A.N.: Wrote this two months ago for the same contest as The present, but then since the story turned out to be less about kinks and more about a teenager and his aghast, I wrote The present.
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WARNING: This is GBLT/LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) themed fiction with explicit contents that is NOT appropriate for minors.

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Everybody needs a hero

Jade moaned. The metal against his skin had became as warm as the mouth to which it was attached, and which scattered a trail of hot kisses up his neck, up his jaw line and finally reached his lips.

He wrapped his arms around the strong body that pushed him into the mattress, opened his lips to the hot, delicious tongue and opened his legs to that persistent knee. Oh, god, how he loved this, his body trembling from the anticipation and desire, waiting, wishing to feel this amazing man inside, pounding into him with the same passion with which he played the bass.

He entangled his fingers into the soft brown hair with crimson highlights and opened his legs wider. His tongue slid against the wet muscle that in a sensual sweep invaded his mouth and his body arched, thrust against that delicious warmth.

The kiss ended and Jade's eyelids fluttered open and he got lost in the two bluest eyes. "Dean-."

"What the fuck?" Jade pushed himself in the sitting position with a start. He blinked a couple of times, his sleep-sluggish eyes stared at the postered wall of his room. He grimaced and pushed his hand under the sheet and under his pants. Something wet and sticky soiled his fingers. He fell back on the pillow. "Not again! And with that bastard?" He tangled his hands in black bangs, pulling on them. "Why? Why? Stupid brain!"

He stilled and peeked up at his right hand, that a minute ago had been in his slacks. Hadn't he washed his hair just yesterday? Yes, he had. "Argh!"

"Jaden! get out of bed! Breakfast is ready!" A man's voice drifted through the half- open door.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Jade pushed himself out of the bed and through the piles of empty DVD and game cases, magazines and books, and stumbled down the hallway and into the bathroom.

He quickly showered, then after he stepped out of the shower stall, he used styling mousse and his fingers to smooth the layers of hair over his brow and to make spikes on the back of his head.

"Jaden!" His father's shrill summons managed to break through the bathroom's door.

Jade opened the door. "I'm said I was coming. Damn it."

"Don't swear!"

He strode naked back into his room, pulled underwear and socks from the drawer on the left side of the door and put them on. Then he stood before his wardrobe. He opened it, picked out one of his favourite T-shirts, brown with a Dark Dudes' bunny on its front. His favourite brand, too bad he could only buy the stuff on the internet. He pulled the shirt over his head, then the black tight pants were next. He had to lie down on the bed to zip them. Damn his tummy and thighs, and damn genetics and the pleasure of food, which were responsible for them. But hey, at least he was five pounds lighter than when he first moved here. He poked the tummy that protruded out above the pants' waist.


"Yeah, yeah." He jumped down from the bed, went back to the chest of drawers. He looked at the mirror above it. The hair was fine, it fell over his forehead and covered his left eye like it should and the spikes on the back were as perfect as he had made it. He took black eyeliner from the small basket that was on the chest of drawers and leaning toward the mirror, his nose almost touching the smooth surface, he drew a thick line around his eyes. A transparent gloss on his lips was next. He wished his mom would let him pierce his lip or nose, but all she would allow him to pierce were his ears. That was so unfair. Now, the only thing he needed was the hoodie - yeah, the black and white with the star was perfect – black and white striped thin scarf, leather bracelets, pyramid- spiked belt and his Converse.

"JADEN THEODORE PARKER, get your butt down here already!"

Jade rolled his eyes, rushed out of his room, across the hallway, down the stairs, across the living room and through the arch that separated the dining room and kitchen from the living room.

"Why do I always have to yell?" His father put a plate full of waffles on the counter that divided the kitchen and the dining area. "And look at your face, do you really have to walk around like that?"

"I have small eyes, thanks to your genes, and half the time I look like I'm asleep. How do you expect me to get a boyfriend looking like that?" Jade mounted the bar stool.

The maple syrup's bottle landed beside the plate with a loud thud.

Jade pulled the plate closer, his gaze fixed on the waffles, too afraid to look up and to see the disgust in his father's eyes. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't say that, I know you are not used to me being -"

"You are my son, it doesn't matter what you are."

As long as he didn't throw it in his father's face. Jade sighed. For the last three years, since his dad had lost his job as a project manager, and the prestige that came with it, and they'd had to move to this middle-class neighbourhood, instead of loving, doting father that he had always been, his dad had changed into this old, bitter man, who he couldn't even talk to anymore. He poured syrup over his waffles and took a few bites, but his throat having trouble swallowing. He pushed the plate away and stood up. "I'm not hungry anymore." He slid down from the stool and without giving his father another glance he slipped out from the kitchen across the living room into the foyer. He grabbed his messenger bag that was leaning against the narrow white cabinet, then he was out through the entrance door.

