A Lament For Beatutiful Sorrow (Live it now edition)
(A story of sorrow; the fight of a boy to keep the memory of his dead sister alive.)

Crouched low with his fears
Over her ashened face.
He wept his sharp tears
In sorrow's cold embrace.

Her disheveled hair
Laced with such splendour.
Now ever so fair
In her slumbered surrender

Swayed in the night
As the cool wind caressing
Washed clean his dark fright
Left no room for dwelling.

To mourn is to love
His fear re-ignited.
Unwilling to shove
Her memory unsighted.

"Lacy..." he weeped as his tears rained from cloudy eyes. Each tear felt to him like a sharp jab of glass, coated with a burning red lava. He vowed to never forget Lacy; to always have her living beside him.

Just as the rain falls
One starts to remember
The screams and the calls
Of one so sightly and slender.

As Lacy emerges
Plants a kiss filled with passion
His body, he urges
Into a respectable fassion

The last sight he shall see
As his Lacy bestows
He prays it will be
Of beautiful sorrows.