Autumn's Breeze




In the Southern corner of Idaho lays a relatively small city by the name of Burley. It was a quiet town back then where it was a general rule that the rich do not mix with the poor and vice versa.

The play starts off by showing Tristan, a boy, seventeen, who was just on the brink of manhood. He was, however, much more mature than the rest of the lads of his age. He was known for his swift and sharp comprehension of whatever that may come his way.

"Conrad!" Tristan called out, his voice booming around the empty house. He turned to look out the window, as he frowned in concentration and exhaustion.

Footsteps could be heard as Conrad emerged into the room. He seems to hesitate for a moment before speaking.

"Yes, master? How could I be of service?"

Conrad was an eighteen year-old manservant who was always by the side of Tristan. He was a quiet but deep boy.

"Is it true?" Tristan demanded, his voice undeniably hard.

He turned around slowly, his arms crossed, to face a confused Conrad who fumbling to understand what the boy before him was questioning for.

"I beg your pardon, sir?" he asked testily.

Tristan lived a bearable life. He was born in a family that was neither rich nor poor. His mother had passed away after giving birth to him. The only way that he has ever known the woman who had given him life was through the remaining photographs that they had of her. Even though he had never been given the chance to have a conversation with her nor had he ever glanced at her personally, he loved her, nevertheless.

He lived with his father along with all the other servants that they had to maintain the house. His father was barely home, however. The man was a merchant who was slowly establishing his name in the society. Tristan was expected to follow the footsteps of his father, of course. Thus, at times, Tristan would travel throughout the world too, expanding the reputation of the business and possibly, his own.

Tristan sighed impatiently, "Is it true that my father had left to meet up with Nicholas Hillman?"

Conrad fidgeted noticeably before he gave a small, measured, nod in response, "Yes, sir."

Tristan shook his head in disbelief as he barked, "Why would he do that? Attending to Nicholas Hillman is just a waste of time. All he has done was to insult the business that my father had taken so much to establish."

Conrad cleared his throat as he pushed on cautiously, "But sir, Nicholas Hillman has the connections to help your father."

"It doesn't matter. He has no rights to talk to my father in such a manner. I have to go and stop him," Tristan resolute as he walked over and reached for his coat.

"But sir-"

"I'll hear nothing more from you, Conrad. You're coming with me," Tristan announced before he slipped past the doorway and down the steps and out towards the city.


"Michelle, Belle, how do I look?"

Amelia turned around to face her two ladies in waiting.

"You look stunning, as always," Belle smiled at her encouragingly.

"Yes, there is no doubt upon that!" Michelle second without a beat's of hesitation.

Belle and Michelle were both sixteen, just as Amelia was. They were Amelia's ladies-in-waiting and never failed to be there by her side whenever she needed them. Over time, due to the time that they had spent together, Amelia treated them more as friends in which she could turn to.

Amelia was the daughter to a rich merchant who thought highly of herself. The business had been in the family for over centuries – passed down from generations to generations. The company was known worldwide by then and the family was without a doubt, wealthy.

It was often that the family was invited to attend balls and exclusive events and it was inexcusable that Amelia had to attend them too.

Now, she watched the image of herself that was reflected by the mirror and reached down to smooth her dress.

She found the events that she was forced to attend ridiculously boring. They drove her out of her mind. She despised the formalities and the culture that she was living in to be undoubtedly primitive.

She wanted to know what it was like to have fun - to take adventures across the world and explore whatever the world might hold for her. She was certain that there was so much more to life than what she was living through.

She felt like a caged bird who wanted no more than just for the gate to snap open so that she could spread her wings and fly away.

However, she knew that the world would have to turn over before she'd have a chance to do as much.

"Hurry now or else you would be late!" Michelle reminded her.

Amelia glanced at herself for one last time before nodding in satisfaction. She grasped her dress and slowly walked out of the doors that Belle and Michelle were holding open for her and out into the bustling city.


Tristan walked hurriedly through the crowd as he squeezed past people as swiftly as he could. Conrad struggled to catch up with the boy, his breath coming out in gasps as he tried to close the growing distance between them.

"Sir! There is no urgent need for you to-"

"Knowing my father, he would already have Nicholas seated at some corner as he tries to cajole him into passing on those connections that he's so insistent on having," Tristan replied as he continued to slip past people fluidly.

