What is art?

Art expresses emotions

A wild fire to show your anger

A summer's day to project

The warmth of happiness

A dark, cruel alley to show your loss

Is that was art is?

Is Art focused lines?

Or a thought of another?

Is it a forced picture?

Someone else's idea of art?

How do you describe it?

What does it mean?

I can't put my finger on it

Somebody help me!

Is it your dreams, emotions and fears?

Is it another's?

Is it something strained into something

You eventually hate?

I've seen it, time and time again.

A strained drawing

Little meaning in the work.

What is art?

You tell me.

I believe in my heart

The meaning of art

Is simply what one wants it to be.

It can be fierce

It can be warm

It can be life

Or something much more

It could be strained

It could be forced

I would prefer not

But, who knows

How do you feel?

Am I right or wrong?

Tell me your answer.

What is art?