Vann's eye twitched in annoyance.

"He made a big deal about having to finish the quest tonight…" He muttered to himself, "He said we had to get started quickly. He told us to meet here and not be late," His teeth gritted as he finished his sentence.


The people passing by on the stone street glanced nervously at the huffing blue haired teenager. The dragon was sitting on a crate next to one of the few stalls still open in the late night. Above the city, the stars flickered in the dark sky. The streets below were lit in the orange glow of torches attached to buildings walls.

"...Don't shout so much, you're making people nervous," Blue commented, standing a short distance from Vann.

"Che, how can this not be pissing you off? The bastard's nowhere to be seen!" Vann scowled.

"I have patience, you should too,"

"Feh," Vann breathed, and rested his head in his palm, "I just want to get this over with. I hate doing things for him,"

"Why?" Blue asked, tilting her head.

"You'll see…"

"Geez, Vann, you're making me out to be such a great guy,"

Vann jumped when he heard the voice behind him.

"Yul!" He exclaimed, turning around, "Stop doing that!"

Yul cocked his head, his hat shifting, "Sorry I'm late, but I've got something to make up for it," Reaching into his coat, he pulled out a Blue's sword. The hilt was protruding from a short sheath only a foot long.

"I believe this is yours," he said, handing it to Blue. The swordswoman looked it over for a moment before grasping the hilt and pulling. A white energy spilled out from the inside of the sheath as her enormous blade was pulled from the short scabbard. The metal gleamed from the light of the torches around them, orange and yellow dancing across the blade.

"Looks perfect," Vann commented, tilting his head. Blue nodded, not taking her eyes off her sword. After a moment, she closed her eyes and returned the sword to its sheath.

"Thank you," Blue said to Yul, bowing her head a small bit. Yul shrugged, walking forward.

"No problem," He said, "However…" He stopped as he passed by the A.I. "It took me a while to figure out how to fix it. It was pretty complicated stuff, " His eyes shifted down towards her. His hat cast a shadow over his face, "You have a rather…interesting weapon…"

Blue glanced at the older player.

"I-is that so…?" She replied.

This man…Did he discover the programs installed in my sword to combat the Hackers?

"Anyway," Yul yawned, his mood suddenly shifting back to normal, "You should probably find a way to repair it yourself, in case it breaks again. I definitely don't want to do it again, and I doubt anyone else will,"

"Uh…yeah…" Blue said, turning around to watch him as he started walking forward again.

Just…who is this person?

The only sounds in the otherwise silent night was the soft scuffling of dirt and rocks on the trail made by their boots as the three walked steadily toward the mountain range. Behind them, he dimming lights of the city started to dull behind them.

"Oi, Vann," Yul suddenly spoke, looking over his shoulder at the dragon, "I just remembered. Where's Adan and Rallen?"

Vann glanced at the older player, "Rallen kept complaining and Adan's got to work tomorrow. I told them they could go home,"

"Hmmm, I thought they'd come along to help. Oh well, you can just do what I was going to have them do,"

"Is that so…?" Vann replied, through clenched teeth. He frowned when Yul suddenly stopped. Raising his hand, he pointed to a series of mountains off in the distance. Following his finger, Vann and Blue gazed ahead at the towering rocky structures.

"That's where we're headed. There's a canyon between those mountains that we can reach in about an hour or so,"

Vann sighed, "This is going to be a long night," he muttered to himself. Glancing toward the towering mountains, he spoke again, "So what exactly is this quest of yours anyway?"

Yul raised an eyebrow at him, "Oh that's right, I haven't told you," The older player gestured to them both, "You two are here because it's an omni quest,"

"An…Omni Quest?" Blue repeated.

"It's slang," Vann told her, "It's a type of quest that encompasses the traits of every type of quest in this game, search and find, puzzle solving, and combat,"

"I've already done the hard part, that is, the search and find the quest itself," Yul explained, "So that leaves only two more things to accomplish. That's why you two are here. I'll do one, and you do the other. Sound fair?"

"Alright," Vann agreed, nodding, "Let's do this,"

"I wanna go home," Vann grumbled, peeking out over the edge of the rotting wooden bridge that was spread across a lake of lava. The rocky cave was lit in an orange glow provided by the molten rock beneath them.

"Wow…who would have thought that such a huge dungeon existed inside these mountains," Yul commented as he walked calmly across the bridge, his head swinging around as he took in his surroundings.

Blue, who was carefully considering where to step next on the creaking wood, looked up and leaned toward Vann.

"Is it alright for him to be so carefree?" She whispered.

"Probably not, but I'm not lucky enough for him to get himself killed this early in the quest," the dragon replied with half lidded eyes.

Vann breathed a sigh of relief when they stepped off the bridge. Yul's pace didn't slow as he continued down a narrow tunnel lit by torches. Sighing, Vann followed after him.

Blue glanced over her shoulder at the wide cavern filled with lava. A moment later, she looked forward, her eyes shifting back and forth.

"You said that this Omni Quest would encompass the traits of all the different types of quests in Final Fable. If that's true then where are the monsters to test the combat skills of the players?" She asked.

"Hmm, you noticed," Yul replied.

Vann glanced at him, "And?"

"I have absolutely no idea,"


Yul chuckled, adjusting his hat, "I have no doubt that there will be something eventually. For now, let's just be thankful we know where we're going."