Conrad knew that he could not say no more. He knew that Tristan was in fact right in assuming that his father was probably indeed already having a private discussion with Nicholas Hillman.

Conrad did not understand why Tristan was so rebellious against the prospect of his father working with Nicholas Hillman. It was true that Nicholas Hillman was a rude and obnoxious man who would do just about anything to get what he wanted – even if that meant using the people he knew – but Tristan was going overboard with the desire to keep his father away from the man. Perhaps, he conclude, it was a matter of the family's pride.

Tristan suddenly staggered back and Conrad came to an abrupt stop, barely dodging smashing into Conrad.

"God! Are you blind?" the girl snapped as she adjusted her dress properly once more.

Tristan couldn't help but to stare at the girl that he had ran into in his hurried state.

She was utterly stunning.

She wore an intricate white dress that had detailed embroidery all around. She had her hair neatly tied into a bun by a pink pin which glistened in the sun.

However, it wasn't her clothes that had him gaping at her, utterly dumbstruck.

"You look beautiful," he uttered unconsciously.

The girl snapped her head up to meet his eyes. She narrowed her eyes as she took in his appearance.

"And you are?" she asked him in the softest voice that was now tainted with anger.

The boy offered her his hand as he smiled, slightly mischievously, "I'm Tristan. And who might you be?"

She scoffed without humor and rolled her eyes, "That doesn't concern you."

Belle and Michelle nervously glanced from their spot at the boy and then to the other who was just a step behind him who looked slightly older than the one before him.

The older boy met their eyes and gave a small nod which was returned with small, discreet smiles from the two girls.

"Ah, but it does matter to me that I know of the name of the gorgeous lady that I've ran into," he smirked in response.

Amelia couldn't believe the nerve of the Tristan boy that had ran into her. How dare he try to seduce her after just ruining the outlook that she had had worked for hours just to perfect?

However, Amelia could not ignore the spark of interest that flared in her.

She looked over her shoulders towards Belle and Michelle and called out to them, "Come on. Let's hurry. I am already late enough as it is."

She glanced at Tristan once more who was raising an inquiring eyebrow at her before lifting her chin up and resuming back in her journey towards the ballroom.




"You're late, Amelia," her mother whispered to her as they curtsied to yet another couple as they walked by.

"I'm sorry, mother," Amelia whispered back, "I got held up."

"By?" her mother asked her before turning back to another couple, "Sir Reynolds, Madam Elizabeth. It's nice to see you again."

Amelia took the chance to escape as the couple began talking to her mother. She gave a polite smile and curtsied once more before inching away slowly.

She was about to head out to the balcony for some fresh air when she caught sight of that Tristan boy amidst a group of men.

He stood out in his shirt and pants while the rest of the merchants around him were dressed smarty in suits and trousers.

She couldn't help but wonder what he was doing here.

There was something barbaric about him but she couldn't understand why he was intriguing to her.

She unconsciously stared at him from where she was standing as he argued with a man sitting on one of the couches. There was another man on the opposite whom Amelia recognized to be Sir Nicholas Hillman - looked relaxed as he leaned back against the seat and took a puff of his cigar.

Tristan began wailing his arm about for emphasis as he continued to fight with the man. A few moments later though, he shook his head before he stormed away from them.

Amelia soon found herself walking towards the direction in which Tristan had disappeared to. She found him on the terrace as he overlooked the lawn.

"I never thought I'd see you again. Especially not here," she murmured as she walked over to stand next to him.

He glanced at her before chuckling softly, "You couldn't resist me, could you?"

She shook her head, disgusted that she had even thought of talking to him again. She spun around and was about to head back to the ballroom when he suddenly grabbed her arm to stop her.

She jumped at the unexpected tingles that simmered under her skin from his touch.

"I was kidding," he murmured, his voice softer now.

She cautiously turned back to the spot which she had been standing on beside him. He waited for a moment before releasing her arm and she found herself yearning that he hadn't let go somehow.

They stood there silently for a long while, just absorbing the peacefulness of the night.

"Why are you here, anyway?" he questioned suddenly.

"My parents. It is necessary for me to attend organizations like this," she replied.

"Would I know them?"

"I suppose so. My parents own Dellers."

He snapped his gaze to her, "Your parents are Sir Hawthorne and Madam Abigail? You're Amelia?"