He bypassed the garage and went to the chest-high fence that separated their house from the neighbour's. He had his bicycle stashed on the path that led between the wooden fence and the house's wall into their backyard.

"Hey, Jade." The girl who stood beside the black Honda Civic parked on the neighbour's driveway waved to him.

"Hey, Becky." Jade put the bag across his chest.

"Do you want to ride with us?"

"Why do you still ask him that?" said the lanky brunet with his hair in a ponytail, twirling the keys around his fingers as he stepped down from front porch. "Chubby never says yes."

"That's because you are a jerk." Jade grabbed his bike's handlebars and turned the bicycle toward the road, pretending that brunet's 'chubby' didn't hurt.

"Dean," Becky chided her brother. "Stop being mean to him. You are always provoking him and putting him down."

Dean put his forearms on the top of the car and leaned his chin on his hands, looking at Jade. "Am I putting you down, Jade?"

"Go screw yourself." Jade mounted the bike and put his feet on the pedals, not taking his eyes off Dean. That hot bastard.

"I would. I would." Dean straightened and gave him a half-curve of lips. "But my dick isn't long enough."

"Use a dildo."

Dean laughed and opened the car door. He looked at Becky over the top of the car. "And I'm the provoker here?"

"I wish you would both stop." Becky tucked her shoulder-length brown hair behind her ear, opened the car door and sat down. "But you should know better, Dean. You are older."

Jade just rolled his eyes, he waved to Becky, ignoring Dean's smirking and rode his bicycle across the street and cut through the narrow paths between the fences and houses that brought him to the school yard in fifteen minutes. Since the drive only took ten minutes, Dean and Becky were already there. He saw Becky on the stairs chatting with her friends, while Dean was probably somewhere with his band members.

He parked the bike, locked it and passing the groups of chatting teenagers he went inside the large building. It was now eight- fifteen. By now, Andrew, his best friend, was waiting at him at his locker. As he came into the hallway where his locker was, Jade saw that he was right. They exchanged the ordinary pleasantries, Jade took out the books and notebooks he needed and then they went toward their first class, English, which they had together.

"Hey, have you heard about the Three Stooges?" Andrew asked him after they walked into the class room, greeted familiar faces and plopped down behind their desks.

"What?" Jade leaned back in his chair. He hated those three dumb, stereotypical bullies. When he'd moved here, as a freshman, they'd used him as their target for more than three months, making his life a living hell. They liked to toss him around to each other, twisting his arm, giving him wedgies – little things, which in the course of time sucked the joy out of him, but they weren't enough that he could report them. And then, just when he thought that he couldn't take it anymore, it stopped. Completely. No more wedgies, no more calling him names, no more twisting his arm, nothing, only ugly looks when they crossed his path.

"You heard about the new student, right?"

"The short, cute one, who came last week? Isn't it weird that he came in the middle of the year?"

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Andrew ran his fingers thought his short blond hair. "So, Dumb and Dumber and their master got bored and thought it would be great idea to use the new guy for entertainment?"

"What's new? They do that all the time. It's a good thing that this is their last year."

"Yeah, well, the thing is that they didn't know that the new guy is trained in jujitsu."

Jen made an o with his mouth before he started to laugh. That was great news and it managed to amuse him through the all his classes, especially when he heard other people's reports on the incident. It was so great that those three, or at least two, had gotten taught a little lesson. But then when he went to get the bicycle, while Andrew waited at the gate on the school ground, chatting with some people, he crossed paths with 'Brain', the chief of the Stooges, and Jade wasn't so amused anymore -- not when the guy had a mean frown on his face. And that wasn't the scary thing. The scary thing was when that frown smoothed into a smile and an evil glint appeared in those piggy eyes.

"Oh, what do we have here, a little emo faggot. Have you cut yourself lately?"

Jade ignored him and made a detour around him. A hand grabbed his arm and twisted it around.

"What do you want?" Jade refused to be afraid, even when his heart hammered so loudly in his ear that even Andrew could hear it. For those three months, three years ago, he had been quiet, he'd never talked back, he'd withdrawn into himself, pretended that nothing was happening, but he wouldn't do that now. He refused to do that now. "I heard what happened to your pals today."

"Shut up."

Jade groaned when his arm was pushed back and up, forcing him to bend his body. "And now you need to get on somebody weak, so you'll feel strong. What a man."

"I said, shut up."

