I. She was a bumbling mold of an infant. Too naive to be cynical, too cynical to be naive.
She knew nothing and therefore let herself join in the ignorance, soaking up the life that was never meant to be hers.
She was stupid. She began to stumble.

II. She was an obnoxious and self righteous brat. Loud with her contempt and ignorant to her errors. She believed in a lie and turned it into her soul.
She became based on the dreams of wishful thinking, always trying to one-up all those who stared with eyes too wide.
She was ugly. Her knees hit the ground.

III. She was an empty wail in the forest, coasting along because she refused to push herself.
She covered up with a fruity, sour shell; deceiving them into thinking she was alive while her heartbeat faded away into hues of red and blue.
She was afraid to let anyone find her dying and withered and dry and incomplete.
She was pathetic. She fell.

IV. She was an essay of invisible ink, blank to herself and to the world incomprehensible.
She shivered in the freezer she used to greet multitudes and dug two graves every time she smiled and called "friend".
She became ungrounded and floated through the crowd, breaking off brittle piece by piece until only everything was left.
She was alone. She could not get up.

She was a fool, an embarrassment.
She was weak, an outright failure.
She was the outcast.
She was the ignorant.
She was the useless.
She was; disastrous tragedy.

She angered me. She irritated me. She depressed me. She disgusted me.

She was,
just a little girl.

V. She is a timid, bursting sunflower, slowly becoming self aware. She is no longer lost in the haze of an old life, no longer walking around as dead as everyone else.
She knows that she can do better, knows that she can be more. So she cries it out, lets it go, heads back to the starting line.
She hopes to become a fighter, ready to suck it up because for once it could be worth it.
She hopes to become a lover; of herself, of others, of something that means so much more.
But for now she exhales and dusts herself off, braced for whatever might come next.
She quietly sits up and surveys the road that she can finally see.

She doesn't know what she is. But she will find out.