They had more than just friendship between them. She was the strong one before, but now the tables have turned. He's still in love with her, but is she strong enough to take another chance? Sequel to OWaCD.

Lee Koren tried to blink the haze away from his eyes. It was like someone had placed one of his mother's lacey curtains in front of his eyes. He could feel the bass of whatever music was pumping through the basement sink into his bones.

Lee didn't feel much like moving. He just wanted to sit on the dirty red couch and feel the bass flow through him. Lee very much liked his life style: smoke a cig, go to school, skip lunch to smoke three cigs, school, skip last period to smoke another cig, skate or play ball, smoke some pot, and just sit. He'd worry over math problems at four in the morning, smoke a few cigs, and maybe some more pot.

That's how Lee always started his day: smoking. He was always smoking. Packs of cigarettes gone in days. His mother hated it. His father despised it. His sister didn't care. No one tried to stop him. That day was different though.

It was Saturday, and Lee was smoking early. Early bird gets the worm. Or shroom. Which ever. Lee had only taking a couple puffs of the mushrooms. It was not his thing. Hallucinogens were a waste of time. Lee thought it was cool the first time he did it, but he never really enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as the pot. He was too chill.

Jason Moore was opposite. Jason was experimenting in shit even Lee had yet to think about smoking. Lee felt a little guilty, thinking about his best friend. If it weren't for Lee, Jason would probably be getting good grades and swimming on the school's swim team. It wasn't really Lee's fault though. Jason had a brain. It was choice if he wanted to use it or not.

Lee fell asleep on the dirty red coach some time during the afternoon. It was the sound of sirens that woke him up from a foggy dream of a brown haired girl. As Lee was waking up, that's all he could think about—the girl in the dream. She was beautiful, but he hadn't actually seen her. Lee couldn't remember what she looked like, but he knew she was beautiful She had brown hair—no, chocolate colored hair. Something that looked smooth and silky, something he wanted to play with. Lee wanted to know who she was. She was probably some angel come to teach him a lesson. It was unfortunate he couldn't remember-- He shook the dream off. He was going nuts. Shrooms definitely weren't his thing.

"What the fuck is going on?" He moaned, rubbing his head.

"Shit, Koren, get the fuck up, man," Adam Bishop shouted, pulling Lee's arm to get him up. Lee groaned but complied, stretching.

"Why the fuck are the cops outside?" Lee asked, watching as Bishop ran around the basement, trying to clean all the pipes up.

"Man, you gotta get up there," Bishop said, face pale. Lee squinted. What had happened when he was asleep?

"Jason's in fucking bad shit." Lee didn't ask questions. He didn't hesitate, even if the lace was still in his eyes. His body was on autopilot, and he ran past all of the chaos. Outside, an ambulance stood and the doors were slowly closing.

"What happened?" Lee gasped, looking at a cop. The cop was in his forties, Lee estimated, and obviously pissed.

"Your friend had a hallucination and jumped out a window," the cop reported. "Thought the house was on fire, then started scratching his arms, screaming about bugs."

"Jason, what happened to Jason?"

"We don't know if he survived," the cop admitted, "No one found him until recently. They heard him, but didn't bother to look for him. He was unconscious when we got here."

"Were you here, son?" another cop asked, making Lee jump.

"Yeah, but I was asleep up until now," Lee said, voice lowering. He raked his fingers through his hair. "He's going to be okay, right?"

"We can't promise anything," the first cop said. "We're going to need to take you into questioning," the second said, voice harsher.

"I didn't do anything!" Lee cried, fingers pulling at his hair. "I-I …I would never hurt him. He's my best friend!"

"We're sorry, son," the second cop said, "but you have to come with us. If you're telling the truth, you'll be set free in no time."

A painful wretch lurched through Lee's body, waking him up from the dream. Immediately he felt a hand on his back. He was choking on pain. His chest felt like it was on fire, his muscles tensing so severely that he could barely move. Then, suddenly, he was throwing up. Tears came from his eyes as he heaved what little was in his stomach.

That shit isn't worth this, Lee thought as he continued to retch into a bucket he hadn't known was beside him. He was shivering, but sweating. He was hot and cold, constantly. Lee knew that his body was on fire, but he couldn't fight off the chills. It was too cold, and too hot all at the same time. His muscles wouldn't stop hurting. His stomach wouldn't hold anything down. The thought of food made him cramp up.

"We're going to need to cut your hair soon," the nurse sighed, holding the long hairs away from his face. Lee wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, grimacing at the residue left on his hand. Disgusting.

"When does this end?" Lee asked, falling back onto the bed. It was a small bed. A twin sized thing that he barely fit on was actually more comfortable than he predicted.

"It's only been two days," the nurse replied, taking the bucket away from his bed and replacing it with another. Lee heard someone else come into the room. Another nurse. Maybe a doctor. No one was allowed to visit him until after detox and a week of therapy.

I'm not crazy, I don't need some moron poking through my fucking brain.

"Lee, how are you feeling?" a man's voice floated into the room. Like someone threw me onto I-76 and let every car run me over. Then, they took me off the freakin' high way and stuffed me with rat poison. THAT'S how I feel, Doc.

"Like your wonder drugs wore off, Doc," Lee groaned, face grimacing when a wave of nausea swept through him.

"Rules, Lee. I can't administer too much medication or you'll just keel over," the doctor sighed. Lee heard papers rustling, probably whatever documents they had on him. "Just last another two hours and then you'll be pain free for the rest of the day."

"How about the rest of my life, Doc?" Lee snickered.

"At least he still has a sense of humor," the nurse muttered. Lee smirked. The doctor sighed.

Lee fell asleep sometime after going to the bathroom. He sighed when he pulled the covers over his body. The walls were thick in the rehab center, but it didn't do much but dull the pain of the other patients. There was moaning and groaning constantly in the building. There was crying and flushing toilets every minute of every day. Lee wasn't an exception, and for that he was thankful. Finally, he wasn't the only one hurting. Lee fell asleep with a smile on his face a few minutes after both the nurse and doctor left him. He hadn't slept since he'd gotten to the rehabilitation center, with the exception of the quick nap before hand. Withdrawl was hard, and insomnia was setting in. Lee dreamt of a brown haired girl that ran and painted. Lee dreamt of his girl.

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