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And now, I present to you: Blood Lust Chapter One: An Edited Vampire
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Warning: This series will be containing future guy/guy relationships. And vampires. Gay vampires.

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- Chapter One: A Not-So-Stereotypical Vampire -

Alex cringed as he passed through the prison gates. He disembarked from his vehicle and looked up with weary eyes at the large imprisoning doors that would cut him off from the outside world, keeping him captive within the walls. This would be the death of him, he just knew it. He took a deep breath and opened one of the doors.

A butler disrupted Alex's overdramatic thoughts as he asked politely for his luggage. He also told Alex to see the headmaster at his office. Alex sighed, slowly resolving to accept his fate as he slowly started walking in the direction the butler had instructed him to go.

Night was quickly approaching, but there were still students wandering the halls. He stifled his breath as a boy passed him. He could smell a very distinct smell on him. Blood. Alex's fangs elongated and he licked them before making his way to the headmaster's office.

Alex was a vampire. He wasn't just any vampire, either. He was the younger of two sons of the Sharp clan, an upper-class vampire family having deep roots in vampire history. He knew that his parents sending him to a boy's boarding school was a precautionary measure so that he wouldn't complicate things by falling in love with a human girl, but Alex was a special vampire. He liked blood, but blood from girls didn't really quench his thirst. Alex was attracted to male blood. Being in a building full of human male temptation didn't seem like a good idea to him, and he didn't know what possessed his parents to send him there. As for the worst part of it - he would have to wear a uniform. Alex dreaded the thought. He made his way to the top of the monstrous building of learning and finally reached the door to the headmaster's office. He gulped as he pulled on the handle.

"Ah, hello!" And old man, presumably the headmaster, greeted him as soon as the door was open. "Welcome to Bell Top Heights School for Boys!"

"Uh, thanks." Alex said. The headmaster gestured for him to sit down, so he did.

"So, Alex, what do you think of our little school?" he asked, folding his hands and resting them under his chin, staring at Alex intently. Alex backed away a bit, more than a little creeped out at the old man's attention.

"Well, I never knew that something this impressive was here in Maine." Alex replied.

"It is quite colossal, isn't it, Alex?" The headmaster said, winking at Alex, who leaned back in his chair and found a sudden fascination with the headmaster's drapes.

"Um, when am I going to get my schedule?" Alex asked nervously, studying the swirling golden patterns on the plum draperies.

"Here it is, Alex." The headmaster said, handing him a piece of paper. Alex snatched the schedule and started studying it carefully, deciding not to look at the headmaster again.

"Thanks," Alex said. "I, uh, should probably go now."

"Goodbye!" The headmaster said almost sadly.

Alex silently vowed to stay away from him. The way he addressed Alex was similar to how an old lady might flirt with an attractive young man. He shivered as made his way out of the room and to his dorm. Alex sighed. As fancy and expensive as this school was, he had to share a room. He found the room with his belongings already placed inside. There was also a black-haired boy lying on his bed reading a magazine.

"Hi, I'm your new roommate, Alex Sharp." He introduced himself. The boy didn't look up.

"Darin." The boy replied curtly as he continued to read his magazine.

"So you have a last name?" Alex asked jokingly.

Darin didn't respond right away. He looked almost angry as he turned the page, but then replied, "Cooper."

"Whatcha reading?" Alex asked as he approached. Darin did not answer, instead merely holding it up for him to see. It was a wrestling magazine.

"Wrestling, eh? I like wrestling, too!" Do Darin grunted. "Hey, do you listen to much music? What's your favorite band? Do you like My Chemical Romance?" Alex asked randomly, looking for more similarities between them. Darin finally looked at him.

"Yeah, Cage the Elephant, and they're fine. You ask a lot of questions." He replied. Alex stared at his bright green eyes. They seemed so full of life, unlike the person they belonged to. He also noticed that Darin had snakebites. He approved, though he himself only had two piercings; one on his right ear and one on his tongue. He couldn't tell if Darin had ear piercings because his hair was too long.

"Done enough looking?" Darin asked sourly. Alex jumped. He didn't realize he was staring.

"Yeah, sorry. I like your snakebites." Alex complimented.

"Meh," Darin replied indifferently. Alex frowned. Darin seemed pretty interesting, but he sure had a difficult personality. A knock on the door made Alex jump. He went to open it and a teacher poked his head in.

"Is everyone here?" He asked suspiciously.

"Yeah," Alex said.

"Okay good. You have reached curfew. If either of you leave, you will be severely punished!" He warned.

"We know, we know, now go away." Darin said, shooing him off. Alex was slightly shocked that Darin was talking to a teacher in such a manner. He was even more shocked when the teacher looked at him for a second and then just left.

"How did you get away with talking to a teacher that way?" Alex asked, astonished.

"Meh," Darin replied. "It's not that hard. It is an all-boys boarding school, after all."

"I... I don't understand." Alex plopped on his bed, trying to figure it out what he meant.

"Never mind. I'm going to bed now, so hurry up and get ready." Alex went to his suitcase and picked out a pair of light blue pajama pants and a worn-out black t-shirt with some band on it. He turned around to see Darin taking off his clothes. Alex turned back around and quickly stripped and donned his pajamas before hopping into bed. He looked over at Darin and found him already asleep, or at least laying with his eyes closed. Alex switched off the light on the table next to his bed and the room was dark and silent.

The next day, an annoying alarm went off. It was Darin's. Alex groaned and pulled a pillow over his head as Darin rose from his bed and started getting dressed. After dressing, Darin looked over at the lazy boy.