It was her turn to look at him in bewilderment, "You know me?"

He chuckled as he returned to staring at the vast darkness, "Every lad knows you."

I stared at him momentarily in shock.

What is that supposed to mean?

Suddenly he turned around to meet my eyes, "How long do you usually have to stay at these events?"

She shrugged in response, "Two, three hours?"

He winced in pain at the thought of having to stay around those boring people for such a long time, "Do you like staying here with all of them?"

"Are you kidding me?" she shot him a disbelieving look, "They drive me insane. I would rather be anywhere than here."

"Good," he grinned as he spontaneously grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers together, "You wouldn't mind coming with me, then."

"What?" she asked him as he started pulling her along with him.

She grabbed a handful of her dress and held it up high so that she wouldn't trip.

Her heels clicked noisily against the pavement as she ran to catch up with him, the loose strands of her hair blowing wildly against her cheeks and neck.

"Where are we going?" she yelled to be heard over the gush of air that was blowing against them relentlessly.

"Wherever!" he laughed.

Gazes snapped in their direction as they ran through the ballroom – upset at the rude interruption to their peacefulness of classical music and soft chatter of people.

The men in their tuxedos and the women in their gowns watched them disapprovingly as they rushed past.

Amelia caught sight of her mother watching her with surprise just as Tristan pulled her past the doors and down the quiet and empty hallway.

He didn't stop running and they continued on through the endless hallways, down the stairs and out into the open night.

She followed him willingly, laughing at the thrill of it.

She had never gone against her parents and the way she had been ordered to live her life. She had never broken the rule or disobeyed any single thing.

However, this time, the stranger before her had given her the courage to take that leap away from the confinement of her reality with just a touch and a tug.

She watched him as he pulled her along, guiding her past the people who were just going on with their ordinary routine. She couldn't help but to smile in return when he glanced back at her once again to ensure that she was alright.

He finally slowed down marginally when the amount of people around them visibly lessened. He still kept her hand firmly in his, however, as he guided her onwards with him still.

She glanced around curiously. She had never been in this part of the town before and was appalled to see the drastic difference in the atmosphere.

This part of the city was less rigid and the buildings that stood on both sides were worn down and ragged, as though they have stood for hundreds of years. On the other side of town, – the one that she belonged to and was familiar with – the atmosphere was tense and the buildings stood in pristine condition.

She swallowed nervously as she turned back to look at the boy before her, "Tristan, do you have any idea where we are?"

Instead of replying her, he abruptly rounded a corner and she found herself in a dark alley.

He pulled her forward before turning to another alley.

He stopped abruptly before a door.

Darkness surrounded them and Amelia wouldn't even have noticed the door if it were not for the small flickering candle that stood to the top right of it.

Without whatsoever hesitation, Tristan placed his palm against the wooden door and eased it open.

The abrupt blast of music made Amelia jumped in shock.

Just before she could make sense of anything, Tristan pulled her I along with him and let the door swung close behind them. He dropped her hand as he breathed in the atmosphere gratefully.

She gaped in awe and disbelief as the music drifted around her. It was a melodious tune that was far livelier than the mellow music that she was used to.

She watched in amazement as the people before her danced with much more enthusiasm than she had ever seen for her whole lifetime. The partners stood close to one another as they laughed and danced. They skipped, and hopped, and pranced.

Amelia suddenly felt out of place. They ladies danced in their comfortable readymade dresses while hers was exquisitely sewn by hand and was decorated with glittering sequins.

She cowered behind Tristan and tugged at his shirt, "We ought to go. I don't belong here."

She realized then that Tristan looked out of place with his tuxedo while the other men stood comfortably with their shirts and pants.

However, she didn't miss the fact how he was completely at ease unlike she was.

"Nonsense," he chided as her wrapped his hand around hers once more and began pulling her to the middle of the crowd of dancers.

She resisted against his pull but he was much stronger than her. Thus, her attempts were feeble.

He stopped and let go of her hand once they were in the middle of the crowd. Amelia glanced nervously and the men and women that surrounded her. They smiled kindly at her and she shyly returned the gesture.

They weren't as well to do as she was but they definitely seemed much happier than she was.

Amelia watched in shock when Tristan bend forward and bowed to her as he murmured, "Will you give me the pleasure of a dance?"

