Swirly, Bright Entity

A pulsing

Dominating her senses

Drumming sharply on her veins

She flexes her arms

The music begins

And so too her dance

Her dance of darkness

With an awe-filled crowd

Silence, as of death

The spotlight shines bright on her naked skin

Stiff as though of stone

And so it begins

The swirling, bright entity

As though a liquid so bright

Fills in her veins

Oppressing her blood

In agony

The shatter of drums

Resonating across the walls

Of high pitched entities

Of which is the queue

For her to make a move

Inhaling the elements

She creates her life-change

With sorrow

Of which her beauty exemplifies

And is overcome

She begins her dance of magic

Slowly and quickly

Her power wanes

With a last mind-piece of flowing ember

She falls and dies.

As the Swirly, bright entity

Dims and fades away.

Soon to be rekindled…

© Paul.A.C.B