Of Captivity and Endless Thoughts

I am at the centre – the centre of the world

My role in life is to be a captive.

In every sense of the word

If it so pleases you, I am a prisoner

A prisoner of the world

A prisoner of myself

How am I supposed to break free of this prison?

How … when my very mind is a captive?

How … if possibly, maybe and probably

I don't want to be free

It is so warm in here

In the centre of the world

As the lava caresses my skin

In an affectionate embrace

It won't be long before I am gone

Left alone to become the gravel I am surrounded by

Comfort is all good, yes

But I want to stay forever

Never to decompose

I must oppress the lava and the world

My restraints … the pressures around me

With force and shrieks

I push hard and harder

Against them

Against the world

Against me

Against my mind

And then…

Infinite nothingness

I travel Oblivion


And captivated

(c) Paul.A.C.B