He looked up at her and shot her a wink.

She couldn't help but to laugh as she curtsied in response, "Why, of course."

He held out his hand and she took it, basking in the familiarity of it all. When he pulled her closer than she was used to however, she fumbled backwards and away from his touch.

"Is something wrong?" he queried as he frowned in thought.

She glanced around her once more as the couples danced close to one another, their hands intertwined and their bodies touching.

"I..," she trailed off uncertainly as she glanced between the couples and to the boy before her.

"We'll take this slow, shall we?" he murmured as he took a step forward and offered his hands to her once more.

Hesitantly, she slipped both of her hands into his. With a smile, he took another step forward so that their bodies were touching.

She gasped in surprise which prompted a chuckle from him.

"Tristan, I'm not so sure about this," she murmured hesitantly as she glanced around at the other couples, surprised to note that they looked completely comfortable with being so close to one another.

"Don't you trust me?" he laughed breezily in her ear as he pulled her even closer just as the joyous and light song turned into a much slower one.

"How could I trust you?" she hissed in bewilderment, "I barely even know you!"

"But you trusted me enough to follow me all the way here," he pointed out as he slid one of his hand around her waist while he kept the other on the small of her back.

"You didn't really give me a choice, now did you? You pulled me the whole way!" she shot back as she wound her arms around his neck the way the other women seemed to be doing.

He laughed as they slowly started swaying to the music, "Nevermind that. We're already here, might as well enjoy it."

She hesitated for a moment before she laid her head on his shoulder. He was stunned momentarily before he relaxed and breathed in the scent of her - roses and a hint of soap.

They swayed, skipped, hopped and pranced whenever they needed to according to the song.

Amelia had never had such fun before and she felt herself truly smiling for the first time as she met the eyes of the boy that she had met on the street barely an hour before.

They barely knew each other and yet, she felt as though he knew her the most.




"So, Tristan Jenkins, son of Ted Jenkins, you're pretty well to do. So why is it then, that I haven't seen you at a gathering before this?"

They had left the place almost an hour before and they had walked all the way to the beach that was close by and sat by the shore, listening to the calm sound of the wave as in swept in and out over and over again and as they watched each other in the darkness that seemed to stretch endlessly.

"My father doesn't really bother attending all the gatherings unless he has to. He's more focused on work itself so I don't really have to," he told me.

"You're lucky," she murmured in response as she leaned over to lay her head on his shoulder.

He stiffened slightly, surprised at her sudden movement but he relaxed once more after a few seconds.

She found it crazy how she felt oddly comfortable around him despite the fact that they barely knew each other but she just couldn't explain it. She just was.

They sat together in the comfortable silence for a long moment, just staring out at the ocean as they basked in their own individual thoughts.

He couldn't understand it either but he felt comfortable with her. He slid his hand into hers and intertwined their fingers together. She looked up at him and smiled which he returned.

His smile slipped off his features as he cautiously reached over with his free hand and slipped it around her neck.

Her smile slipped off slowly too as he leaned closer to her. She swallowed nervously as he stopped inches away from her mouth to meet her eyes cautiously.

"I barely know you, Amelia Davis, but I would love to get to know you," he murmured. He was captivated by her and he couldn't tear his eyes away from her.

"I'd love to get to know you too," she replied, her voice quavering slightly at the unfamiliar situation.

He smiled a small smile and began to lean in closer but suddenly, the giant clock that was located in the middle of the city went off, its loud chimes ringing throughout the whole of Burley, signaling that it was a brand new day.

Amelia pulled away from him in surprise and squinted at the giant clock, "Oh gosh, it's already midnight? I have to go. I'm so sorry, Tristan."

She grabbed a handful of her dress and struggled to stand up while Tristan just sat frozen in his spot, uncertain of what exactly to do.

It took him a moment but he snapped to realization while she struggled to put her shoes back on.

"Hey, it's okay," he murmured softly as he struggled to get up too, "I'll walk you back."

"You really don't have to," she said as she smoothed down her dress and began to run.

"But I want to," he laughed as he grabbed her hand and began running alongside her.

She turned and shot him a grateful smile just before she turned back to the street.

They squeezed past people as fast as they could, their hands never leaving the other.


"How do I look?" Amelia asked Tristan as they stood by the side of the doors to the ballroom.

