Introduction and Author's Note:

Cadence Tallen has finally moved back to the city she grew up in, the city she loves like a member of her family. She left for college… and to escape an evil that tortured her for years. That evil goes by the name of Luke Foster, and he looks like an angel from above. Everyone who knows him knows better. He's cruel and manipulative and dangerous… and in love with her. Well, as close as he can get to love anyway. After spending too much time hiding from the only person she's ever feared, Cade decides to face her fears, tell Luke to fuck off, and get on with her life. When the ropes associated with an evil man begin to tighten, Cade's forced to realize that her last summer at home may be her last summer… alive.

AN: This is a story I've been posting on a different site. And it's rubbish. It's nearly as cliché as any other vampire story, and it's proof that I'm terrible with writing stories with no rules (ie, stories that have zero basis in reality, as I don't actually believe in Vampires.)

However, I like the characters in this story. I hope they're likeable despite the mountains of reasons to dislike them. And, it's set in New Orleans. It's my city and I love it. And it's a character in and of itself.

I do actually believe that if vampires existed anywhere, it would really be New Orleans. And I hope no one is offended by any part of this.

REMINDER! This story has an M rating, mostly for LANGUAGE but there's probably also some sex. If you've read anything else I've written, you know the drill. I curse a lot in real life, therefore my characters curse a lot.

I'm posting the chapters in clumps. Reviews and honest opinions are great. If you don't like it and you think it's total crap, PLEASE tell me why. I can't really get better without input.

On with the show…