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Elissa smiled as she was making breakfast the next morning as she was in her normal Psammead form but was thinking about showing Lyria what their family truly were as she knew that the child wouldn't be afraid as she was becoming one of them herself and knew that her magic would soon activate and knew she will be accepted and loved in the Nassicus family as she saw Makai join her as he knew that Lyria had joined them but heard Saiki in the living room playing and using her magic but was flying but landed on the couch as she smelt breakfast was nearly ready but then focused using her Humanix to become a human girl hiding her true Psammead form because Lyria didn't know the family's secret.

"Breakfast's ready." Makai said.

He then saw Saiki run in hugging him as he smiled.

"I see somebody was having fun." he said.

She nodded.

"Is Lyria up yet?" she asked.

"Not yet.

We should let her sleep.

Maybe you guys can play later.

When you come home from school." Elissa told her.

She along with Makai and Saiki sat down at the table but were eating pancakes but were delicious but Saiki cleaned up as it was nearly time for school as she went to her room and got her purple backpack but went back downstairs as she knew her mother was waiting for her as she slid down the banister which Uncle Izz had taught her.

Makai laughed at the playfulness of his young daughter.

"Come on let's go." Elissa said.

Saiki nodded as she left the house.

Makai smiled as he knew Elissa had left pancakes in the fridge.

They were for Lyria when she woke up.

He saw Izz enter the house in his normal Psammead form as Makai smiled.

"Is she up yet?

I want to see how you guys tell her." he said.

"She's not up yet Izzard.

But she'll be up soon.

Elissa took Saiki to school." Makai told him.

He nodded but hoped things would be okay.

Lyris's eyes opened as she felt Luka nuzzle her as she was unaware she'd been asleep for a long time as the brown grey furred Psammead male smiled but saw Lyria had a far away look in her eyes.

"I had a dream where I became a Psammead like you.

It was pretty cool.

It would be cool." she said.

He nodded but hid hearing footsteps.

Lyria then heard the door open as Elissa walked in.

"Hey sweetie.

How're you feeling?" she asked her.

"Good Aunt Elissa.

I had a pretty good dream.

I was a Psammead like Luka.

It was pretty cool." she told her.

"I bet it was.

Where's Luka?" she asked.


I think he's shy.

He always does it when people are around.

He'd like you." she replied.

"I know he would.

Come downstairs and have something to eat." she told her.

She then followed her downstairs.

Luka peeked out from under the bed.

Lyria smiled as she returned to the room but saw Luka come out from under the bed as she hugged him but he relaxed as he normally didn't have friendships back in Psammeadis but liked Lyria a lot.

"We're going out with Aunt Elissa.

We're going to the mall." she told him.

"That's good.

You like it here, don't you?" he asked.

She nodded.

"Yeah I do.

It feels safe." she answered.

He then saw her get dressed but climbed into her backpack.

She then heard Elissa call her.

She then went downstairs.

Lyria was having fun as she was shopping with her Aunt but she noticed that Luka was quiet but understood as he didn't like being around that many people but understood as she knew how he felt because she was shy too as she hoped he was okay but would talk about it later with him but knew he was like her but Elissa smiled but she'd ask Izz later when they got home but was nervous about showing her niece the family secret but she wasn't afraid of Luka and even had a dream about it so why wouldn't it be a good idea?

Then she knew the Magical Council wouldn't be happy but Lyria was a child from a magical being family and was slowly becoming one of them so they wouldn't mind but she would have to keep who she truly was a secret from this world which she hated since Aria and Earth were joined together now through their hearts.

But Lyria was curious about what was bugging her Aunt.

"It's nothing honey." Elissa told her.

She and her left so they could pick Saiki up from school.

Later that afternoon while Saiki was taking an nap, Lyria was in her room with Luka as she liked being with him but noticed he was quiet.

"Why do you always hide when people are around?" she asked.

"Because I don't want humans to find me.

They'd want me to make their wishes come true.

I know it can't happen but some people still don't care." he told her.

She understood as she hugged him.