He took a step closer to her and brushed a stray lock of hair that was covering her forehead before he smiled, "Perfect."

"Thank you," she returned the smile, "I had the most amazing time with you."

"Can I see you again?" he asked, almost pleadingly.

"I reckon you know where I live?" she laughed.

He nodded and smiled as he reached out to run his fingers down her cheek before he wrapped that hand around her neck, taking another step closer till there was barely an inch between them.

With his other hand, he cupped her chin and tilted her head upwards.

"I believe you owe me something," he murmured.

"Oh?" she laughed breathlessly.

"Mmm," he replied just as he closed the distance between them and pressed his mouth to hers.


After hastily promising that he would come and find her soon, they kissed once more before she excused herself.

She opened the door a crack and peeped into the ballroom. She scanned the crowd and found her parents by the other corner, talking to one another.

She heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of them, thanking god that they hadn't left just yet.

Hurriedly, she slipped through the door and closed it behind her.

She took a deep breath before she crossed the room self-consciously, hoping that no one had noticed her late entrance.

"Amelia," her mother sighed once she caught sight of her daughter, "Where have you been? And who was that boy that I saw you with?"

"He just showed me something for a while, mother. I had been outside on the porch the whole while," Amelia lied.

"Hmm," Amelia's mother replied, her voice portraying her unhappiness and her eyes that were narrowed on her daughter showing her disapproval.

Nevertheless, Amelia heaved a sigh of relief, glad that her mother didn't question any further.


Amelia sat down on her bed and closed her eyes, exhausted.

She was flushed from the escapade that she had made with Tristan but at the same time, she was overjoyed that she had done something against the rules. She couldn't help but to smile as she thought about him.

A sudden rasp knock made her eyes snapped open immediately as she jumped in surprise. She felt her heartbeat quicken as her eyes darted around her room, looking for the source of the unexpected sound.

When there was another sharp knock, Amelia discovered that it was coming from her balcony.

Cautiously, she edged towards the balcony, taking slow and measured steps. She hesitated she stood in front of the balcony before she pulled the curtains to the side.

She squealed in surprise when she found Tristan standing before her, smiling softly at her.

Pressing a hand to her thudding heart, she reached out and unlocked the balcony door.

"What are you doing here?" she breathed as she took a few steps backwards, allowing him to enter her room and close the door behind him.

"I wanted to see you," he shrugged, smiling, "Is this a bad time?"

He looked over her shoulder at the door leading down the hallway to the rest of the household.

She followed his gaze, turning around to stare at the door.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, remembering the existence of the door.

She started for the door and shut it close, locking it before she turned around to face him. He raised a questioning eyebrow at her, an amused smirk on his face.

"Does your father know you're here?"

He shook his head, "My father doesn't really keep track of me."

She tilted her head, raising an eyebrow, "So, I reckon you spend your nights sneaking into ladies rooms?"

He couldn't hide his smile as he slowly walked over to her. He pressed his hands against the door by her head, prompting her to press herself against the door.

"No," he smiled, "It's only you."

She shook her head and laughed softly, "You're a charmer, aren't you?"

"I'm telling the truth," he stressed, "It's just you."

"Mmm," she smiled in response just as he leaned closer to her, pressing his lips desperately against hers once more.


"Sire, where have you been?" Conrad questioned as Tristan slid into his room and sat on the edge of his bed.

Instead of replying, Tristan simply smiled as he undid his tie.

"Did you meet that girl?" Conrad prodded, smiling at the way his master seemed to be in a dazed state of sheer happiness.

"Conrad," Tristan murmured, turning to him, not acknowledging the question, "What does it feel like to be in love?"

Conrad laughed as he crossed his arms across his chest, "Ah, I wouldn't know, sir."

Tristan just sighed, the smile still plastered on his face as he stood up and walked past Conrad, slapping him on the shoulders as he went.




The next few weeks were filled with late nights for Amelia and Tristan.

They would sneak out to meet each other at the beach once their parents were either asleep or believed that they were.

They would spend the night either talking or sharing kisses.

It was exhilarating to Amelia, breaking the rules and sneaking out late at night just to see him.

They spent their days just anticipating for the night to come where they would be able to see each other again.

Time wasn't on their side and they wished they had more to spend with one another. They wished that they didn't have to hide but they couldn't reveal the relationship that they had with one another either.