"You'd better get ready, or you'll be late," Darin said before grabbing his bag and exiting the room. Alex looked up and glanced at his alarm clock. He put his head back down, but then jumped up.

"Crap! I've got ten minutes to be in class!" He jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes and slopped on some sun block. He slung his messenger bag over his shoulder before dashing out the door, combing his fingers through his hair as he rushed to find his class. His eyes darted down to the schedule that he was clutching to in his fist before looking up again. He dashed out of the dorm building and hurried to building 7-A to English class. It was pretty easy to find since it was pretty big. Alex dashed through the door and sat in the only unoccupied seat.

"Congratulations, loser. You made it to your first class."

Alex looked to his left and saw Darin roll his eyes.

"Hey Darin!" Alex said cheerfully as the bell rang.

"Settle down, class!" Mr. Edwards demanded as he entered the room. "We have a new student today!"

"A new student?" Alex whispered to Darin. "I wonder who!"

"Mr. Sharp, please stand and introduce yourself to the class." Mr. Edwards said.

"O-oh," Alex stuttered. He had already forgotten that he was the new kid.

"Idiot," Darin muttered just loud enough for Alex to hear.

"Uh, I'm Alex Sharp!" He started slightly nervously. "I just moved here from England! I wasn't born in England, though; I was born here in Maine. Anyway, I'm sixteen, and... yeah!" he sat back down and looked over at Darin, who was stifling laughter. Alex blushed, slightly embarrassed.

"Okay, class. Turn in your literature books to page 473. We're going to continue reading 'The Tempest'..."

Alex sighed as he drifted off into a daydream where he wasn't at an all-boys boarding school. He needed to keep his sanity, after all. Ah, what a lovely daydream it was. He was standing in a park when a girl came up to him! Boy was she hot. Her golden locks blew in the wind and he brushed her bangs from her face. They were about to kiss when-

"Alex, please continue reading." Mr. Edwards said, breaking into the images in his head.

"Wh-where?" Alex said. Mr. Edwards sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Page 475, line 37. If I catch you sleeping in class again, it'll be detention." Alex gulped and quickly began reading, stumbling on half of Shakespeare's fancy words. When his turn reading was over, he sighed and leaned back in his seat. He glanced over at Darin, who was staring at the wall looking very bored. As if Darin could tell someone was watching, he looked at Alex and smirked. Alex looked away quickly and Darin almost laughed. Alex stared down at his desk for the remainder of the period and sighed with relief when the bell rang. He looked at his schedule and saw that he had Algebra 2. He slung his messenger bad over his shoulder and dashed to the math building.

When he had reached his classroom, he quickly located the teacher, Mr. Cougill, and asked him where he was supposed to sit. The teacher pointed to a seat in the back. There was at least one merit to coming to a new school in the middle of the year. Most of the empty seats are in the back. Alex settled himself in his seat. By that time, most of the other students had entered the room. Alex scanned the classroom and when he saw no sign of Darin, he let out a sigh of relief. That kid made him feel dumb.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same. He would introduce himself to the class and then daydream or just not pay attention. He ended up having five classes with Darin; English, media arts, biology II, PE, and music theory and composition. At lunch he sat at a table alone, having not made many friends and not wanting to sit with Darin, who also sat alone. After the day was over, Alex returned to his room, exhausted. Darin was already inside, on his bed reading a Rolling Stones magazine that had a picture of Panic! At the Disco on the cover. Alex plopped on his bed and let out a groan.

"What a rough day!" he complained. "I got yelled at in almost every class! And it's only my first day!" Darin ignored him and turned the page of his magazine. Alex looked over at him.

"What? No comment?" Alex asked. Darin put down his magazine and sighed.

"Maybe if you weren't such an idiot you would have had a better day," he said. "Did you even pay attention in any of your classes?"

"It's only the first day! I've got to get used to things!" Alex insisted.

"How ridiculous," Darin said, rolling his eyes. "To get used to things, you need to do your work the first day!"

"Hey, you weren't paying attention in English class!" Alex accused.

"I read 'The Tempest' two years ago." Darin explained.

"Oh." Alex said.

"Yeah," Darin said. "Now if you're done complaining, I'd like to take a shower."

Darin got up and headed to the bathroom. Alex went to his suitcase and picked up a comic book and started reading it. After about fifteen minutes, Darin came out of the shower, wearing only boxers. He climbed into his bed and continued reading his magazine. A knock came at the door and Alex opened it to find the same teacher as the last night. When they had both been checked, Alex headed to the bathroom and took his shower. It took a whole twenty minutes and when he was done, he found Darin to already be asleep.

Still wearing his towel, he put on street clothes. He went up to Darin to check if he was really asleep. When he had confirmed it, he opened his window and jumped out. It was on the third floor, but there happened to be a tree next to the window that he climbed down. He swiftly fled the school, looking behind him as he went. After a few minutes of running, he came across the town his parents had told him about earlier. He stalked around until he found a teenage boy walking down the sidewalk. He one else was in sight.

He dashed up to the boy and grabbed him, dragging him into a nearby alley. He put his hand over the boy's mouth and as soon as he was out of the street, he punched him expertly on the head, knocking him out. He then sunk his fangs in to the boy's neck and drank his fill. When he was done, he cleaned up the victim's wound and set him aside. He looked around to make sure no one had seen him before heading back to school.

When he was safe inside his dorm room, he changed out of his street clothes and into his pajama pants and t-shirt. He leapt into his bed, hoping that Darin was asleep the whole time. It sure would be easier if he didn't have a roommate. Alex sighed and closed his eyes. He fell asleep in no time at all.

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