Did you know the world came crashing down that night

My world

It was twisted and broken that night

And the tears they fell like waterfalls

They always fall

For you

All for you

And lines came tumbling out your mouth

But those lines were filled with lies

I can't take anymore of you

Or your twisted mess

Your twisted mess is twisting me up too

And I can't fall for you anymore

You were like a knight in shining armor

But the armor was made of tin foil

And I never paid enough attention to notice

That you were just a bundle of lies

All wrapped up in a pretty exterior

Waiting to spin some naïve girl into your broken world

And break her too

Until all that's left for her to do

Is cry

So I cried that night

The tears that fell like waterfalls

Were all for you

They were always for you

But when my world came crashing down that night

It tore yours apart too

So now we're both twisted and broken

And the one question on both of our minds

Is left unanswered

Where do we go from here?