They continued walking down the dark tunnel, their footsteps echoing around them. They travelled in silence for a while. Yul led the group, his expression hidden by the shadow his hat cast over his face. Behind him walked Vann, who treaded behind the older player with his hands in his pockets and his eyes closed. Blue walked closely behind him, one hand resting on the short sheath strapped to her side, occasionally glancing over her shoulder.

Vann opened his eyes when he heard Yul's pace quicken slightly. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed a heavy white glow lighting the tunnels walls ahead.

"What's that?" He asked. Yul lowered his head slightly.

"Hmmm, I wonder," He replied.

Vann's eyes widened a minute later when they stepped out of the tunnel and into an enormous cavern.

"Woah…" He breathed.

The cavern was covered in thousands of glowing crystals of all colors. A brilliant array of multi colored lights illuminated the rocky room. The light traveled in waves through the air, causing the color to sway throughout the cavern.

"It's beautiful," Blue said softly, her eyes filled with wonder.

"Yes, it is," Yul agreed, standing in front of them. A smirk spread across his face as he felt a small tremor move through the ground, "But…you know what they say about how dangerous beautiful can be,"

Vann's eyes widened when the ground started to shake, taking a step back to balance himself he whipped his head to the side, looking around.

"Ah, what the hell!? Is that an earthquake!?" He exclaimed.

"Unlikely," Yul said to him, his expression calm despite the ground shaking beneath him. Blue's eyes narrowed when the crystal's glow became brighter. Suddenly, thin rays of light shot from the crystals covering the cavern around them, the light connecting on a single point on the ground. A glowing blue circle grew around the connecting rays of light. Glowing symbols adorned its interior. Yul smirked as the circle grew bigger, expanding over a hundred feet.

"Ah, a summoning," he said aloud. He raised an amused eyebrow when the circle halted its growth, not five feet from the edge of his feet.

"So we're about to face this dungeon's boss!?" Vann shouted over the roar of the shaking mountain.

"Such a huge summoning circle," Blue commented, gripping the handle of her sword, her stance wide so the moving earth wouldn't knock her down, "What kind of creature is it?"

"We'll soon see," Yul replied. Immediately after saying this, a thousand shreds of black energy erupted from the summoning circle, covering the cavern in a rain of dark fragments.

The three watched as the black energy rushed together, forming a dark shape before them. Vann stared with wide eyed as a monster was formed in front of him.

"W-what the hell…?" he breathed.

The black energy began to fade, revealing dark green scales. A deafening roar filled the cavern, shaking the crystals around them. Smoke blew from the creature's long snout as it glared down at the three with red eyes. The monster gripped the earth beneath it with its paws, the ground shattering as it's claws sliced through the rock.

Vann and Blue stared up at the enormous creature towering over three hundred feet over them.

"Now do you see why I hate doing things with this guy?" Vann asked Blue, not taking his eyes off the monster before them.

Yul reached up to hold his hat when the monster raised Its tail and slammed it into the ground, causing a rush of wind to blow outward. Moving the brim of his hat back, he smirked up at the creature.

"Interesting. This is not an ordinary boss," Glancing over his shoulder, he looked at the two behind him.

"This must be the combat part of the quest. Do you guys mind if I take this one?"

"You mean you wish to fight that creature on your own?" Blue asked incredulously. Yul nodded.

"There's an exit on the other side of the cavern just past that beast. I'll distract it for a bit so you guys can go on ahead,"

"But this thing-" Blue was cut off when Vann placed a hand on her shoulder.

"…Alright, we'll do as you say," The dragon said to Yul. The older player smiled.

"Alright, now get go-" Suddenly, the monster's tail came crashing down on top of him. Dirt and dust were thrown into the air, covering the area.

"Master Yul!" Blue shouted. She and Vann cringed when the monsters roar filled the cavern. Narrowing his eyes, Vann gritted his teeth.

"Che! Damn it!" he cursed, staring into the smog where Yul had stood. His eyes widened when he heard a chuckling.

"Woah there," An amused voice laughed, "Almost lost my hat there,"

Vann and Blue stared with wide eyes as the smoke cleared, revealing Yul, unhurt, standing next to the monsters tail.

"He…dodged it?" Blue asked aloud.


He wasn't even looking when the monster attacked him!

Adjusting his hat and ginning, Yul turned to Vann and Blue.

"Now then, now that that's over. Why don't you guys get going? I'll make a path for you," He raised his right arm, letting his coats sleeve fall back, revealing a slender metal gauntlet covering his hand and arm. He smirked when the monster growled, realizing it hadn't killed the older player.

"You're rather rude you know? Not even letting me finish my sentence. I should punish you," He said, pointing his hand at monster.

"Air Dragon…Wings," A tornado erupted from his palm, slamming into the creature. With a cry of pain, the monster fell backwards, crashing into the caverns walls. The cave shook and crystals fell from their places on the walls.

"I suggest you get going, he'll get back up soon," Yul said. Narrowing his eyes Vann nodded.

"Right," He said, starting to run forward, "Come on Blue!"

"R-right!" The A.I. replied, following. Yul watched them as they dashed for the caverns exit. His eyes shifted when he saw the monster getting back up.

"Oh? Already up?" He flexed his hand, the light from the crystals making the metal gleam, "Good," The player walked forward, a blue energy staring to swirl around him. The monster tilted it's head forward and roared, blowing the ends of Yul's coat out. He smirked and clenched his hand. Lightning began to dance across the metal. The blue light was reflected in the player's eyes.

"Come on then, let's have some fun,"

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