Chapter 1: A Nice Day

A bright light illuminated the room, dreamy visions of a forest entered through their mind. Two bodies burning with passion. Candles burning brightly around the room, surrounding a small portion of the bedroom. Walls were made of dark wood, the floor covered in beautiful carpeted rugs. A boy sitting on a blue loveseat, holding a purple heart pillow against him, naked, covering his private parts. Another boy, more muscular and broad on a loveseat colored in white, also holding a heart pillow. They looked at each other and smiled. It was a nice day after all.

The room suddenly filled with gardens, grass, trees and all sorts of nature. Butterflies fluttered about, fireflies lit up in groups around growing grassy mounds. Tall grass grew, covering the sight of a smaller figure coming into view now. A small gust of wind came through the window, brushing the tall grass aside. It was a small gnome, sitting in the lush grass, holding that same heart pillow against him. His hair was brown, short. On his head pink and yellow flowers circled around it, his bangs overlapping them a bit. His body was lean, yet muscular, his face suddenly turned red, as he had no idea where he was, or if he was inside or outside.

The gnome peeked around a large green hedge and saw he was in a bedroom, candles were lit around the room, but nobody was there. He walked out slowly, still naked, dropping the pillow as he came over to the bed, through a walkway of large candles. He sat on the edge of the bed. The sheets were red and the pillows, white.

The gnome took a deep breath and felt safe. The glow of the candles made thew room very warm, and cozy. He turned to his side on the bed. There were a few roses on the bed. Pink ones and purples ones in a bundle. He picked up a pink one and smelled it carefully.

"Beautiful." Was the gnomes first words. It made him smile, as he fell back on the bed giggling.

This was the gnomes home apparently. He closed his eyes for a moment, and saw visions of two boys exploring a deep forest. It felt familiar to him, but he didn't know why. The names, Justyen and Steviad came to him. It made him all tingly inside, and happy. This was all so new to him.

As he lay there, more feelings come to him, his heart opens up and feels a powerful sensation take over him, making him breathless. His hand moves across his smooth body, from his neck down to his lower portions. He moaned ever so slightly as he softly touches his small penis. He couldn't help himself but fiddle with it. He became erected as he found his other hand move all across his body, as he just played with himself for a moment. Soon after, he started to rub his hardened shaft now. Slowly he keeps his hand going up and down on his erected penis. It was like two people were inside him, making love and touching each others bodies. An overwhelming emotion of love entered through his heart. This was the only reason he started feeling this way. His soul, and his heart were created magically by these two boys. Steviad, and Justyen.

The little gnome fell asleep, gliding himself under the covers. All of the dreams and visions, emotions and feelings started to seep into him, creating his heart, his soul deeper and deeper. Inside of him grew faster throughout the night, like an array of wonderful blooming gardens. Blue diamonds, pink hearts, floating all around him.

This was the beginning of a new adventure. A beautiful world of two souls created into one entity, one heart, one mind. It was all coming clear now.

"Stephstin..." He muttered in his sleep.

Stephstin, was the name given to him, to take on the world and bring light to all nature and beautiful things around him. Stephstin, the Druid!