It was the year of the Great Depression, a woman who was in her twenties lived alone. She was fired from her job and was desperately seeking another; the poor people had no way of making it on the money that they had. And Abigail Leigh was one of those people, she had no children or husband to call her own. She was glad of this maybe once this Depression ended she would search for someone to settle down with.

Not everyone was effected by the Great Depression, those who were rich still were happy. Abigail wore her dress of rags that she made herself, her feet were bare and her short blond hair was a mess.

The moons light beat down on her, her home was taken away because she couldn't pay her bills. She would give anything if this Depression was over. She saw a man walking towards her, once he stopped she looked at him he was dressed in a heavy black button up long jacket, Black pants showed underneath it and well polished black shoes were on his feet. He wore a black hat on top of his head, in his hand was a cane.

He looked at her his brown eyes looking at her with pity he said his voice low, deep and compassionate," Is this what the Depression reduces beauty to, rags. Pity."

The woman looked at him and said with a smile," Not all of us are rich good sir."

The man returned the smile and asked," And may I have the privilege of knowing your name?"

Abigail replied," My name is Abigail Leigh, what is your name, sir?"

The man said," My name is Alexander V. Kleinias"

Abigail replied," That sure is a mouthful, Mr. Kleinias, sir."

Alexander said, "Please, call me Alex, Abigail. Would you mind if I walked you home? I must be heading home myself."

Abigail frowned and replied, " I lost my home and my job Alex," She pointed to her clothes and bare feet," As you can probably tell I lost a lot when the Depression hit."

Alexander looked at her and said," Well you need a place to stay at night, I live just outside of here. If I may, I would like to invite you to stay until these events have passed."

Abigail looked at him and replied hesitantly," I barely know you and you are offering me a place to stay."

Alex replied, " You will rarely see me, my dearest Abigail. I have business to attend to during the day and I take long walks in the streets at night."

The blond woman looked at him and said," I don't know."

Alex looked at her then she said," Okay, this can't possibly last much longer."

The two started to walk, soon they got to a carriage. Alexander opened one of the doors for her, Abigail stopped and asked shocked, " This is yours? How rich are you, kind sir?"

Alexander laughed and said, " Rich enough to brag about dear Abigail, come; it looks like rain is on it's way."

Abigail crawled into the carriage and Alexander shut the door, he got in on the other side tapping on the carriage to let the driver know that he could go.

Abigail heard a sigh of relief, she looked and saw that Alexander had taken his hat off he said," I hate hats."

Abigail looked at her dirty dress, then the carriage stopped. Abigail didn't know Alexander had gotten out until her door come open and he was offering her his hand, she took his hand as he helped her out.

Abigail looked at the building in front of her it was huge, it had an eerie aura around it. Alexander led her inside, he took his coat off hanging it on the coat hanger by the door. He said, " Follow me my dear Abigail, I will show you to your room and then I will have the servants bring you some warm bread, steamed vegetables, and tea."

Abigail followed Alexander, he led her up some stairs and to a door on the right. He said," This is your bedroom, you can go anywhere in this house except the attic," he said the last statement sternly," There is nothing to look at up there so I forbid you to go there."

He bid Abigail a goodnight before kissing her hand walking away.

Abigail watched until he was out of sight, she wondered what could be in the attic that he didn't want her to see. She really wanted to know the mystery this house held behind it, she wanted to know what made the aura around the house. She looked around her new room, it was large. A king size bed sat next to the wall it was covered with a white and gold silk comforter. The window was covered with a black cover, she walked over to the window uncovering it. She noticed that there were no mirrors in the room, come to think of it she didn't see any mirrors in the halls or the meeting rooms either.

Alexander looked at the night sky, Abigail is a beautiful woman. He had feelings for her but not like he did another vampire that was so much younger than he, his name was Joachim Dragunov a young vampire that he spent a week with before he decided that him becoming a creature of the night was too much for him.

Alexander can remember it as if it were just happening. Joachim begged him to finish him and let him rest peacefully with his family, when Alexander refused trying to talk to him. Joachim screamed at him, beat him against walls, but Alexander couldn't find it in him to fight him back. He knew that he could easily snap Joachim into and that was one thing he couldn't bare.

As those memories came flooding into his mind, he felt warm liquid running from his eyes. He wiped his finger across the tear to reveal that it was blood. He took his hair down closing the curtain to the small window laying on the small bed letting the death like sleep take over him until the next night.