Fishing For Understanding

On a deep-sea fishing trip from Ventura, fate decreed that I meet someone who would completely change my outlook on life. Mr. Pascal was a low partial who studied psychology and worked as a blind rehabilitation counselor. For five hours, we fished and talked. It was through our conversation that I was changed.

It was an incredibly touching and informative experience. I gathered much information as we explored different topics, such as computers, Old English, disability rights, different philosophies, and even psychology. What was even more intriguing was that this experience occurred completely by chance. It opened my eyes about humankind, what some of my rights are, and even a book title. However, most importantly, I had the opportunity to meet a precious friend and mentor, perhaps for a lifetime.

During our conversation, I realized there are people in the world who are caring and supportive individuals. More importantly, there are scholars out there such as Pascal, willing to share their knowledge with curious youngsters who want to learn. I also learned there is not only one answer to some questions, but there may be thousands. Pascal made me think of these great revelations, giving me a wider perspective.

He was also rather accepting of my eagerness to know more and encouraged it. I felt very light and happy on the trip as I have never felt before, extremely eager to learn more, and very thankful that I met him.

Before the trip, I was a typical day-dreaming and book-loving fifteen-year-old. I loved Harry Potter dearly and was considerably obsessed with it. I was also the girl who thought she knew her British and Old English. However, Pascal made me think through my values – in a very gentle fashion. By introducing me to books such as Atlas Shrugged, he made me realize who I was, and my potential. This also showed me that there were good books out there. I started reading nonfiction after that. After the trip, I also made new types of friends. I made connections with people that I thought did not exist.

Prior to meeting him, I intended to work with the English language for life, but he made me realize what was in psychology. Not only did he make it sound interesting, but he convinced me that it was a good path to choose. He clearly detailed how psychology worked and what it explored. He showed me how interesting it was and how it may affect people. Also, he explained the different types of techniques in psychology such as the method used by clinical psychologists and the method used by the humanistic psychologists. I benefited in this by understanding more and learning even more about life and its mysteries. Not only did I benefit from the experience as a whole, I also realized psychology might just be my field. This essentially was the most beneficial detail I gathered from my trip, and this discovery has, and will, continue to change and shape my life.