It wasn't easy. There was always that fear that they might be caught in the act or that they just might not have the time for each other anymore but they clung on to every single moment, cherishing them all and creating even more while they can.

It was a routine that they had gotten used to, one that they had molded their whole life for.

But everything changed one night when Tristan reached out to Amelia just as she prepared to leave.

"Maybe we shouldn't meet up tomorrow," he whispered.

She turned to look at him, her attention was now completely his.

"Why not?" she asked, frowning in confusion.

"I just want you to catch up on your sleep," he murmured in response, smiling softly at her, "You look exhausted."

"I'm fine," she replied, straightening herself.

"It's just one day," he smiled, "We'll see each other again. Don't worry."

She watched him momentarily before she nodded, "Okay, then."

She reached over to kiss him on the cheek before she waved goodbye and started walking back home.

He turned back to the ocean, listening to the wave as it made its way forwards and backwards along the shoreline.

He took a deep breath, wishing more than ever that he hadn't need to lie on her.

After tomorrow, he wouldn't be in the city any longer.

It pained him to imagine her waiting for him here but he wouldn't show up any longer.

His father had told him earlier in the day that they were moving – something they had to do to in order to expand their business.

He didn't have the courage to tell her the truth. He couldn't bear to see her trying to talk him into staying. He couldn't bear to see her crying over him.

He stood up and slowly made his way home, wishing more than ever that things could turn out differently.




"So, have you told her that we're leaving tomorrow then?" Conrad asked Tristan the next night.

"I couldn't," he replied as he packed his bag.

"But, sir, wouldn't she be waiting for you?" Conrad asked, frowning in confusion.

"She will be. I just wouldn't be there," he replied simply, trying hard not to think about it any further because he knew if he did, he wouldn't be able to leave.

"Sir, don't you think she ought to know?" Conrad prodded.

"She does," he murmured, a thought occurring to him, "I will be right back."

He bolted out of the door before Conrad could say anything more.


Tristan climbed up the side of Amelia's house as quietly as he could. He needed to see her for one last time, even though she would never know he did pay her a visit.

He reached her balcony and stood there, watching her sleep in the darkness.

He pressed his fingers longingly against the door, wondering if he could ever see her again after this. He wondered if she even partially knew how much he longed to just wrap her arms around her and hold her close forever.

The feelings he had for her were indescribable. They were so strong that they overrode all of his senses and made him vulnerable. It was as though all of his personality was ripped out of its seams, leaving him to stand there in the freezing cold with nothing but his heart – unprotected and alone.

He opened the door softly, pulling it shut behind him. He stood in her room, watching her breathe. He wondered what she was dreaming about – whether it was a beautiful dream or a horrible nightmare.

He slowly walked over to her and knelt down next to her bed. He ran his fingers softly down her cheeks longingly.

He carefully pressed his lips against her forehead and pulled back to watch her as she stirred slightly.

He took a deep breath as he lowered his mouth to the same level as her lips and closed the distance, kissing her softly.

He pressed his hand to her face gently, caressing her cheeks right before he pulled back.

"I wished you knew," he murmured as he pulled away and headed for the balcony, not looking back.




Amelia sensed something was wrong the morning after that night. She couldn't understand why but she felt that something was amiss.

Her queasiness was proven to be right when Tristan didn't turn up that night.

She turned frantic – she refused to eat, to do anything.

Above all, she refused to believe that he had just left her.

Michelle and Belle were worried and afraid when Amelia suddenly changed. They couldn't believe or understand either why Tristan had left so abruptly.

They questioned anybody who would stop and listen but nobody that they know of knew where the Jenkins' had abruptly disappeared to.

Michelle and Belle watched helplessly as Amelia slowly began blocking everyone out.

She barely spoke to anyone any longer and just kept to herself most of the time.

They tried their best to help her, to ensure her that he would be back one day and that everything would be okay once more but she wouldn't listen any longer.

Tristan had been her one hope that she could escape away from the life she had caged into. Now that even he had disappeared and left her behind alone without a warning, she felt that there was no way she could escape the life that had been planned for her since the very beginning of time.

She decided that she would just live the way she had to since there didn't seem to be any chance for it to be otherwise.




