Alexander opened his eyes to see that Kelsey was still nursing Joachim, Alex stood up walking over to the bed setting at the foot of the bed. He heard Joachim ask," What is it like for someone to turn into a vampire?"

Alex looked at the two of them, he then said," I do not know, I was born a vampire many years ago."

Kelsey asked," What happened to your parents Lord Kleinias?"

Alexander looked at her and sighed replying wearily," My father left after I was born and my mother was destroyed when I was five, she was discovered as being a vampire and was beheaded."

Kelsey replied," Maybe your dad is still out there somewhere."

Alex looked at Kelsey saying," Even so, if he is I do not want him to find me nor do I wish to call him my father, my life has been troublesome enough without him interfering. He can stay were he is at."

There was a knock at the door, Alexander sighed standing up leaving the room. He walked down the stair getting to the door, he opened it seeing Samantha she asked, " Can I come in Alex?"

Alexander moved out of the way allowing her to pass, she said," I'm really sorry Alex, I shouldn't have snapped at you earlier. Gabriel was yours before he was mine-" She cut herself off when she saw the blood stains on Alex's kimono she continued concerned," What happened did you get into a fight, it's to early to be feeding. Are you okay?"

Alexander looked at her and said," Gabriel was attacked by another vampire, he just got a little banged up nothing too serious."

Samantha rushed upstairs followed by Alexander. They got to the room and Samantha walked over to Gabriel, she looked at Kelsey and then at Alex. Gabriel sat up he said," Sam, I'm sorry. Can you forgive me for what I said earlier?"

Sam looked at him wrapping her arms around him and said," It's okay, I should be the one who is apologizing. I shouldn't have overreacted."

Alexander watched them, everything inside him wanted to rip Abigail to shreds. He clenched his fist sighing, he said, " Will you leave Samantha and take Gabriel with you? It is clear that you two are meant to be together, come with me Kelsey, I need you to carry something for them."

Alex and Kelsey walked out of the room.

Samantha laid her head on Gabriel's and said, " Who do you want to be with Gabriel, I will still love you no matter who you pick."

Gabriel looked at her and said," I dunno Sam, why are you making me choose?"

Samantha got Gabriel off the bed as the two of them left the room, Alex was waiting by the door he had the guitar in his hands. He handed it to Gabriel and said, " Now you can once again play in the streets, I won't be around to mess your life up anymore."

Gabriel got the guitar looking at it walking out of the door, before Abigail could do anything Alexander slammed the door in her face. Kelsey asked," Why did you let him go, I know that you love him Lord Kleinias."

Alexander walked over to the couch sitting down looking into the fire he said wearily," If he is happy then I shall be happy, I want what is best for him. Even though it pains me to think all these years that I have spent dreaming of his touch and love, I just-"

Kelsey looked at him and said reassuringly," At least you still have all your children, we will follow you to the end Lord Kleinias."

As Gabriel and Samantha drove home, Gabriel looked at his guitar he could tell that it was well taken care of. He felt a tear come to his eye, why was he crying? Alex was out of his life and that was a promise that he made back at the condo.

Then his whole past came rushing into his head, he remembered the horrible things he had done and said to Alex who just stood by and done nothing about it, if it wasn't for Alex he would have died in the streets while playing his guitar. He remembered that there was gun shots ringing in the air and a sharp pain in his neck, he seemed to float in darkness, a darkness that blocked out his pain and fears.

When he came to that was when Alex told him he had the Dark Gift, he hated Alex. He didn't understand why, he remembered that Alex would always come in the streets and give him 20 dollars. It was because of Alex that he had hot meals everyday and clothes.

He looked at the guitar and saw that the hole made by the bullet was gone and it looked the way he bought it in 1922, he remembered how he got the guitar. He had saved up money from doing odd jobs for people, it was the first thing that he was ever able to get for himself.

He looked at Samantha and said," I want to go back."

Samantha looked at him and replied, " Okay."

Samantha turned the car around and drove towards the woods.

Alexander looked at the gun in his hands it was loaded with a silver bullet, he had been alive for more than 2000 years. He had lived to see the rise and fall of empires, but the one he couldn't forget was the fall of Julius Cesar. Being betrayed by his best friend, since then Alex noted never to let anyone close to him. But that didn't stop him, he messed it up with Joachim and nothing he can do is going to make it right.

He put the barrel to his heart pulling the trigger, he heard fast approaching feet. He looked seeing Gabriel, Alexander said, " Joachim, what-"

Alex fell to his knees, Gabriel said," I want to be with you Alex, forever."

Gabriel bent down to Alexander cradling him he said, " Why did you do this? You're a vampire right, you can easily heal from this can't you?"

Alexander replied, " I thought if I couldn't be with you then I should just...please forgive me Joachim."

Joachim said on the verge of tears," I forgive you Alex, I love you."

Alexander smiled as he was enveloped in the darkness of eternal death.

Joachim held Alexander close laying his head on his, it was then he heard violent rattling and sounds that sounded like the roof was caving in. He stood up with Alex as the roof caved in blocking the door. He laid Alex on the king size bed getting beside him, stroking his head kissing his lips, laying his head on his chest, he closed his eyes and waited for the house to crush him, he can join Alex in death.