Jade expected the pressure on his arm to increase, not to disappear. He stumbled forward.

"Next time when I say, 'shut up,' you shut up."

Jade turned around and furrowed his brows at the sight of Brain's retreating back. He massaged his shoulder. What just happened? Why did he just let him go like that?

A cough made Jade turn halfway around and his eyes found Dean leaned against the wall, twirling a lollipop between his lips. "What are you doing here?"

Dean pulled the lollipop out of his mouth. "Just hanging around."

Whatever. Jade turned his back to Dean and went to his bicycle, where he leaned over it and started to fumble with the lock on the chain.

"Does this happen often?" Dean pushed himself away from the wall and closed the distance between them.

Jade wrapped the unlocked chain around the seat post and put the lock on it to hold it in place. Lately he'd found Dean lingering around him more than was normal, and as happy as that made deep inside that, he didn't want to acknowledge that. If Dean wanted to be his friend, he was too late. Dean had had his chance when they moved into this neighbourhood, when Jade had followed him around like a puppy, almost stalking him, but Dean had only made fun of him, looking down on him.

"Jade." Dean towered over him and spoke around the lollipop. "Is this a one-time thing or has Brian been harassing you regularly?"

"Like you care." Jade pulled the bicycle's back wheel out of the bike rack, elbowing Dean in the process. "And why are you standing so close? Haven't you heard of personal space?" Damn bastard. He tried to elbow Dean again, but Dean's hand gripped his arm with enough force to leave bruises. "Hey, that's hurts. You bastard. You are the same as Bri-."

Dean pushed his lollipop in Jade's mouth.

Jade froze.

"You talk too much, you know that?" Dean leaned over him. "Which wouldn't be anything bad, if you had something to say, but you mostly just spout nonsense."

Dean was so close that Jade could smell the strawberry flavour on his breath. The same flavour he had in his mouth. It was quite distracting to have the object of his wet dream so close - no, wait a minute. Dean wasn't the object of his wet dreams, he was the object of his nightmares and the fact that he always woke up with sticky fluid in his pants after those dreams had nothing to do with Dean. It was just a coincidence. Yeah, that's right. His tongue made a circle around the candy in his mouth.

"What? There is no comeback."

Jade frowned, his eyes glued on Dean's lip ring, on the small bluish bead that decorated the circle. He liked that ring, much more than labrets or any other rings that Dean owned, and the fact that he had bought it (on an impulse) and then given to Becky to give to Dean, had nothing to do with it. He released a sigh. He still liked him, didn't he? Why did he still like him? Hadn't overhearing that he was "only the neighbour's annoying fatty, who Dean couldn't get rid of," been enough for him? That had been three years ago, but it still hurt like he'd heard it yesterday. And it shouldn't, it shouldn't hurt anymore. He tore his arm out of Dean's grasp. "I have nothing to say to you."


"Leave me alone." Jade used his tongue to push the lollipop into the right corner of his mouth. He mounted the bicycle. "And stop pretending you're my friend. You're not my friend." With his foot he pushed himself forward before he started to pedal, throwing over his shoulder, "You didn't want to be. Remember?"

Maybe he shouldn't have said that. He'd never confronted Dean with what he'd overheard. He just stopped hanging around outside in the hopes that Becky or Dean would see him and invite him in, and as much as he'd been hurt, he'd hoped that when school started, he could forget about Dean and get new friends, which he had, but only after the Three Stooges stopped bothering him.


"Did you see her? Did you see her?" Andrew jumped on Jade, his arms wrapping around Jade's neck. "Isn't she cute?"

"She's a girl. All girls are cute." Jade took the another CD from the pile on the counter on his left, pressed a price tag on it and put it on the neatly arranged pile on his right.

"You are so undemanding."

"I'm not interested in girls. You know that." Jade wiggled out of the hold of the arms that were suffocating him.

"I felt that too." Andrew smirked.

"It was just practise. You should be thankful." Jade, still showing his back to Andrew, took another CD, tagged it and put it aside. He had given one blowjob to his best friend, just to get the feel of a cock in his mouth, and then he had to hear him whine and beg to get another one or tease him about it, ever since.

"I am, I am. Would you mind practising on me right now?" Andrew stared over Jade's shoulder at the girl browsing in one of the baskets with CDs. "I have a perfect fantasy in my head. We could use a lavatory."



"Only if you give me one, too."

"You know that I'm not gay."

"And just because I am, I have to give blowjobs to my friends."

"Just to practice."

"Fuck off."

"I had to try." Andrew hung around Jade's neck again.