Michelle and Belle walked on behind Amelia as they made their way to another ball. They exchanged queasy glances, uncertain on whether they should try to carry a conversation like they had always did or just not to bother trying since Amelia wouldn't respond to it much anyway.

Amelia kept her gaze cold as she walked on, carrying her dress in her hands and kept her gaze steady.

It would be no different from any other day if she had not spotted the familiar face a few feet before her.

"Tristan?" she murmured to herself softly, her eyes widening slightly.

Michelle and Belle immediately perked up at the sound of Amelia voice and followed her gaze.

"That is him, isn't it?" Michelle asked.

"It is," Belle replied.

Before they could say anything more, Amelia began running.

"Tristan!" Amelia screamed as loud as she could to catch up with the boy. He was disappearing in and out of her view as he walked with the crowd.

She gathered her dress in her hands so as to prevent herself from tripping. She slid past the people hurriedly, frantic to catch up with him.

She didn't care that she stuck out from the crowd like a sore thumb – them in their daily, indifferent clothes while she was wearing a sparkling ball gown.

She needed to get to him.

She was running out of breath – her breathing was reduced to hollow gasp. Her body was failing her but her heart yearned to reach out to him.

She stopped abruptly then and in her last, desperate attempt, she called out to him with the remaining energy and breath in her, "TRISTAN!"

Her voice was shaky and raw. But it was loud, nevertheless.

He whipped his head around and they stared at each other for a long moment as their eyes met.

He slowly advanced towards her as she clutched her waist and bended forward slightly as she tried to regain her composure.

The curious bystanders who had whipped their heads to squint curiously at her continued staring as he finally reached her.

"Amelia," he said out her name slowly, cautiously even.

She stood up straight and let go of her dress, letting the fabric fall and swish at her feet.

She met her gaze, wanting to convey her angriness but when she stared into his gorgeous blue eyes, it vanished within seconds into the hurt and sadness she was feeling.

"Wh-Where have you been in the past few weeks? I-I've been looking everywhere for you but nobody knows for certain where you've gone to."

"I…," he looked away, unable to meet her anguished gaze, "I had some things to attend to."

"Without saying goodbye?" she prompted.

He looked back at her again, the guiltiness evident in his eyes.

"Wait," he murmured suddenly, wrapping his hands around hers.

He navigated her through the crowd before finding an alleyway that was vacant. He pulled her along to the end before turning around to face her once again.

"It's for the better if we don't see each other anymore," he said firmly although he was shaking slightly from the words. He didn't mean them. He never would.

"Wh-What? But… But I thought you liked me," she murmured uncertainly.

He met her eyes and found himself shaking his head. He couldn't lie to himself. He couldn't pretend as though he didn't care anymore. This was crazy.

"I don't just like you, Amy. I love you."

"It's settled then," she smiled softly.

She closed the space between them and tiptoed to kiss him softly.




"It won't be easy, Amelia," he murmured as he sat on her bed, "I would be travelling around quite a bit and I would barely have time to see you."

"It doesn't matter," she replied.

"I should go," he pushed himself off the bed, "I'll visit you tomorrow night."

"Tristan,wait," she said softly then stalled for a moment or two, unsure of what to say.

"I-I need to know that you'll be okay. I can't sleep at night, wondering where you might be and how you might be doing. I'd tell you to stay, I would want you to stay, but I know it'll just make things harder for you. You have no idea how crazy you make me feel. I don't think I could survive if I don't know you'll come back for me. Promise me, Tristan, promise me. Promise me that you'll come back for me."

"You foolish, ignorant little girl," he laughed with no humor. He reached out and pulled her to his chest, hugging her so close till he could almost feel her heart beating against his skin.

"I can't leave you," he started, swallowing. He placed all of the emotions he had into words. Words that were only meant for her.

"I can't leave you even if I ever wanted to. I love you. I always have. I rather not leave, but I have to. But I promise you, my darling, I'll be back even before your heart could yearn out for me. I'm at the epitome of desire now. I want you with me every second of the day, with every breath I take. But alas, hell damns me by having me pay without being able to see you for days. But I promise you, I'll be back. And I'll be back for you. Hoping that you'd be waiting for me too," he murmured.

"So you promise that you'll come back for me?" she asked, needing the assurance.

He slid over to her and kissed her.

"I promise you," he murmured, "I will every single time."

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