Voices within my head

My constant companions

The only ones who will never betray

The only ones who will always stay

Lover of mine,

you see, you seem to understand

But you cannot comprehend

the chaos within.

But love, you give me moments

Precious moments of rare clarity

When voices die out and I know that it is just you and me

But you can never stay for long can you?

For when you leave, they creep up behind me

Back to claim what is rightfully theirs

They talk about my life before you

When I followed a path in a secluded forest

I knew where I was going

And what I wanted

They were my guides to a future I yearned for

And then you happened to stray into my path

You walked with me for a while

Those voices disappeared

And I easily lost myself in your life and your world

Got myself entangled in a life I did not know

The oceans within me raged

And yet I could not hear the waves crashing

Until one day they flooded their embankments

And submerged the prosperous city by the bay

I woke up screaming,

Afraid and lost

Like a new born babe

Til I found myself in your arms,

Loved, secure and safe

Like a mother's embrace

In your comforting presence

I grow slowly , adapting to this new life

Realising dreams that now encompass both you and me

And they voices, they are still there

Their presence touches me like the love of my ancestors

When I am lost and you are far, they guide me as they always have

And I learn to apply their directions to this new life of mine.