A Friend In Me

A/N This was something I've had in my head for a few days and it's about a lonely girl who doesn't fit in and wants a friend but then she meets Luka J Nassicus, Izz's cousin and they begin to bond and a beauitful friendship begins to blossom.

I hope people like as I love writing on here and on Fan Fiction.

It was an normal day in the realm known as Earth and in a house like any other in her neighbourhood, a young girl sat in her room hearing children her own age playing and laughing outside as she was sad because she didn't fit in because she was different but shy and had a deep love of magical beings and other worlds as her sea green eyes watched with great sadness as she pushed a strand of her long blue hair away.

Her name was Lyria and she was thirteen but visually impaired but still could see but because of that and having little self esteem and no confidence in herself, she didn't have friends but always wanted a friend to care about her as she sighed as she went out into the woods near her area and had her symbol cane.

She loved being out there and imagined it was a forest full of magical beings as she heard whimpering come from behind a tree as she saw something, a strange creature.

It had soft grey fur with bat like ears, snail like eyes, whiskers of a rat with the tubby stomach of a spider and the hands and feet of a monkey.

"Don't be afraid child.

I won't hurt you.

Though I don't blame you since other humans have done that to my kind." he said.

"What's your name?" Lyria asked him.

"I'm Luka J Nassicus.

We should get out of here, okay?" he said softly.

She wondered why as she heard rain as she saw the creature jump into her arms as she felt a little comfortable feeling his soft grey fur rub against her arms as she smiled.

"Don't worry I'll make sure the rain doesn't hurt you." she answered.

She then ran home as fast as her legs would allow her as she reached home as she saw her Aunt Elissa was here.

Lyria wondered what she was doing here as she ignored this as she entered and ran upstairs without her mother or Aunt Elissa seeing her as she entered her room but Luka smiled warmly as he felt comfortable here as there were drawings and books everywhere as Lyria put him gently on the bed as she lay there silent as he could feel she was sad as he snuggled beside her.

Back home in Psammeadis, he was very lonely as the other Psammeads didn't like him as they thought the Nassicus family had caused archany in their home because of his cousin Izz befriending and marrying a human girl named Chrisa as he felt that he could relate to Lyria.

"Maybe this place can feel like home.

Even if there's no other Psammeads or members of our family here." he thought.

He then snuggled beside her as his snail like eyes closed in sleep as he was tired.

He had a good feeling about Lyria.........

In Psammeadis, the Magical Council had seen that Luka had found and befriended a human girl but were nervous remembering that Luka's older cousin Izzard J Nassicus had done the very same thing and created chaos by this but had a feeling that history would repeat itself as the other members disagreed knowing that they could only interfere if Luka set foot in Psammeadis with the human but knew he wouldn't dare do such a thing.

"We just need to wait and see then." the leader told his fellow Psammeads.

He hoped he was right.........

Elissa smiled as she peeked into her niece's bedroom before leaving as she saw Lyria asleep with a Psammead by her side which made her smile knowing that was how Chrisa and Izz's powerful bond had started and she hoped the bond would be the same as that but stronger as she prepared to leave but hoped that Kari wouldn't find out the secret that she and Chrisa shared, that they were Psammeads now but took on a human form so humans wouldn't notice them but had a deep bond with Lyria as she cared about her as Kari was always working and didn't have a lot of time to spend on her but she smiled knowing soon that would change in a few weeks as she left the house but perferred to walk home as her home was on the outskirts of town near the mountains where nobody would find her and her family as she arrived home knowing that her young daughter Saiki was probably running rings around her father Makai as she walked through the front door of their largw home, she heard laughter as she saw Saiki fly over to her as Elissa became her Psammead form as she caught her.

Saiki was four years old in human years and her magic was strong as Elissa had seen dragon wings on her daughter's grey furred back as she had a feeling Makai had taught her how to make them appear as the young female Psammead knew her mother had visited Lyria again.

"Mommy when is Lyria coming to stay?" she asked.

"Soon honey, very soon.

Where's your father?" she answered.

"Outside playing with Uncle Izz." she answered .

Elissa had to smirk at that knowing Makai and Izz were practising something related to their magic as she found them in the garden out of breath as she laughed at both male Psammeads as Makai smiled seeing her.

"You were at your Aunt's house again, weren't you?" he asked as she nodded.

"Yes but I finally sorted everything out.

'Lyria is coming in a few week's time to live with us." she told him.

Izz was surprised hearing that remembering how Lyria looked human when she was born but knew that Kari wanted nothing to do with her daughter and was happy she would be living with Makai and Elissa.

He then heard Chrisa calling him.

"I'd better go before Chrisa gets mad at me again for being late." he answered.

Makai smiled seeing him leave.

He hoped that things were okay for Lyria as he saw Elissa look at the locket that had been around the girl's neck when she was born........