Made: Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time: 1:47p.m

Oh, there it goes again

My heart, I mean

It's breaking in two

Losing it's sheen.

There goes yet another

Walking with his back turned

Away from me

While my eyes sting and burn.

I sit there and try to blame

Him, her, them

But if I really thought it over

It was all me in the end.

I'm just another one of those

Lovesick, deaf-eared puppies

Begging on the streets

To be loved, too uppity.

Oh, sure, they tried

To warn me

The survivors, I mean

But I wouldn't listen, see.

I pushed them away from myself

When he came into my life

I believed every lie told

I basically handed him the knife.

They tried to break through

To still warn me

Why couldn't I just listen?

Now I need them desperately.

But they're just shaking their heads

Long away from here

They knew what was coming before me

And now I've run out of tears.

So here I am with you

Please heed my words

Don't turn away from me!

This needs to be heard!

You may think he's the "one"

But fairy tales don't exist, sweety

He just picked up you

Because you seemed so needy.

But he'll eventually get bored

See another one just the same

And you'll be in my own position

With only yourself to blame.