"Just go, try to charm that girl, she won't give you a blowjob, but you might get a phone number."

"Phone number. That would work too." Andrew released him, went around the counter and by aisles full of CDs toward the girl, running his fingers thought his short, blond hair in the process, spiking it.

Jade shook his head and went back to putting prices on CDs. He had almost finished, when somebody cast a shadow over him. He looked up and there was Brian, the leader of the Three Stooges, holding a CD and a DVD in his hand.

Brian tossed his selection on the counter before Jade. "I knew I would find you here."

Here comes the headache. Jade took the scanner, pulled it over the shopping codes on the items. He looked at the display on the cash register. "Thirty- nine ninety-eight, please."

Brian tossed a fifty-dollar bill on the counter.

Jade pressed the keys on the register. The receipt started to printout out and the cash drawer opened. He put the money into the cash drawer, took out ten dollars and two cents, closed it, tore the receipt off and put it all together with the purchase in a small plastic bag. He offered it to Brain. "Thank you."

Brian snatched the bag out of Jade's hand, his lips curving into a cruel arch. "You got away today, but next year, Dean won't be around to protect you anymore."

"Dean? Protect me?"

Brian leaned forward. "Without him, nobody else is going to save you."

Jade blinked. "Dean was the reason you stopped bullying me?"

"That pussy meddled in things that had nothing to do with him. But next year you are mine," Brian growled out before he turned on his heel and stomped out of the shop.

Jade stared at the automatic door through which Brain had disappeared. Dean was the one...? No. Why would he...?

"I got the number! I got the number!" Andrew came springing up, then stopped. "What just happened?"

"Brian was here. He just threatened me. He said that next year Dean won't be here to protect me." Jade leaned his hands on the wooden surface.

"Doesn't Brain know that this is the last year of high school for him too?" Andrew hopped onto the counter beside Jade.

"Well, he's stupid, he probably didn't even think about that." Jade looked sideways at Andrew. "But did you hear me? Dean protected me."

"Yeah, so?"

"You knew?"

"I heard some rumours about it."

"That changes things." Jade pushed himself off the counter.

"Changes what? What are you talking about?"

"Nothing." Jade fiddled with his bracelets. As much as he liked and trusted Andrew, he had never told him about his feelings toward Dean. He had never told anybody. Not that he felt anything special for Dean. No, he didn't. Not really. But he couldn't wait until closing time, which was at eight o'clock. He even managed to get home by eight-fifteen, but only because he ditched the customary hanging out with his co-workers.

Then after he tossed his bike in its usual spot, he sat down on the porch's stairs and burrowed his face into his hands. Why had he rushed home like that? Why had he been on pins and needles since he found out that Dean was his guardian angel? The knowledge speed up his heartbeat, so what?

He lifted his head and peeped though his fingers at the house next door. He knew that just around eight-thirty every Friday night, Dean went out, usually to practise with his band, where he was a bass player. Not an hour ago he had planned to wait for him and to - what? To fall into Dean's arms and worship his saviour or something like that? The idea seemed silly now.

Dean probably took care of him because they were neighbours or maybe Dean had been asked to help by his mom, whom he had finally told about the bullying when he couldn't go on anymore, even though she couldn't do anything except offer him her support in the rare moments when she wasn't occupied with her job or his father's ups and downs.

The front door on the neighbouring house opened and closed, the slam of wood against wood drew Jade's eyes toward the sound. It was Dean, with the guitar case on his back and dressed all in black, in those tight leather pants that made Jade drool every time he saw Dean in them.

In the semi-darkness Jade watched Dean walk toward the car, where he opened the car's back door, slipped the guitar off and laid it on the back seats and after Dean straightened and closed the car door, their eyes met.

Jade turned away.

Dean went around the car, and strode alongside the fence, toward Jade.

Jade looked at his hands in his lap, his face hidden under his bangs, and his heart started to flutter in his chest like a scared bird.

Dean stopped before the two stairs that led up to the porch. "Hey."

Jade stared at Dean's black combat boots.

"What did you mean by 'I didn't want to be your friend'?"

Jade frowned, his hand wrinkled the edge of his hoodie in his fingers.

"Jade. Talk or I'm going to start a rumour that you still wet the bed."

"You wouldn't."

"Oh, yes I would."

"What a prick."


"I heard you talking on the phone in your backyard, explaining to somebody how annoying the neighbours fat brat is."

"I don't remember saying that. When?" Dean put his hands in the pockets of his olive jacket, looking down on Jade. "Jade, when did I say that?"

"Just a little before school started."

"I assume that you are not talking about this year's summer vacation."

Jade shook his head. "When I was a freshman."

