running away,

with a stake in my heart,

straight ahead,

like the dagger,

i don't let it move,


because i'd rather feel the pain,

than nothing at all,

i want to dig it in deeper,

and the seconds pass slowly,


and the pain keeps inflicting my breathing,

but i continue on,

i don't care if i collaspe right here,

because maybe the hurt would all go away,


running away,

because there is nothing else left,

the world isn't getting better,

and i don't know how to stop it,


my lungs are collasping in,

the cold air hitting me like a wave,

but it feels so nice,

i want to fall into the blackness once again,


i feel the puncture deep within,

the beats are coming faster,

but i want them to slow down,

just slow down,


is there anything left to do,

than to run away from everything that's hurt me?

i want to get away,

i want to hurt everyone twice as much as they've hurt me,


but i never have the strength,

i never can do anything right,

but i'm very good at pushing away,

at being lonely,


forever worthless,

forever without companion,

i know this is the way it's always going to be,

and i wish it could all go away,


running away,

as fast as my lungs will let me,

i don't want to come back,

i never want to remember,


but my memories haunt me like the shadows of the night,

and i want to push them away,

because i thought i was good at that,

but i'm just so weak,


that i can't do anything right,

so just keep the stake in place,

as a reminder,

of what i've become.