerfulness seem a bit threatening. "Um no." Lamany squeaked out and starts to shrink away.

"They will only be gone for a week or two. Right?" the fairy asks with a bit of an edge to his voice.

"Um… No." Lamany tears his eyes from the increasingly scary sight in front of him and begins to look for an escape route.

The fairy godfather must have noticed the fearful look because with a word and a swish of his wand a magical cage came up around the very afraid young man. "Now, now, there is no reason to be afraid. I am a Fairy godfather. I will not hurt you. Well… as long as you are nice anyway." The man said but Lamany was even more afraid after that.

"If there is no reason to be afraid then let me out." Lamany said fearfully.

"I will let you out, but only after you answer my questions." The fairy said as he crossed his arms.

Lamany knew that there is no other way out so he might as well answer the fairy godfather's questions. "Ok, whatever, ask away." He grumbled out. Hopefully the other would take the answers gracefully then leave him alone. Lamany doubted it, but it could not hurt to hope.

"Now how long is your sisters going to be away for?" The fairy asked again.

"Um, until the balls are over." There. It is finally said, Lamany hopes that the fairy godfather leaves now.

The pink eyebrows went up. "Oh? why so long?"

"…Well…" Should Lamany tell him or not? Or the better question is how will the fairy godfather react?

"Do they not know that there is a ball coming up and they have a chance to be a princess?"The fairy tries a different tactic.


"Every girl dreams of being a princess. They get to wear fancy dresses, they can eat fine food, and they are the center of everyone's attention. Why would the not want any of that?" the fairy godfather explains with the wistful mentality of a four year old.

His sisters' comments before they left came back to him. "Well, that just is not my sisters at all. Heldia hates dresses period, Daliea will eat anything and everything except that fine food, and Berlia is the shyest private person you will ever meet. They just are not princess material."

The fairy looked very confused. "But the reading I made said that the prince will choose someone from this family. So they have to come back."

"What reading?" What is he talking about? Everyone knows that anything that could seriously tell the future is banned from beings like fairy godparents. There were some situations in the past that went very wrong and a lot of people got hurt and a lot of higher ups got sued.

The question was waved away. "So where did you say they went?"

This was not going to end at all. "I did not say. Seeing as I have no clue. And do not think that you can drag them back either. I know my mother, she will find somewhere where you cannot find them and will not show up until she wants too.

The fairy ruffled his hair in a show of nervousness and huffed. "What am I going to do?"

Time was running out and the loan sharks should be showing up soon. Lamany had to get out of here. "Um, are we done now? I kind of need to leave soon. You see there are some people that are going to kill me…" That seemed like the wrong time to say anything. The glint in the other man's eyes were back and Lamany cowered away again.

"Ah this will be perfect."

"What will be perfect?" Yes, Lamany was very scared now.

"You are going to take your sisters place." The fairy started to chuckle.

"What? Do I look like a girl to you?" There is no way. No way is he going to do what the other was apparently planning. He would be the laughing stock of the entire town. No wait, the entire country.

"Not now, but with a bit of work we can do it." He said enthusiastically.

Lamany can see the wheels turning in the fairy godfathers little pea sized brain. His mother was right they are the ultimate evil. "I do not think so." He had to get out of here.

That got the fairy's attention back in the present and of course Lamany. "Oh? If I let you free where would you go?"

That was a very good question. Yet he knew that nothing good would happen if he went along with this guy's plans. "I do not know, anywhere but here."

The fairy had an evil smirk on his face. There must be somewhere in the hand book that outlawed fairies to smirk like that. "Come on I will house you until your ball is finished."

"That is only three weeks. How would that help me other than to make me a laughing stock?" Lamany pointed out.

"Ok, ok. How about staying at my place until the naming of the bride ceremony?" the fairy godfather tries bargained.

No matter how much Lamany wanted to say no he knew that was a good deal. At least by that time his family should be back and then he can just move back with them and continue on like nothing had happened. After being separated from his family Lamany found that he really did not mind being their personal slave. Gritting his teeth he ground out, "Ok."

He was awarded with a great big smile and with a swoosh of the wand the cage melted away and the fairy rushed over picked him up and began swirling him around while laughing gleefully.

When fairy godfather finally stopped and put him down. Lamany felt really sick and once the world stopped spinning he found himself in a totally different room. Instead of the dirt floors, pasted on yellowed newspaper on the walls and dark and murky lighting there were hard wood floors, the walls were painted with a mural of a nice cheerful country side, and there is bright light coming from various candles and magic made lighting. It was quite a difference. Lamany kind of liked it.

With a wave of his right arm the fairy godfather joyfully said. "Welcome to my home. Well your home for the next month or so. Now where should we start?" The fairy mumbled to himself. He tapped his cheek as he thought about what to do next. He looked over at Lamany for a few moments then all of sudden he snapped his fingers and said, "Ah I know, we can start by picking out a dress for you. I think a nice pink would do quite well." With that he dragged Lamany away by the arm while mumbling about all that needs to be done.

Lamany was already regretting agreeing to this plan. Yet it was already too late to back out now.


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