Silence descended over them and Jade lifted his gaze, his eyes met Dean's.

Dean pursed his lips together, then flopped down beside Jade. "I don't remember that. But if I said that, I probably said it in the heat of the moment or something, since I have never felt that way. You shouldn't take it seriously. I don't feel like that."

"But I was an annoying fat brat." That's why it hurt so much to hear it from Dean's mouth, because it was true. He had been stalking Dean and he had been fat. Well, he was still fat--okay, maybe more chubby than fat.

"Not to me."

"That's why you call me 'chubby,' right?"

"It's my pet name for you."

"Yeah, right."

"No, really."

"I don't like it."

"I won't call you that anymore then."

Jade didn't really believe him, but he nodded anyway. He laced his hands together. "Brian stopped by the shop today. He threatened me and said that next year you wouldn't be here to save me."

"He won't be here either, the stupid shit. I'll talk with him."

"I never knew...I didn't have the slightest idea that you stood up for me. I thought that they just got bored with me." Jade played with his fingers. "How did you make them stop?"

"First, I asked them nicely, then when that didn't work, I threatened them. I have a lot of friends and there's only three of them."

"I see." Jade peeked sideways and saw Dean's gaze on him. "I'm grateful, I really am, but I don't understand. Why did you bother?"

Dean turned. "I don't remember saying that you are annoying, but I do remember that you stopped hanging around outside. Was that because you thought you were troubling me?"

"What does that have to do with anything -"

"Did you?" Dean's eyes were serious and intense.


"I thought it was because of your parents." Dean leaned his back on the railing, pulled his right leg up and bent it. "I could hear their quarrels all the time, they were really loud. I thought that you were ashamed of them or didn't wanted to be pitied... that they were the reason you didn't come outside anymore, and that's why I left you alone. But I watched you." He rested his elbow on his knee. "I saw your shoulders becoming more slumped with each passing day, your laughter becoming quieter and quieter until you didn't even smile anymore. It was like watching a light slowly being extinguished."

A light slowly being extinguished. Jade rolled his eyes. If Becky hadn't told him that Dean was the main lyricist in their band and that he liked to write poems, he would have thought Dean was making fun of him.

Dean leaned forward and reached out. His fingers pushed the black strands higher on Jade's forehead, so that half of Jade's right eye was visible. "I knew that those morons were pestering you, and asked Brain to stop, but they just bullied you when I wasn't around. And then you got worse, you were just a shadow of the boy that used to follow me around and every time I looked through my window into your room, you were curled on the bed, crying, and –"

"You can see into my room? You can see my bed?" Jade shifted, he crawled toward Dean, his knees touched Dean's legs.

"Can I finish my story?"

"From where? You and Becky have rooms that look onto the inner yard."

"That year, when school started my parents finally finished remodelling the attic and let me move into it."

"And you can see into my room from the attic window?"

"Very clearly." A big smile lit Dean's face. "And I put the desk under the window, so I spend a lot of time by it."

Jade sat back on his heels and with his hands covered his face. He masturbated on his bed, he even fingered himself on his bed and he never covered himself or the window, because who was there to see him? He felt heat in his cheeks.

"Yeah," Dean said. "I have seen you in interesting positions. You're quite flexible."

Jade peeked through his fingers, knowing that he must be as red as a tomato. Talk about embarrassment. "I'm going now." He tried to stand up, but Dean's hand shot out and stopped him.

"Would it help to know that I masturbated every time?"

"What? No!" Jade tried to tug his hand out of Dean's grip. "That's gross. Couldn't you use porn on the internet or magazines like any other normal teenager?"

"Why would I, when I had live shows?"


"Shhh." Dean hooked his free hand around Jade's nape and drew him closer, forcing him to straddle him. "Don't get upset."

"Easy for you to say."

"Jade, fight in earnest or stop wiggling."

Okay, Jade stilled. As much as he hated to admit it, Dean was right, he wasn't really struggling. It was just... damn it, Dean had seen him in very compromising situations, the most compromising a man and his hand could get into. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it.

"That's better." Dean cupped Jade's cheeks and gave him a small smile. "I like you. I would say I love you, but 'love' is such a big word, too big for me. But I really, really like you. I always did. I loved your smile, and the way you looked at me when you followed me around. When you stopped, I missed you, missed your joy. And you should know, seeing you smile again meant a lot to me." Something sparkled in those blue eyes. "Even more than seeing you in your 'special' moments."

"You are such a jerk. How does that help me?"

"I'm pouring my heart out to you and you're calling me a jerk."

