Once I knew an interestingly unique young college professor of mighty intellectual capacity

who always pondered and who's name was norma

She was a ponderer for hours on end she'd ponder

on and on on trivial matters which was quite abnormal

At the school she sits so abnormally

still in front of her window pensively thinking thinking in her dorm

with her usual ways of eccentricities

One day when I went to her dorm

She greeted me cheerily, "Hello alexander."

She smiled and smiled while staying so still and patient, quite contrary to my storm

like temper while ansering my questions as I questioned her on the harth rug by the fireside getting warm

Then suddenly to one of my deeper questions she answered, "normal, what is normal."

She asked me thoughtfully with much complexity

"Why must we follow patterns and be like the norm.

"What's so wrong with being a thinker

"Yet one is treated so unwelcomely if one does not follow the norm

"I seen hatred for race, religion, and other things, but nothing as vigorous as abnormal intellectuality.

"It is so wrong to be abnormal.

"What's so wrong with eccentricities

To be average and normal

In terms of common popular norms

They make the most mistakes and commit the most troubles as the herder will someday be the sufferers.

They copy and copy and copy and will never cease to copy off one another all of which near the same norm

copy copy copying that's all they are warm

for, in the world of normal norms."

many decades past with many eccentricities

Norma wrote a book and got to be a ripe elder

She lived and lived past the normal

age to abnormal

years, at a hundred and ten one morning norma

Passed from the living world it's such a pity

to once again see all norm

and not to see ideas from her, but yet again the sadder and gloomier

thing was no one recognized norma

They are bound to being normal

and only remember their norms

And the people who live amongst it, but to not remember the thinker and the ponderer who had slight eccentricities

they say so tonelessly that they do not remember

Yet again they wonder which norma

I am speaking of and so normally

they say, "No, I don't know, who's this gal norma."