When: Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time: 10:16p.m

Goodbye soldier.

You walk on in pride

Past the setting sun

And won't return

Until the battle's won.

Goodbye soldier.

You slap on that helmet

And buckle those boots tight

To ready yourself

For one hell of a fight.

Goodbye soldier.

You fire that gun ablaze

Bullets shooting down men

Even thought they're just like you

With their own wives and children.

Goodbye soldier.

You read the letters

Your family sends you

Asking how you're doing

While you stretch the truth.

Goodbye soldier.

You wonder when

You'll be coming home

Days, months, years

Regardless, life has grown.

Goodbye soldier.

You run into the heat of war

Clashing on the battlefield

Your own men falling nearby

But that won't make you yield.

Goodbye soldier.

You left your home a boy

Without even a battle plan

But through years of war

Returned a hardened man.

Goodbye soldier.

You'll never be the same

War has changed you

You lost everything in return

Nothing is what you came home to.

Goodbye soldier.

You're sitting on the streets

A heartbroken veteran

You gave it all to fight for your country

Was it worth becoming a man?