"Because you are." Jade tried to stay stern. Just because Dean said that he liked him that didn't change anything. Dean was still a jerk, with a killer body, beautiful eyes, who even knew how to cook. And he liked him. A miniature version of Jade jumped around in his head and yelled, "yeeeesssss!"

"Well, this jerk likes you. A lot."

"So what?" Jade said, but he couldn't erase a stupid smile from his face.

"So, what do you say we move this somewhere else and I can show you how much I like you?" Dean wiggled his eyebrows, a naughty spark in his eyes.

Jade tilted his head. There was nobody home, his mom was on business trip and his dad was out drinking with his group of losers, they could use his room and maybe... Then he registered what his brain was thinking. Oh, god, his brain was so deep in the gutter that he couldn't pull it out even if he tried. And it was those dreams' fault.

"Well?" Dean's hand slid down Jade's back.

"I'm thinking about it."

Dean gently pushed him away and stood up, pulling Jade up with him. "C'mon, let's go somewhere. We could go to a movie or out for drinks."

"I'm home alone." Jade pulled Dean toward the door, he unlocked it and let them into the house, not quite believing that he was really doing this or that this was really happening. He felt like a fucking Cinderella. He closed the door behind them, locked it and tossed his messenger bag on the tiled floor of the foyer. He stepped into the living room and the next moment found himself pressed against the wall.

Dean's hands smoothed Jade's hair out of his face. "I hate that you hide your face."

"You're ruining my hairdo."

"I also intend to ruin your make-up." Dean's lips curved, he pressed a kiss on Jade's mouth and slid his tongue between Jade's lips, entangled them into a sweet kiss, with just a hint of urgency and full of promises of what would follow. And it lasted and lasted, his hands sliding under Jade's hoodie and T-shirt, exploring the warm skin.

Jade wrapped his arms around Dean.

Dean ended the kiss with a small peck, then slid his lips down Jade's jaw and just beneath it.

His fingers fiddled with Jade's hoodie. He opened the zipper and pulled the hoodie down; it ended up on the floor. Then he unwrapped the white striped thin scarf from Jade's neck before his lips continued theirs descent over Jade's thin T-shirt.

Jade pulled his tummy in, he buried his fingers into Dean's tied hair, causing a few brown and crimson strands to fall out of the ponytail. His face was flushed and he was having trouble breathing. "What... what are you doing?"

"What do you think?" Dean squatted down. The blue eyes looked up at Jade, while Dean's fingers unbuckled Jade's belt and unbuttoned his pants.

"No, stop." Jade covered his groin.


"Because...," because he had a belly, because he wasn't as perfect as Dean was and he wanted to be perfect. He wanted Dean to look at him with admiration, like he was beautiful, important. "Because, I don't put out on the first date."

"Is this a date?"

"Well, not really."

"Don't you want to get a blow job?"

Jade's head snapped up and down. Of course, he wanted. He wanted really badly, the thing down there, straining against the fabric of his underwear could attest to that. Damn, if it had voice, it would scream at him for stopping Dean's advances.

"Are you getting shy on me?" Dean wrapped the end of the scarf around his hand and pulled it down. "I've seen you naked already, remember?"

"Stop reminding me. And I'm not shy, it's just..."

"Just what?" Dean pushed Jade's arms behind his back and tied them together with the scarf.

"What are you doing?"

"Your hands got in the way." Dean stood up and before Jade could protest, his lips captured Jade's and his tongue, forcing its way between Jade's lips, explored the taste and texture of Jade's mouth. His hands caressed every part of Jade's body they could reach.

After the kiss ended, Jade was left breathless and speechless, his mind floating in a daze.

"Let's go to your room." Dean pulled an unresisting Jade across the living room and up the stairs, then through hallway on the east side of the house. He opened the door that led into Jade's room and went through it. "I still remember where your room is, even though I have only been in here once. Do you remember?"

"No." Jade stood in the middle of the room, not knowing where to turn, what to do next.

"We played a game." Dean stepped behind Jade. He wrapped his arms around Jade's torso and pushed him forward toward the bed. "It was fun, but not as enjoyable as I'm going to make it today."

Jade's knees touched the bed, he licked his lips. "What do you have in mind?"

"You'll see." Dean turned him around and pushed him on the bed.

Jade pulled himself higher on the bed. "Tell me."

Dean got first got rid of Jade's Converses, then his own boots, and crawled on the bed, over Jade. "Don't be impatient." He leaned on his heels and pulled Jade's already unbuttoned pants and underwear lower.

Jade's flesh sprang free and Dean wrapped his fingers around his erection, touching it, feeling it, sliding up and down over its length, and Jade did the only thing he could, he moaned in response.

