Chapter One

Please, Let Me Be The One

No Point Of View

The clock struck, the bell rung. Students poured out of their classes, eager for the weekend to begin. The chatter filled up the hallway, bringing about an enthusiastic buzz. Some bolt for the doors, inhaling in the air, tasting freedom while other lingered about, collecting their things before making their way out.

For two very different people though, the day was almost over, but not just yet. They were being prompted by their friends from two different corners of the school towards one destination: the music room. They laughed breezily as their friends cajoled them towards the room but deep inside their guts, nervousness was setting in. it was stupid, that they felt that way. They shouldn't be feeling that way.

But for very two different reasons, with the same feeling of uncertainty, they headed towards the room, with two different thoughts on the very same outcome.

Oh, please, let me be the one.




Liza's Point Of View

"Eliza Grey! Stop wasting time, would you?!" Jemma growled at me.

Jemma is an awesome friend though her comments could really bite. But I love her anyway. She tells the truth to you, even though it might break your heart or anything like that.

I met her in preschool when she walked up to me to tell me how horrible she thought my dress was. I cried when she told me that then. But in the end, we became friends after the teacher made her apologize to me and all that. It's not my fault that my mom has horrible tastes in clothing anyway.

"Yeah, Lizzy, come on. What are you waiting for?" Alicia prompted me in that soft voice of hers. Her voice was really soothingto the point that it could lull you to sleep. I swear, I'm not kidding.

It happened to me once while we were talking on the phone. She was ranting to me about how her older brother had acted like an ass during dinner and somewhere in all that, I fell asleep. Yes, I know I'm such a horrible friend, right? I bet you're glaring at me till you could possibly burn a hole into a paper from the intensity of the glare. But hey, don't just blame me! That's just unfair! Blame her voice too. It's guilty as charged.

She got mad at me after that for falling asleep on her after that for over two days. She kept telling me how I even snored on her. But she faltered and forgave me anyway. Besides, I do not snore. No matter what she says, I don't snore.

"What's the hurry?" I laughed breezily. I didn't feel like laughing at all but it was better than acknowledging that annoying nervousness that was setting into me. I wasn't supposed to be nervous.

"Because, we have better things to do than to walk behind you while you sway like a psychotic pendulum," Jemma snapped.

I shot her a hurt look. I am not swaying! Wait, oh man. I am. Shoot.

"Well, you guys are auditioning for the play too. Why don't you guys go first?" I grinned.

"No, we made it official, Lizzy. You always go first since you always get a role at the end of the day," Alicia told me before Jemma could snap at me.

I swear, Jemma looked like she wanted to break my neck and feed me to her dogs. The only problem is that she doesn't have dogs and I doubt the dogs would even find me that tasty. Huh.

What she said made the nervousness in my gut more pronounced. I'm not boasting, but I have gotten a role for every play that I auditioned for. However, it doesn't mean that I could always be that lucky. It made me nervous to think of how people would react if I didn't get a role for a play that I auditioned for when everybody expected me to.

This time, Jemma, Alicia and I were going to audition for the school's play 'Autumn Breeze'. It was rare for our school to have a play. Mrs. Green, the teacher in charge of the play had informed us that the play was going to be presented and the actors or actresses of the play would get extra credit. It's not like I needed any extra credit that badly, but it would help me if I did.

"Alright, alright," I murmured as the nervousness threatened to burst out of me, "Let's go."

"Finally!" Jemma exclaimed.

I walked through the crowd with them trailing behind me. At least I thought that they were following me. I was too busy trying to keep myself calm and to ignore all of those people who expected me to get the lead role.

I walked through the hallways to the last one: the one to the music room.

As I took slow steps towards what seemed like my death, I couldn't help but to wish with all my heart for one thing and one thing only:

Oh, please, let me be the one.




James' Point Of View

"Come on dude! Move your ass, will you?" Matt whined.

I was being an idiotic coward. I leaned against my locker with my arms folded, pretending like I couldn't give a damn. But for some stupid reason, it seemed like I was getting ready for a big final game.

I shouldn't have made that bet with Daniel. We had bet that if he could get one of the geeks into the sack, I would have to audition for the school's stupid play. It was called 'Autumn's Breeze' or something along that line. If I had won that bet, I would be richer by a hundred dollars right now. But somehow he had managed to get a virgin to sleep with him. I don't get it at all.

So here I was, worrying on whether would it be good to get a role in that play or not. If I got it, well, awesome. I could even score a role. But then it means that I would have to act which is really gay, from what I see. If I didn't get it, that would be bad. I had a reputation for getting anything that I wanted. So if I didn't get it, oh I'm so damned screwed.

"James," Daniel smirked as he stood in front of me, "Whatcha waiting for, dumbass?"

"I'm just wondering," I rolled my eyes, "What did that girl see in you. Really, I don't get it."

I smirked at him when he glared at me. This is some good scandal. Hah, a football player sleeping with a geek.

"Are you trying to change the topic, Dawson?"

"Nope, it's just going to be interesting seeing how she's in love with you now," I laughed.

Really, that girl has been stalking him ever since then. She still followed him like he was some sort of king even after he told her to back off.

He glared at me for a bit more before a mischievous smile overtook his features.

"Oh, wait, Dawson, are you afraid of auditioning now?"

Now, it was my turn to glare at him. Bastard.

"I'm not. It's just a stupid play. Let's get this over and done with," I rolled my eyes and pushed myself away from my locker and started squeezing past students as I headed for the music room where the auditions were held.

For some idiotic reason, I couldn't help but to think one thing:

Oh, please, let me be the one.

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