What is it?

What do you want?

To be used?



Then why do your actions say otherwise?...

You deal with it

You put up with the bullshit

Even though your heart protests

Even though it screams inside of your chest

Even though you want to stop

But you can't

You can't stop

You're captive

A hostage

Your heart's locked in chains

I can see you

I can see you crying

I can see you yelling out

"Help me!"

"Free me!"

But I can't

I can only look

I can only stare at you in the mirror

As you stare back with pain in your eyes

You can't hide it from me

The only one who can see you cry,

The only one who can see you hurting,

Is me

Is you

And you're too scared to stop it

You're too scared to let go