Dean's face leaned closer and his tongue replaced the fingers, touched the underside of the head, went around the head. He reached out with his right hand. His fingers traced Jade's lower lip, then slid into Jade's mouth, his gaze never leaving Jade's face. "Suck on them."

Jade did, he twirled his tongue around them, rubbed them with the flat side of it and then started to imitate the actions of Dean's wet caress. He shifted, he tried to open his legs wider, but they were restricted by Dean's legs.

The fingers withdrew from Jade's mouth and the heat around his flesh disappeared, but Dean's eyes were still there, watching, smiling up at him with that naughty glint in them.

Dean pushed himself up and moved between Jade's legs, where he kneeled down. "I always liked watching you fingering yourself." His fingers sneaked below Jade's erection. They tiptoed over the wrinkled sack, over the sensitive strip of flesh until they touched the tight ring of muscles. "I imagined myself doing it, wondering what kind of face you would make." The fingers rubbed the muscles repeatedly, making Jade squirm and push down on them. "Your eyes would glaze, like now and you would pant and moan and ask for more." A finger slid in.

"Stop...Stop saying... such embarrassing things." Jade bent his legs and looked away, his breath rushed.

"And you are soft, there's no resistance at all." Dean pushed in the second finger, while he wrapped the fingers of his other hand around Jade's erection and started to pump it. "And so slick and hot inside. I just want to pound into you, make you scream."

Jade's breath hitched. He wanted that too. He wanted that so much. To feel Dean's weight on him, in him. Like in his dreams. "Then do it."

"Are you sure?"

Jade squirmed under the intensity of Dean's gaze, but he nodded anyway.

"I'm going to blow your mind." Dean pulled Jade's pants and underwear down, then leaned over Jade and toward the nightstand. He opened the first drawer and from it pulled the tube of lube, condoms, tissues and marker, thick as a thumb and two fingers long.

Jade felt the blush spreading on his face, then down his neck. Dean knew where he stored his things, he probably even knew what he used that marker for.

Dean's mouth descended on Jade's, but this time the kiss was not a gentle exploration, it was a wild rush, it made Jade's knees weak and blood pump in his veins so fast that it took away not just his breath, but his sanity, too.

Dean pushed his hands under Jade's body, he untied the scarf, then guided Jade's arms up, where he tied the wrists with the scarf, the edges of which he wrapped around the headboard railing.

Jade ended the kiss, his hands testing the bonds. "What are you going to do?"

Dean chuckled and wiggled the marker. He popped the lube open, greased the oval object and moved lower between Jade's bent legs.

"No." Jade twisted and turned, but Dean's hand on his stomach pushed him down and as a hot mouth wrapped around his flesh, he lost himself in the voluptuous pleasure, not even noticing that an object was being pushed into him, not until it was deep inside him, moving in and out of him with the help of Dean's fingers, hitting that special spot with sharp precision. Jade didn't know how long everything lasted, he almost came twice, but every time the tension strained just bellow his sack and spilled forward, Dean wrapped his fingers around the root of his erection, pushing the orgasm back. At the end he was pleading, thrashing on the bed and begging for release.

Dean's mouth left Jade and he lifted his head up. "Not, yet. Not, yet." He pulled Jade's shirt up to his armpits and pressed a kiss on the softness of Jade's belly. "I want to do more things to you. I want to lick you all over." For a moment he straightened and quickly pulled his shirt over his head, then he leaned over Jade again, slowly pushed himself higher over Jade's body, his mouth leaving a wet trail up.

Jade arched his back, straining for more skin on skin contact. He wanted to feel the muscles that strained under Dean's sun-kissed skin while he moved above him. He wanted to feel Dean inside him, moving, thrusting in and out of his hole. His muscles clenched around the plastic still in him and he pushed his pelvis up, rubbed himself against the hardness outlined in Dean's leather pants.

"I want to have you tied up, with your ass high in the air, shaking under me while I'm rimming you." Dean pressed down, he started to move his hips, creating friction between them.

"Stop it. Stop talking," Jade breathed out, his hands tugging on the scarf, trying to free them. "Where... where did you pick up all that? You pervert."

"I can't help it." Dean rolled Jade's nipple between his fingers. "I've watched you for three years and I've had so many fantasies about you. And I want to try so many toys with you. I want to use anal beads in you, while I'm sucking you. I want to put a cock ring on you and bring you to edge of orgasm over and over until you can't take it anymore, until you cry from the frustration, until you beg me to fuck you."

"What if I beg you now?" Jade licked his dry lips, his eyes staring into those blue, feverish ones, his body moving on its own, sliding against Dean's. He was burning and Dean's words worsened the situation, adding fuel where it wasn't needed. If it continued like this there wouldn't be anything left but ashes. "Fuck me, please."


"Fuck me."

"Say it again." Dean sat up between Jade's legs. His eyes never leaving Jade's face, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.

"Fuck me."

The pants flew through the air and Dean was already tearing the condom wrapper. He put it on, then greased himself.

Enchanted, Jade gazed at the sight before him, he was probably drooling, but he didn't care. The only thing he cared about was that the carnal hunger that clawed in the pit of his stomach and burnt through his veins was appeased.

Dean lay on Jade, his left arm framing the side of Jade's head, carrying his weight. He sneaked his right hand between them, he slowly pulled the marker out of Jade, greased Jade's insides and positioned himself.

Jade trembled in lustful excitement, his fingers wrapped around the scarf.

Dean gaze held Jade's as he pushed in, slowly, until he was buried to the hilt in the wet heat.

Jade moaned, the throbbing shaft stretching and filling him welcome despite the burning sensation.

"You are so hot and tight." Dean's hand slid over Jade's thigh, he pushed his hand under the knee, lifted Jade's leg and hooked it high on his back. He pressed a kiss on the corner of Jade's mouth and started to drag his rigid rod out of Jade, then pushed back in, while he wrapped his fingers around Jade's erection.

Jade's grip on the scarf tightened. The movement of Dean's flesh was still painful, but with each thrust and with each slide of that hand, the pain was dispersing under the lascivious pleasure.

"So hot that I want to stay in you forever." Dean changed the angle of his entry, his bulbous head now hammered against the gland inside jade, making Jade gasp and moan under him, pulling him even deeper inside.

Jade arched, his toes curled, the luscious rapture almost too much for him, but at the same time just a step away from the delicious bliss. He opened his legs wider, his skin damp and sticky. "Harder. Please. Harder."

Dean impaled deep pushed himself up on his knees, his hands gripped Jade's hip, pulling Jade's pelvis up and bending his spine, forcing Jade onto his feet. His fingers making bruises, he increased the depth and the speed of his plunges, thrusting mercilessly into Jade's clenching hole, shaking the whole bed with his movement.

Jade could do nothing more than feel, his knuckles turned white around the improvised bond, his focus on the sizzling heat that spiralled higher and higher, so high that it was painful. He needed just one touch, one touch, that was all. He started to plead and beg for it, to babbly incomprehensibly how much he needed it.

Dean curled his fingers around Jade's leaking flesh and at the same time unrelentingly pistoning his rod in and out of Jade. Perspiration covered his temples, gluing his hair to his skin. The smell of sex perfumed the air and the sound of flesh against flesh was loud in the air.

Jade shook, his body stiffened, come dirtied his stomach and his muscles squeezed around Dean, who still pushed forward.

One, two, three plunges through the vise of Jade's ass before Dean groaned and froze deep inside him.

Jade, still basking in the afterglow, gazed at the glistening skin, at the damp hair and at the blue eyes that no matter what stubbornly started back, and fell in love with Dean all over again. Damn sexy jerk. He turned away.

Dean slumped down, he leaned on his arms above Jade, his lips touched Jade's for a chaste kiss before he rested his forehead on Jade's shoulder, his rushed breath hot on Jade's skin.

"Untie me, you bastard." Jade croaked out. He stretched his trembling legs.

Dean slid out of Jade, rolled onto his side and reached out. His fingers untied the knot of the bond.

Jade rubbed his wrists. There were rope marks there. He pushed them in front of Dean's face. "Look what you did."

"I'm sorry." Dean pressed a kiss on each wrist, then pulled Jade closer. "You know, I haven't asked you: Do you like me, too?"

Jade stared at him, at that flushed face where a satisfied smirk on had been replaced with an insecure lift of brow. "You're an ass. How can you even ask that now?"

Dean just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, you could be using me for sex."

Jade sat up, his raw ass protesting the move and did the only thing possible. He punched the jerk.

Dean's hands flew to his stomach, gasping for air, he stuttered. "Does that mean, no, you don't like me and you are not going to be my boyfriend?"

Jade jumped on Dean, his sore body objecting. He hugged the hot bastard, clung to him like he didn't want to let go, like Dean was special and he was. Jade had just given the bastard his virginity. If that didn't make him special, nothing did. Jade buried his face into the niche of Dean's neck, his lips curved into the smile. Yeah, Dean was special, he was his hero and knight in shining armour. Too bad he wasn't going to tell him.

The end